Class AIAnimMesh

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class AIAnimMesh
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. An AnimMesh is an attachment to an AIMesh stores per-vertex animations for a particular frame.

    You may think of an aiAnimMesh as a `patch` for the host mesh, which replaces only certain vertex data streams at a particular time. Each mesh stores n attached attached meshes (AIMesh::mAnimMeshes). The actual relationship between the time line and anim meshes is established by aiMeshAnim, which references singular mesh attachments by their ID and binds them to a time offset.

    Member documentation

    • mVertices – Replacement for AIMesh::mVertices. If this array is non-NULL, it *must* contain mNumVertices entries. The corresponding array in the host mesh must be non-NULL as well - animation meshes may neither add or nor remove vertex components (if a replacement array is NULL and the corresponding source array is not, the source data is taken instead).
    • mNormals – Replacement for AIMesh::mNormals.
    • mTangents – Replacement for AIMesh::mTangents.
    • mBitangents – Replacement for AIMesh::mBitangents.
    • mColors – Replacement for AIMesh::mColors
    • mTextureCoords – Replacement for AIMesh::mTextureCoords
    • mNumVertices – The number of vertices in the aiAnimMesh, and thus the length of all the member arrays. This has always the same value as the mNumVertices property in the corresponding AIMesh. It is duplicated here merely to make the length of the member arrays accessible even if the aiMesh is not known, e.g. from language bindings.


     struct aiAnimMesh {
         struct aiVector3D * mVertices;
         struct aiVector3D * mNormals;
         struct aiVector3D * mTangents;
         struct aiVector3D * mBitangents;
         struct aiColor4D * mColors[Assimp.AI_MAX_NUMBER_OF_COLOR_SETS];
         struct aiVector3D * mTextureCoords[Assimp.AI_MAX_NUMBER_OF_TEXTURECOORDS];
         unsigned int mNumVertices;