Class VkPresentTimesInfoGOOGLE

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class VkPresentTimesInfoGOOGLE
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    The earliest time each image should be presented.
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    Valid Usage (Implicit)
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    Member documentation

    • sType – the type of this structure.
    • pNextNULL or a pointer to an extension-specific structure.
    • swapchainCount – the number of swapchains being presented to by this command.
    • pTimesNULL or a pointer to an array of VkPresentTimeGOOGLE elements with swapchainCount entries. If not NULL, each element of pTimes contains the earliest time to present the image corresponding to the entry in the VkPresentInfoKHR::pImageIndices array.


     struct VkPresentTimesInfoGOOGLE {
         VkStructureType sType;
         void const * pNext;
         uint32_t swapchainCount;
         VkPresentTimeGOOGLE const * pTimes;