Class VkPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatInfo2

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class VkPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatInfo2
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Structure specifying sparse image format inputs.
    Valid Usage
    • samples must be a bit value that is set in VkImageFormatProperties::sampleCounts returned by vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties with format, type, tiling, and usage equal to those in this command and flags equal to the value that is set in VkImageCreateInfo::flags when the image is created
    Valid Usage (Implicit)
    • pNext must be NULL
    • format must be a valid VkFormat value
    • type must be a valid VkImageType value
    • samples must be a valid VkSampleCountFlagBits value
    • usage must be a valid combination of VkImageUsageFlagBits values
    • usage must not be 0
    • tiling must be a valid VkImageTiling value
    See Also

    GetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties2, GetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties2KHR

    Member documentation

    • sType – the type of this structure.
    • pNextNULL or a pointer to an extension-specific structure.
    • format – the image format.
    • type – the dimensionality of image.
    • samples – the number of samples per texel as defined in VkSampleCountFlagBits.
    • usage – a bitmask describing the intended usage of the image.
    • tiling – the tiling arrangement of the texel blocks in memory.


     struct VkPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatInfo2 {
         VkStructureType sType;
         void const * pNext;
         VkFormat format;
         VkImageType type;
         VkSampleCountFlagBits samples;
         VkImageUsageFlags usage;
         VkImageTiling tiling;