Class VkDescriptorSetVariableDescriptorCountLayoutSupportEXT

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class VkDescriptorSetVariableDescriptorCountLayoutSupportEXT
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Structure returning information about whether a descriptor set layout can be supported.

    If the create info includes a variable-sized descriptor, then supported is determined assuming the requested size of the variable-sized descriptor, and maxVariableDescriptorCount is set to the maximum size of that descriptor that can be successfully created (which is greater than or equal to the requested size passed in). If the create info does not include a variable-sized descriptor or if the VkPhysicalDeviceDescriptorIndexingFeaturesEXT::descriptorBindingVariableDescriptorCount feature is not enabled, then maxVariableDescriptorCount is set to zero. For the purposes of this command, a variable-sized descriptor binding with a descriptorCount of zero is treated as if the descriptorCount is one, and thus the binding is not ignored and the maximum descriptor count will be returned. If the layout is not supported, then the value written to maxVariableDescriptorCount is undefined.

    Valid Usage (Implicit)

    Member documentation

    • sType – the type of this structure.
    • pNextNULL or a pointer to an extension-specific structure.
    • maxVariableDescriptorCount – indicates the maximum number of descriptors supported in the highest numbered binding of the layout, if that binding is variable-sized. If the highest numbered binding of the layout has a descriptor type of DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_INLINE_UNIFORM_BLOCK_EXT then maxVariableDescriptorCount indicates the maximum byte size supported for the binding, if that binding is variable-sized.


     struct VkDescriptorSetVariableDescriptorCountLayoutSupportEXT {
         VkStructureType sType;
         void * pNext;
         uint32_t maxVariableDescriptorCount;