Class VkDescriptorBufferInfo

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class VkDescriptorBufferInfo
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Structure specifying descriptor buffer info.

    When setting range to WHOLE_SIZE, the effective range must not be larger than the maximum range for the descriptor type (maxUniformBufferRange or maxStorageBufferRange). This means that WHOLE_SIZE is not typically useful in the common case where uniform buffer descriptors are suballocated from a buffer that is much larger than maxUniformBufferRange.

    For DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_UNIFORM_BUFFER_DYNAMIC and DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_STORAGE_BUFFER_DYNAMIC descriptor types, offset is the base offset from which the dynamic offset is applied and range is the static size used for all dynamic offsets.

    Valid Usage
    • offset must be less than the size of buffer
    • If range is not equal to WHOLE_SIZE, range must be greater than 0
    • If range is not equal to WHOLE_SIZE, range must be less than or equal to the size of buffer minus offset
    Valid Usage (Implicit)
    • buffer must be a valid VkBuffer handle
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    Member documentation

    • buffer – the buffer resource.
    • offset – the offset in bytes from the start of buffer. Access to buffer memory via this descriptor uses addressing that is relative to this starting offset.
    • range – the size in bytes that is used for this descriptor update, or WHOLE_SIZE to use the range from offset to the end of the buffer.


     struct VkDescriptorBufferInfo {
         VkBuffer buffer;
         VkDeviceSize offset;
         VkDeviceSize range;
    • Field Detail

      • SIZEOF

        The struct size in bytes.
      • ALIGNOF

        The struct alignment in bytes.

        The struct member offsets.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VkDescriptorBufferInfo

        public VkDescriptorBufferInfo​(java.nio.ByteBuffer container)
        Creates a VkDescriptorBufferInfo instance at the current position of the specified ByteBuffer container. Changes to the buffer's content will be visible to the struct instance and vice versa.

        The created instance holds a strong reference to the container object.