Class KHRGetPhysicalDeviceProperties2

  • public class KHRGetPhysicalDeviceProperties2
    extends java.lang.Object
    This extension provides new entry points to query device features, device properties, and format properties in a way that can be easily extended by other extensions, without introducing any further entry points. The Vulkan 1.0 feature/limit/formatproperty structures do not include sType/pNext members. This extension wraps them in new structures with sType/pNext members, so an application can query a chain of feature/limit/formatproperty structures by constructing the chain and letting the implementation fill them in. A new command is added for each vkGetPhysicalDevice* command in core Vulkan 1.0. The new feature structure (and a chain of extension structures) can also be passed in to device creation to enable features.

    This extension also allows applications to use the physical-device components of device extensions before CreateDevice is called.

    Promotion to Vulkan 1.1

    All functionality in this extension is included in core Vulkan 1.1, with the KHR suffix omitted. The original type, enum and command names are still available as aliases of the core functionality.

         // Get features with a hypothetical future extension.
         VkHypotheticalExtensionFeaturesKHR hypotheticalFeatures =
             VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_HYPOTHETICAL_FEATURES_KHR,                            // sType
             NULL,                                                                   // pNext
         VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures2KHR features =
             VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_PHYSICAL_DEVICE_FEATURES_2_KHR,                       // sType
             &hypotheticalFeatures,                                                  // pNext
         // After this call, features and hypotheticalFeatures have been filled out.
         vkGetPhysicalDeviceFeatures2KHR(physicalDevice, &features);
         // Properties/limits can be chained and queried similarly.
         // Enable some features:
         VkHypotheticalExtensionFeaturesKHR enabledHypotheticalFeatures =
             VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_HYPOTHETICAL_FEATURES_KHR,                            // sType
             NULL,                                                                   // pNext
         VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures2KHR enabledFeatures =
             VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_PHYSICAL_DEVICE_FEATURES_2_KHR,                       // sType
             &enabledHypotheticalFeatures,                                           // pNext
      = VK_TRUE; = VK_TRUE;
         VkDeviceCreateInfo deviceCreateInfo =
             VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_DEVICE_CREATE_INFO,                                   // sType
             &enabledFeatures,                                                       // pNext
             NULL,                                                                   // pEnabledFeatures
         VkDevice device;
         vkCreateDevice(physicalDevice, &deviceCreateInfo, NULL, &device);
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    • Requires Vulkan 1.0
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    No known IP claims.
    Interactions and External Dependencies
    • Promoted to Vulkan 1.1 Core
    • Jeff Bolz, NVIDIA
    • Ian Elliott, Google