Class BGFXCallbackVtbl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class BGFXCallbackVtbl
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Callback virtual table.

    Member documentation

    • fatal – the fatal error callback
    • trace_vargs – the debug message callback
    • profiler_begin – the profiler begin callback
    • profiler_begin_literal – the profiler begin literal callback
    • profiler_end – the profiler end callback
    • cache_read_size – the cache read size callback
    • cache_read – the cache read callback
    • cache_write – the cache write callback
    • screen_shot – the screenshot callback
    • capture_begin – the capture begin callback
    • capture_end – the capture end callback
    • capture_frame – the capture framecallback


     struct bgfx_callback_vtbl_t {
         void (*fatal) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, char const *_filePath, uint16_t _line, bgfx_fatal_t _code, char const *_str);
         void (*trace_vargs) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, char const *_filePath, uint16_t _line, char const *_format, va_list _argList);
         void (*profiler_begin) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, char const *_name, uint32_t _abgr, char const *_filePath, uint16_t _line);
         void (*profiler_begin_literal) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, char const *_name, uint32_t _abgr, char const *_filePath, uint16_t _line);
         void (*profiler_end) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this);
         uint32_t (*cache_read_size) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, uint64_t _id);
         bool (*cache_read) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, uint64_t _id, void *_data, uint32_t _size);
         void (*cache_write) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, uint64_t _id, void const *_data, uint32_t _size);
         void (*screen_shot) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, char const *_filePath, uint32_t _width, uint32_t _height, uint32_t _pitch, void const *_data, uint32_t _size, bool _yflip);
         void (*capture_begin) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, uint32_t _width, uint32_t _height, uint32_t _pitch, bgfx_texture_format_t _format, bool _yflip);
         void (*capture_end) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this);
         void (*capture_frame) (bgfx_callback_interface_t *_this, void const *_data, uint32_t _size);