Class VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Structure specifying the parameters of a newly created object table.
    Valid Usage
    • If the VkDeviceGeneratedCommandsFeaturesNVX::computeBindingPointSupport feature is not enabled, pObjectEntryUsageFlags must not contain OBJECT_ENTRY_USAGE_COMPUTE_BIT_NVX
    • Any value within pObjectEntryCounts must not exceed VkDeviceGeneratedCommandsLimitsNVX::maxObjectEntryCounts
    • maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor must be within the limits supported by the device.
    • maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor must be within the limits supported by the device.
    • maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor must be within the limits supported by the device.
    • maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor must be within the limits supported by the device.
    Valid Usage (Implicit)
    • pNext must be NULL
    • pObjectEntryTypes must be a valid pointer to an array of objectCount valid VkObjectEntryTypeNVX values
    • pObjectEntryCounts must be a valid pointer to an array of objectCount uint32_t values
    • pObjectEntryUsageFlags must be a valid pointer to an array of objectCount valid combinations of VkObjectEntryUsageFlagBitsNVX values
    • Each element of pObjectEntryUsageFlags must not be 0
    • objectCount must be greater than 0
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    Member documentation


     struct VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX {
         VkStructureType sType;
         void const * pNext;
         uint32_t objectCount;
         VkObjectEntryTypeNVX const * pObjectEntryTypes;
         uint32_t const * pObjectEntryCounts;
         VkObjectEntryUsageFlagsNVX const * pObjectEntryUsageFlags;
         uint32_t maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor;
         uint32_t maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor;
         uint32_t maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor;
         uint32_t maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor;
         uint32_t maxPipelineLayouts;
    • Field Detail

      • SIZEOF

        The struct size in bytes.
      • ALIGNOF

        The struct alignment in bytes.

        The struct member offsets.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX​(java.nio.ByteBuffer container)
        Creates a VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX instance at the current position of the specified ByteBuffer container. Changes to the buffer's content will be visible to the struct instance and vice versa.

        The created instance holds a strong reference to the container object.

    • Method Detail

      • sizeof

        public int sizeof()
        Description copied from class: Struct
        Returns sizeof(struct).
        Specified by:
        sizeof in class Struct
      • sType

        public int sType()
        Returns the value of the sType field.
      • pNext

        public long pNext()
        Returns the value of the pNext field.
      • objectCount

        public int objectCount()
        Returns the value of the objectCount field.
      • pObjectEntryTypes

        public java.nio.IntBuffer pObjectEntryTypes()
        Returns a IntBuffer view of the data pointed to by the pObjectEntryTypes field.
      • pObjectEntryCounts

        public java.nio.IntBuffer pObjectEntryCounts()
        Returns a IntBuffer view of the data pointed to by the pObjectEntryCounts field.
      • pObjectEntryUsageFlags

        public java.nio.IntBuffer pObjectEntryUsageFlags()
        Returns a IntBuffer view of the data pointed to by the pObjectEntryUsageFlags field.
      • maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor

        public int maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor()
        Returns the value of the maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor field.
      • maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor

        public int maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor()
        Returns the value of the maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor field.
      • maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor

        public int maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor()
        Returns the value of the maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor field.
      • maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor

        public int maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor()
        Returns the value of the maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor field.
      • maxPipelineLayouts

        public int maxPipelineLayouts()
        Returns the value of the maxPipelineLayouts field.
      • pObjectEntryTypes

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX pObjectEntryTypes​(java.nio.IntBuffer value)
        Sets the address of the specified IntBuffer to the pObjectEntryTypes field.
      • pObjectEntryCounts

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX pObjectEntryCounts​(java.nio.IntBuffer value)
        Sets the address of the specified IntBuffer to the pObjectEntryCounts field.
      • pObjectEntryUsageFlags

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX pObjectEntryUsageFlags​(java.nio.IntBuffer value)
        Sets the address of the specified IntBuffer to the pObjectEntryUsageFlags field.
      • maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor​(int value)
        Sets the specified value to the maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor field.
      • maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor​(int value)
        Sets the specified value to the maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor field.
      • maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor​(int value)
        Sets the specified value to the maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor field.
      • maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor​(int value)
        Sets the specified value to the maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor field.
      • maxPipelineLayouts

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX maxPipelineLayouts​(int value)
        Sets the specified value to the maxPipelineLayouts field.
      • set

        public VkObjectTableCreateInfoNVX set​(int sType,
                                              long pNext,
                                              int objectCount,
                                              java.nio.IntBuffer pObjectEntryTypes,
                                              java.nio.IntBuffer pObjectEntryCounts,
                                              java.nio.IntBuffer pObjectEntryUsageFlags,
                                              int maxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor,
                                              int maxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor,
                                              int maxStorageImagesPerDescriptor,
                                              int maxSampledImagesPerDescriptor,
                                              int maxPipelineLayouts)
        Initializes this struct with the specified values.
      • nsType

        public static int nsType​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of sType().
      • npNext

        public static long npNext​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of pNext().
      • nobjectCount

        public static int nobjectCount​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of objectCount().
      • npObjectEntryTypes

        public static java.nio.IntBuffer npObjectEntryTypes​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of pObjectEntryTypes.
      • npObjectEntryCounts

        public static java.nio.IntBuffer npObjectEntryCounts​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of pObjectEntryCounts.
      • npObjectEntryUsageFlags

        public static java.nio.IntBuffer npObjectEntryUsageFlags​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of pObjectEntryUsageFlags.
      • nmaxPipelineLayouts

        public static int nmaxPipelineLayouts​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of maxPipelineLayouts().
      • nsType

        public static void nsType​(long struct,
                                  int value)
        Unsafe version of sType.
      • npNext

        public static void npNext​(long struct,
                                  long value)
        Unsafe version of pNext.
      • nobjectCount

        public static void nobjectCount​(long struct,
                                        int value)
        Sets the specified value to the objectCount field of the specified struct.
      • npObjectEntryTypes

        public static void npObjectEntryTypes​(long struct,
                                              java.nio.IntBuffer value)
        Unsafe version of pObjectEntryTypes.
      • npObjectEntryCounts

        public static void npObjectEntryCounts​(long struct,
                                               java.nio.IntBuffer value)
        Unsafe version of pObjectEntryCounts.
      • npObjectEntryUsageFlags

        public static void npObjectEntryUsageFlags​(long struct,
                                                   java.nio.IntBuffer value)
        Unsafe version of pObjectEntryUsageFlags.
      • nmaxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor

        public static void nmaxUniformBuffersPerDescriptor​(long struct,
                                                           int value)
      • nmaxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor

        public static void nmaxStorageBuffersPerDescriptor​(long struct,
                                                           int value)
      • nmaxStorageImagesPerDescriptor

        public static void nmaxStorageImagesPerDescriptor​(long struct,
                                                          int value)
      • nmaxSampledImagesPerDescriptor

        public static void nmaxSampledImagesPerDescriptor​(long struct,
                                                          int value)
      • nmaxPipelineLayouts

        public static void nmaxPipelineLayouts​(long struct,
                                               int value)
        Unsafe version of maxPipelineLayouts.
      • validate

        public static void validate​(long struct)
        Validates pointer members that should not be NULL.
        struct - the struct to validate
      • validate

        public static void validate​(long array,
                                    int count)
        Calls validate(long) for each struct contained in the specified struct array.
        array - the struct array to validate
        count - the number of structs in array