Class VK

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      • create

        public static void create()
        Loads the Vulkan shared library, using the default library name.
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      • create

        public static void create​(java.lang.String libName)
        Loads the Vulkan shared library, using the specified library name.

        The FunctionProvider instance created by this method can only be used to retrieve global commands and commands exposed statically by the Vulkan shared library.

        libName - the shared library name
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      • create

        public static void create​(FunctionProvider functionProvider)
        Initializes Vulkan with the specified FunctionProvider. This method can be used to implement custom Vulkan library loading.
        functionProvider - the provider of Vulkan function addresses
      • destroy

        public static void destroy()
        Unloads the Vulkan shared library.
      • getInstanceVersionSupported

        public static int getInstanceVersionSupported()
        Returns a uint32_t, which is the version of Vulkan supported by instance-level functionality, encoded as described in the API Version Numbers and Semantics section.

        This method can be called before creating a Vulkan instance. The returned value can be used to set the VkApplicationInfo::apiVersion member.