Class NVViewportSwizzle

  • public final class NVViewportSwizzle
    extends java.lang.Object
    This extension provides a new per-viewport swizzle that can modify the position of primitives sent to each viewport. New viewport swizzle state is added for each viewport, and a new position vector is computed for each vertex by selecting from and optionally negating any of the four components of the original position vector.

    This new viewport swizzle is useful for a number of algorithms, including single-pass cubemap rendering (broadcasting a primitive to multiple faces and reorienting the vertex position for each face) and voxel rasterization. The per-viewport component remapping and negation provided by the swizzle allows application code to re-orient three-dimensional geometry with a view along any of the X, Y, or Z axes. If a perspective projection and depth buffering is required, 1/W buffering should be used, as described in the single-pass cubemap rendering example in the "Issues" section below.

    Name String
    Extension Type
    Device extension
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    Extension and Version Dependencies
    • Requires Vulkan 1.0
    Last Modified Date
    Interactions and External Dependencies
    • This extension requires multiViewport and geometryShader features to be useful.
    • Daniel Koch, NVIDIA
    • Jeff Bolz, NVIDIA