Class NVMeshShader

  • public class NVMeshShader
    extends java.lang.Object
    This extension provides a new mechanism allowing applications to generate collections of geometric primitives via programmable mesh shading. It is an alternative to the existing programmable primitive shading pipeline, which relied on generating input primitives by a fixed function assembler as well as fixed function vertex fetch.

    There are new programmable shader types -- the task and mesh shader -- to generate these collections to be processed by fixed-function primitive assembly and rasterization logic. When the task and mesh shaders are dispatched, they replace the standard programmable vertex processing pipeline, including vertex array attribute fetching, vertex shader processing, tessellation, and the geometry shader processing.

    This extension also adds support for the following SPIR-V extension in Vulkan: * SPV_NV_mesh_shader

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    • Pat Brown, NVIDIA
    • Jeff Bolz, NVIDIA
    • Daniel Koch, NVIDIA
    • Piers Daniell, NVIDIA
    • Pierre Boudier, NVIDIA