Class KHRExternalMemory

  • public final class KHRExternalMemory
    extends java.lang.Object
    An application may wish to reference device memory in multiple Vulkan logical devices or instances, in multiple processes, and/or in multiple APIs. This extension enables an application to export non-Vulkan handles from Vulkan memory objects such that the underlying resources can be referenced outside the scope of the Vulkan logical device that created them.
    Promotion to Vulkan 1.1

    All functionality in this extension is included in core Vulkan 1.1, with the KHR suffix omitted. The original type, enum and command names are still available as aliases of the core functionality.

    Name String
    Extension Type
    Device extension
    Registered Extension Number
    Extension and Version Dependencies
    Deprecation state
    Last Modified Date
    IP Status
    No known IP claims.
    Interactions and External Dependencies
    • Jason Ekstrand, Intel
    • Ian Elliot, Google
    • Jesse Hall, Google
    • Tobias Hector, Imagination Technologies
    • James Jones, NVIDIA
    • Jeff Juliano, NVIDIA
    • Matthew Netsch, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    • Daniel Rakos, AMD
    • Carsten Rohde, NVIDIA
    • Ray Smith, ARM
    • Chad Versace, Google