Class EXTGlobalPriority

  • public final class EXTGlobalPriority
    extends java.lang.Object
    In Vulkan, users can specify device-scope queue priorities. In some cases it may be useful to extend this concept to a system-wide scope. This extension provides a mechanism for caller's to set their system-wide priority. The default queue priority is QUEUE_GLOBAL_PRIORITY_MEDIUM_EXT.

    The driver implementation will attempt to skew hardware resource allocation in favour of the higher-priority task. Therefore, higher-priority work may retain similar latency and throughput characteristics even if the system is congested with lower priority work.

    The global priority level of a queue shall take precedence over the per-process queue priority (VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo::pQueuePriorities).

    Abuse of this feature may result in starving the rest of the system from hardware resources. Therefore, the driver implementation may deny requests to acquire a priority above the default priority (QUEUE_GLOBAL_PRIORITY_MEDIUM_EXT) if the caller does not have sufficient privileges. In this scenario ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED_EXT is returned.

    The driver implementation may fail the queue allocation request if resources required to complete the operation have been exhausted (either by the same process or a different process). In this scenario ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED is returned.

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    • Requires Vulkan 1.0
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    • Andres Rodriguez, Valve
    • Pierre-Loup Griffais, Valve
    • Dan Ginsburg, Valve
    • Mitch Singer, AMD