Class SSE3

  • public class SSE3
    extends java.lang.Object
    Bindings to SSE3 macros.
    • Method Detail


        public static void _MM_SET_DENORMALS_ZERO_MODE​(int mode)
        Causes the \"denormals are zero\" mode to be turned ON or OFF by setting the appropriate bit of the control register. DAZ treats denormal values used as input to floating-point instructions as zero.

        DAZ is very similar to FTZ in many ways. DAZ mode is a method of bypassing IEEE 754 methods of dealing with denormal floating-point numbers. This mode is less precise, but much faster and is typically used in applications like streaming media when minute differences in quality are essentially undetectable.

        mode - the denormals are zero mode. One of:

        public static int _MM_GET_DENORMALS_ZERO_MODE()
        Returns the current value of the "denormals are zero mode" bit of the control register.