Package org.lwjgl.ovr

Class OVRSessionStatus

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class OVRSessionStatus
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Specifies status information for the current session.

    Member documentation

    • IsVisible – True if the process has VR focus and thus is visible in the HMD.
    • HmdPresent – True if an HMD is present.
    • HmdMounted – True if the HMD is on the user's head.
    • DisplayLost – True if the session is in a display-lost state. See SubmitFrame.
    • ShouldQuit – True if the application should initiate shutdown.
    • ShouldRecenter – True if UX has requested re-centering. Must call ClearShouldRecenterFlag, RecenterTrackingOrigin or SpecifyTrackingOrigin.
    • HasInputFocus – True if the application is the foreground application and receives input (e.g. Touch controller state). If this is false then the application is in the background (but possibly still visible) should hide any input representations such as hands.
    • OverlayPresent – True if a system overlay is present, such as a dashboard. In this case the application (if visible) should pause while still drawing, avoid drawing near-field graphics so they don't visually fight with the system overlay, and consume fewer CPU and GPU resources.
    • DepthRequested – True if runtime is requesting that the application provide depth buffers with projection layers.


     struct ovrSessionStatus {
         ovrBool IsVisible;
         ovrBool HmdPresent;
         ovrBool HmdMounted;
         ovrBool DisplayLost;
         ovrBool ShouldQuit;
         ovrBool ShouldRecenter;
         ovrBool HasInputFocus;
         ovrBool OverlayPresent;
         ovrBool DepthRequested;
    • Field Detail

      • SIZEOF

        The struct size in bytes.
      • ALIGNOF

        The struct alignment in bytes.

        The struct member offsets.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OVRSessionStatus

        public OVRSessionStatus​(java.nio.ByteBuffer container)
        Creates a OVRSessionStatus instance at the current position of the specified ByteBuffer container. Changes to the buffer's content will be visible to the struct instance and vice versa.

        The created instance holds a strong reference to the container object.

    • Method Detail

      • sizeof

        public int sizeof()
        Description copied from class: Struct
        Returns sizeof(struct).
        Specified by:
        sizeof in class Struct
      • IsVisible

        public boolean IsVisible()
        Returns the value of the IsVisible field.
      • HmdPresent

        public boolean HmdPresent()
        Returns the value of the HmdPresent field.
      • HmdMounted

        public boolean HmdMounted()
        Returns the value of the HmdMounted field.
      • DisplayLost

        public boolean DisplayLost()
        Returns the value of the DisplayLost field.
      • ShouldQuit

        public boolean ShouldQuit()
        Returns the value of the ShouldQuit field.
      • ShouldRecenter

        public boolean ShouldRecenter()
        Returns the value of the ShouldRecenter field.
      • HasInputFocus

        public boolean HasInputFocus()
        Returns the value of the HasInputFocus field.
      • OverlayPresent

        public boolean OverlayPresent()
        Returns the value of the OverlayPresent field.
      • DepthRequested

        public boolean DepthRequested()
        Returns the value of the DepthRequested field.
      • createSafe

        public static OVRSessionStatus createSafe​(long address)
        Like create, but returns null if address is NULL.
      • createSafe

        public static OVRSessionStatus.Buffer createSafe​(long address,
                                                         int capacity)
        Like create, but returns null if address is NULL.
      • nIsVisible

        public static boolean nIsVisible​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of IsVisible().
      • nHmdPresent

        public static boolean nHmdPresent​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of HmdPresent().
      • nHmdMounted

        public static boolean nHmdMounted​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of HmdMounted().
      • nDisplayLost

        public static boolean nDisplayLost​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of DisplayLost().
      • nShouldQuit

        public static boolean nShouldQuit​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of ShouldQuit().
      • nShouldRecenter

        public static boolean nShouldRecenter​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of ShouldRecenter().
      • nHasInputFocus

        public static boolean nHasInputFocus​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of HasInputFocus().
      • nOverlayPresent

        public static boolean nOverlayPresent​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of OverlayPresent().
      • nDepthRequested

        public static boolean nDepthRequested​(long struct)
        Unsafe version of DepthRequested().