Class VRInput

  • public class VRInput
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • nVRInput_SetActionManifestPath

        public static int nVRInput_SetActionManifestPath​(long pchActionManifestPath)
        Unsafe version of: SetActionManifestPath
      • VRInput_SetActionManifestPath

        public static int VRInput_SetActionManifestPath​(java.nio.ByteBuffer pchActionManifestPath)
        public static int VRInput_SetActionManifestPath​(java.lang.CharSequence pchActionManifestPath)
        Sets the path to the action manifest JSON file that is used by this application. If this information was set on the Steam partner site, calls to this function are ignored. If the Steam partner site setting and the path provided by this call are different, VR.EVRInputError_VRInputError_MismatchedActionManifest is returned.

        This call must be made before the first call to UpdateActionState or PollNextEvent.

      • nVRInput_GetActionSetHandle

        public static int nVRInput_GetActionSetHandle​(long pchActionSetName,
                                                      long pHandle)
        Unsafe version of: GetActionSetHandle
      • VRInput_GetActionSetHandle

        public static int VRInput_GetActionSetHandle​(java.nio.ByteBuffer pchActionSetName,
                                                     java.nio.LongBuffer pHandle)
        public static int VRInput_GetActionSetHandle​(java.lang.CharSequence pchActionSetName,
                                                     java.nio.LongBuffer pHandle)
        Returns a handle for an action set. This handle is used for all performance-sensitive calls.
      • nVRInput_GetActionHandle

        public static int nVRInput_GetActionHandle​(long pchActionName,
                                                   long pHandle)
        Unsafe version of: GetActionHandle
      • VRInput_GetActionHandle

        public static int VRInput_GetActionHandle​(java.nio.ByteBuffer pchActionName,
                                                  java.nio.LongBuffer pHandle)
        public static int VRInput_GetActionHandle​(java.lang.CharSequence pchActionName,
                                                  java.nio.LongBuffer pHandle)
        Returns a handle for an action. This handle is used for all performance-sensitive calls.
      • nVRInput_GetInputSourceHandle

        public static int nVRInput_GetInputSourceHandle​(long pchInputSourcePath,
                                                        long pHandle)
        Unsafe version of: GetInputSourceHandle
      • VRInput_GetInputSourceHandle

        public static int VRInput_GetInputSourceHandle​(java.nio.ByteBuffer pchInputSourcePath,
                                                       java.nio.LongBuffer pHandle)
        public static int VRInput_GetInputSourceHandle​(java.lang.CharSequence pchInputSourcePath,
                                                       java.nio.LongBuffer pHandle)
        Returns a handle for any path in the input system. E.g. /user/hand/right.
      • nVRInput_UpdateActionState

        public static int nVRInput_UpdateActionState​(long pSets,
                                                     int unSizeOfVRSelectedActionSet_t,
                                                     int unSetCount)
        Unsafe version of: UpdateActionState
      • VRInput_UpdateActionState

        public static int VRInput_UpdateActionState​(VRActiveActionSet.Buffer pSets,
                                                    int unSizeOfVRSelectedActionSet_t)
        Reads the current state into all actions. After this call, the results of Get*Action calls will be the same until the next call to UpdateActionState.
      • nVRInput_GetDigitalActionData

        public static int nVRInput_GetDigitalActionData​(long action,
                                                        long pActionData,
                                                        int unActionDataSize,
                                                        long ulRestrictToDevice)
        Unsafe version of: GetDigitalActionData
      • VRInput_GetDigitalActionData

        public static int VRInput_GetDigitalActionData​(long action,
                                                       InputDigitalActionData pActionData,
                                                       int unActionDataSize,
                                                       long ulRestrictToDevice)
        public static int VRInput_GetDigitalActionData​(long action,
                                                       InputDigitalActionData pActionData,
                                                       long ulRestrictToDevice)
        Reads the state of a digital action given its handle. This will return VR.EVRInputError_VRInputError_WrongType if the type of action is something other than digital.
      • nVRInput_GetAnalogActionData

        public static int nVRInput_GetAnalogActionData​(long action,
                                                       long pActionData,
                                                       int unActionDataSize,
                                                       long ulRestrictToDevice)
        Unsafe version of: GetAnalogActionData
      • VRInput_GetAnalogActionData

        public static int VRInput_GetAnalogActionData​(long action,
                                                      InputAnalogActionData pActionData,
                                                      int unActionDataSize,
                                                      long ulRestrictToDevice)
        public static int VRInput_GetAnalogActionData​(long action,
                                                      InputAnalogActionData pActionData,
                                                      long ulRestrictToDevice)
        Reads the state of an analog action given its handle. This will return VR.EVRInputError_VRInputError_WrongType if the type of action is something other than analog.
      • nVRInput_GetPoseActionDataRelativeToNow

        public static int nVRInput_GetPoseActionDataRelativeToNow​(long action,
                                                                  int eOrigin,
                                                                  float fPredictedSecondsFromNow,
                                                                  long pActionData,
                                                                  int unActionDataSize,
                                                                  long ulRestrictToDevice)
      • nVRInput_GetPoseActionDataForNextFrame

        public static int nVRInput_GetPoseActionDataForNextFrame​(long action,
                                                                 int eOrigin,
                                                                 long pActionData,
                                                                 int unActionDataSize,
                                                                 long ulRestrictToDevice)
      • nVRInput_GetSkeletalActionData

        public static int nVRInput_GetSkeletalActionData​(long action,
                                                         long pActionData,
                                                         int unActionDataSize)
        Unsafe version of: GetSkeletalActionData
      • VRInput_GetSkeletalActionData

        public static int VRInput_GetSkeletalActionData​(long action,
                                                        InputSkeletalActionData pActionData,
                                                        int unActionDataSize)
        public static int VRInput_GetSkeletalActionData​(long action,
                                                        InputSkeletalActionData pActionData)
        Reads the state of a skeletal action given its handle.
      • nVRInput_GetBoneCount

        public static int nVRInput_GetBoneCount​(long action,
                                                long pBoneCount)
        Unsafe version of: GetBoneCount
      • VRInput_GetBoneCount

        public static int VRInput_GetBoneCount​(long action,
                                               java.nio.IntBuffer pBoneCount)
        Reads the number of bones in skeleton associated with the given action.
      • nVRInput_GetBoneHierarchy

        public static int nVRInput_GetBoneHierarchy​(long action,
                                                    long pParentIndices,
                                                    int unIndexArrayCount)
        Unsafe version of: GetBoneHierarchy
      • VRInput_GetBoneHierarchy

        public static int VRInput_GetBoneHierarchy​(long action,
                                                   java.nio.IntBuffer pParentIndices)
        Fills the given array with the index of each bone's parent in the skeleton associated with the given action.
      • nVRInput_GetBoneName

        public static int nVRInput_GetBoneName​(long action,
                                               int nBoneIndex,
                                               long pchBoneName,
                                               int unNameBufferSize)
        Unsafe version of: GetBoneName
      • VRInput_GetBoneName

        public static int VRInput_GetBoneName​(long action,
                                              int nBoneIndex,
                                              java.nio.ByteBuffer pchBoneName)
        Fills the given buffer with the name of the bone at the given index in the skeleton associated with the given action.
      • nVRInput_GetSkeletalReferenceTransforms

        public static int nVRInput_GetSkeletalReferenceTransforms​(long action,
                                                                  int eTransformSpace,
                                                                  int eReferencePose,
                                                                  long pTransformArray,
                                                                  int unTransformArrayCount)
      • nVRInput_GetSkeletalTrackingLevel

        public static int nVRInput_GetSkeletalTrackingLevel​(long action,
                                                            long pSkeletalTrackingLevel)
        Unsafe version of: GetSkeletalTrackingLevel
      • VRInput_GetSkeletalTrackingLevel

        public static int VRInput_GetSkeletalTrackingLevel​(long action,
                                                           java.nio.IntBuffer pSkeletalTrackingLevel)
        Reads the level of accuracy to which the controller is able to track the user to recreate a skeletal pose.
      • nVRInput_GetSkeletalBoneData

        public static int nVRInput_GetSkeletalBoneData​(long action,
                                                       int eTransformSpace,
                                                       int eMotionRange,
                                                       long pTransformArray,
                                                       int unTransformArrayCount)
        Unsafe version of: GetSkeletalBoneData
      • nVRInput_GetSkeletalSummaryData

        public static int nVRInput_GetSkeletalSummaryData​(long action,
                                                          int eSummaryType,
                                                          long pSkeletalSummaryData)
        Unsafe version of: GetSkeletalSummaryData
      • VRInput_GetSkeletalSummaryData

        public static int VRInput_GetSkeletalSummaryData​(long action,
                                                         int eSummaryType,
                                                         VRSkeletalSummaryData pSkeletalSummaryData)
        Reads summary information about the current pose of the skeleton associated with the given action.
      • nVRInput_GetSkeletalBoneDataCompressed

        public static int nVRInput_GetSkeletalBoneDataCompressed​(long action,
                                                                 int eMotionRange,
                                                                 long pvCompressedData,
                                                                 int unCompressedSize,
                                                                 long punRequiredCompressedSize)
      • VRInput_GetSkeletalBoneDataCompressed

        public static int VRInput_GetSkeletalBoneDataCompressed​(long action,
                                                                int eMotionRange,
                                                                java.nio.ByteBuffer pvCompressedData,
                                                                java.nio.IntBuffer punRequiredCompressedSize)
        Reads the state of the skeletal bone data in a compressed form that is suitable for sending over the network. The required buffer size will never exceed (sizeof(VR_BoneTransform_t)*boneCount + 2). Usually the size will be much smaller.
        eMotionRange - one of:
      • nVRInput_DecompressSkeletalBoneData

        public static int nVRInput_DecompressSkeletalBoneData​(long pvCompressedBuffer,
                                                              int unCompressedBufferSize,
                                                              int eTransformSpace,
                                                              long pTransformArray,
                                                              int unTransformArrayCount)
        Unsafe version of: DecompressSkeletalBoneData
      • VRInput_TriggerHapticVibrationAction

        public static int VRInput_TriggerHapticVibrationAction​(long action,
                                                               float fStartSecondsFromNow,
                                                               float fDurationSeconds,
                                                               float fFrequency,
                                                               float fAmplitude,
                                                               long ulRestrictToDevice)
        Triggers a haptic event as described by the specified action.
      • nVRInput_GetActionOrigins

        public static int nVRInput_GetActionOrigins​(long actionSetHandle,
                                                    long digitalActionHandle,
                                                    long originsOut,
                                                    int originOutCount)
        Unsafe version of: GetActionOrigins
      • VRInput_GetActionOrigins

        public static int VRInput_GetActionOrigins​(long actionSetHandle,
                                                   long digitalActionHandle,
                                                   java.nio.LongBuffer originsOut)
        Retrieve origin handles for an action.
      • nVRInput_GetOriginLocalizedName

        public static int nVRInput_GetOriginLocalizedName​(long origin,
                                                          long pchNameArray,
                                                          int unNameArraySize,
                                                          int unStringSectionsToInclude)
        Unsafe version of: GetOriginLocalizedName
      • nVRInput_GetOriginTrackedDeviceInfo

        public static int nVRInput_GetOriginTrackedDeviceInfo​(long origin,
                                                              long pOriginInfo,
                                                              int unOriginInfoSize)
        Unsafe version of: GetOriginTrackedDeviceInfo
      • VRInput_GetOriginTrackedDeviceInfo

        public static int VRInput_GetOriginTrackedDeviceInfo​(long origin,
                                                             InputOriginInfo pOriginInfo,
                                                             int unOriginInfoSize)
        public static int VRInput_GetOriginTrackedDeviceInfo​(long origin,
                                                             InputOriginInfo pOriginInfo)
        Retrieves useful information for the origin of this action.
      • nVRInput_GetActionBindingInfo

        public static int nVRInput_GetActionBindingInfo​(long action,
                                                        long pOriginInfo,
                                                        int unBindingInfoSize,
                                                        int unBindingInfoCount,
                                                        long punReturnedBindingInfoCount)
        Unsafe version of: GetActionBindingInfo
      • VRInput_GetActionBindingInfo

        public static int VRInput_GetActionBindingInfo​(long action,
                                                       InputBindingInfo.Buffer pOriginInfo,
                                                       java.nio.IntBuffer punReturnedBindingInfoCount)
        Retrieves useful information about the bindings for an action.
      • VRInput_ShowActionOrigins

        public static int VRInput_ShowActionOrigins​(long actionSetHandle,
                                                    long ulActionHandle)
        Shows the current binding for the action in-headset.
      • nVRInput_ShowBindingsForActionSet

        public static int nVRInput_ShowBindingsForActionSet​(long pSets,
                                                            int unSizeOfVRSelectedActionSet_t,
                                                            int unSetCount,
                                                            long originToHighlight)
        Unsafe version of: ShowBindingsForActionSet
      • VRInput_ShowBindingsForActionSet

        public static int VRInput_ShowBindingsForActionSet​(VRActiveActionSet.Buffer pSets,
                                                           int unSizeOfVRSelectedActionSet_t,
                                                           long originToHighlight)
        Shows the current binding all the actions in the specified action sets.