Class VRDriverManager

  • public class VRDriverManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • VRDriverManager_GetDriverCount

        public static int VRDriverManager_GetDriverCount()
      • nVRDriverManager_GetDriverName

        public static int nVRDriverManager_GetDriverName​(int nDriver,
                                                         long pchValue,
                                                         int unBufferSize)
        Unsafe version of: GetDriverName
      • VRDriverManager_GetDriverName

        public static int VRDriverManager_GetDriverName​(int nDriver,
                                                        java.nio.ByteBuffer pchValue)
        public static java.lang.String VRDriverManager_GetDriverName​(int nDriver,
                                                                     int unBufferSize)
        the length of the number of bytes necessary to hold this string including the trailing null
      • nVRDriverManager_GetDriverHandle

        public static long nVRDriverManager_GetDriverHandle​(long pchDriverName)
        Unsafe version of: GetDriverHandle
      • VRDriverManager_GetDriverHandle

        public static long VRDriverManager_GetDriverHandle​(java.nio.ByteBuffer pchDriverName)
        public static long VRDriverManager_GetDriverHandle​(java.lang.CharSequence pchDriverName)
        Returns the property container handle for the specified driver.
        pchDriverName - the driver name
      • VRDriverManager_IsEnabled

        public static boolean VRDriverManager_IsEnabled​(int nDriver)