Class VRDebug

  • public class VRDebug
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • nVRDebug_EmitVrProfilerEvent

        public static int nVRDebug_EmitVrProfilerEvent​(long pchMessage)
        Unsafe version of: EmitVrProfilerEvent
      • VRDebug_EmitVrProfilerEvent

        public static int VRDebug_EmitVrProfilerEvent​(java.nio.ByteBuffer pchMessage)
        Creates a vr profiler discrete event (point).

        The event will be associated with the message provided in pchMessage, and the current time will be used as the event timestamp.

      • nVRDebug_BeginVrProfilerEvent

        public static int nVRDebug_BeginVrProfilerEvent​(long pHandleOut)
        Unsafe version of: BeginVrProfilerEvent
      • VRDebug_BeginVrProfilerEvent

        public static int VRDebug_BeginVrProfilerEvent​(java.nio.LongBuffer pHandleOut)
        Creates an vr profiler duration event (line).

        The current time will be used as the timestamp for the start of the line. On success, pHandleOut will contain a handle valid for terminating this event.

      • nVRDebug_FinishVrProfilerEvent

        public static int nVRDebug_FinishVrProfilerEvent​(long hHandle,
                                                         long pchMessage)
        Unsafe version of: FinishVrProfilerEvent
      • VRDebug_FinishVrProfilerEvent

        public static int VRDebug_FinishVrProfilerEvent​(long hHandle,
                                                        java.nio.ByteBuffer pchMessage)
        Terminates a vr profiler event.

        The event associated with hHandle will be considered completed when this method is called. The current time will be used associated to the termination time of the event, and pchMessage will be used as the event title.

      • nVRDebug_DriverDebugRequest

        public static int nVRDebug_DriverDebugRequest​(int unDeviceIndex,
                                                      long pchRequest,
                                                      long pchResponseBuffer,
                                                      int unResponseBufferSize)
        Unsafe version of: DriverDebugRequest
      • VRDebug_DriverDebugRequest

        public static int VRDebug_DriverDebugRequest​(int unDeviceIndex,
                                                     java.nio.ByteBuffer pchRequest,
                                                     java.nio.ByteBuffer pchResponseBuffer)
        Sends a request to the driver for the specified device and returns the response.

        The maximum response size is 32k, but this method can be called with a smaller buffer. If the response exceeds the size of the buffer, it is truncated. The size of the response including its terminating null is returned.