Class VRChaperone

  • public class VRChaperone
    extends java.lang.Object
    • 0,0,0 is the preferred standing area center.
    • 0Y is the floor height.
    • -Z is the preferred forward facing direction.
    • Method Detail

      • VRChaperone_GetCalibrationState

        public static int VRChaperone_GetCalibrationState()
        Get the current state of Chaperone calibration. This state can change at any time during a session due to physical base station changes.
      • nVRChaperone_GetPlayAreaSize

        public static boolean nVRChaperone_GetPlayAreaSize​(long pSizeX,
                                                           long pSizeZ)
        Unsafe version of: GetPlayAreaSize
      • VRChaperone_GetPlayAreaSize

        public static boolean VRChaperone_GetPlayAreaSize​(java.nio.FloatBuffer pSizeX,
                                                          java.nio.FloatBuffer pSizeZ)
        Returns the width and depth of the Play Area (formerly named Soft Bounds) in X and Z. Tracking space center(0, 0, 0) is the center of the Play Area.
      • nVRChaperone_GetPlayAreaRect

        public static boolean nVRChaperone_GetPlayAreaRect​(long rect)
        Unsafe version of: GetPlayAreaRect
      • VRChaperone_GetPlayAreaRect

        public static boolean VRChaperone_GetPlayAreaRect​(HmdQuad rect)
        Returns the 4 corner positions of the Play Area (formerly named Soft Bounds).

        Corners are in counter-clockwise order. Standing center (0,0,0) is the center of the Play Area. It's a rectangle. 2 sides are parallel to the X axis and 2 sides are parallel to the Z axis. Height of every corner is 0Y (on the floor).

      • VRChaperone_ReloadInfo

        public static void VRChaperone_ReloadInfo()
        Reload Chaperone data from the .vrchap file on disk.
      • nVRChaperone_SetSceneColor

        public static void nVRChaperone_SetSceneColor​(long color,
                                                      long __functionAddress)
        public static void nVRChaperone_SetSceneColor​(long color)
        Unsafe version of: SetSceneColor
      • VRChaperone_SetSceneColor

        public static void VRChaperone_SetSceneColor​(HmdColor color)
        Optionally give the chaperone system a hit about the color and brightness in the scene.
      • nVRChaperone_GetBoundsColor

        public static void nVRChaperone_GetBoundsColor​(long pOutputColorArray,
                                                       int nNumOutputColors,
                                                       float flCollisionBoundsFadeDistance,
                                                       long pOutputCameraColor)
        Unsafe version of: GetBoundsColor
      • VRChaperone_GetBoundsColor

        public static void VRChaperone_GetBoundsColor​(HmdColor.Buffer pOutputColorArray,
                                                      float flCollisionBoundsFadeDistance,
                                                      HmdColor pOutputCameraColor)
        Get the current chaperone bounds draw color and brightness.
      • VRChaperone_AreBoundsVisible

        public static boolean VRChaperone_AreBoundsVisible()
        Determine whether the bounds are showing right now.
      • VRChaperone_ForceBoundsVisible

        public static void VRChaperone_ForceBoundsVisible​(boolean bForce)
        Force the bounds to show, mostly for utilities.