Class OVRMultiviewMultisampledRenderToTexture

  • public class OVRMultiviewMultisampledRenderToTexture
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the OVR_multiview_multisampled_render_to_texture extension.

    This extension brings to multiview rendering the functionality originally introduced in EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture. Essentially this just means adding one new function for multisample multiview array attachments in the framebuffer object.

    • Method Detail

      • glFramebufferTextureMultisampleMultiviewOVR

        public static void glFramebufferTextureMultisampleMultiviewOVR​(int target,
                                                                       int attachment,
                                                                       int texture,
                                                                       int level,
                                                                       int samples,
                                                                       int baseViewIndex,
                                                                       int numViews)
        Operates similarly to FramebufferTextureMultiviewOVR, except that it also enables multisampled rendering into the images of a non-multisampled texture object similarly to FramebufferTexture2DMultisampleEXT.