Class OESVertexArrayObject

  • public class OESVertexArrayObject
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the OES_vertex_array_object extension.

    This extension introduces vertex array objects which encapsulate vertex array states on the server side (vertex buffer objects). These objects aim to keep pointers to vertex data and to provide names for different sets of vertex data. Therefore applications are allowed to rapidly switch between different sets of vertex array state, and to easily return to the default vertex array state.

    • Field Detail


        public static final int GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_BINDING_OES
        Accepted by the pname parameter of GetBooleanv, GetIntegerv, GetFloatv.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • glBindVertexArrayOES

        public static void glBindVertexArrayOES​(int array)
      • nglDeleteVertexArraysOES

        public static void nglDeleteVertexArraysOES​(int n,
                                                    long arrays)
      • glDeleteVertexArraysOES

        public static void glDeleteVertexArraysOES​(java.nio.IntBuffer arrays)
      • glDeleteVertexArraysOES

        public static void glDeleteVertexArraysOES​(int array)
      • nglGenVertexArraysOES

        public static void nglGenVertexArraysOES​(int n,
                                                 long arrays)
      • glGenVertexArraysOES

        public static void glGenVertexArraysOES​(java.nio.IntBuffer arrays)
      • glGenVertexArraysOES

        public static int glGenVertexArraysOES()
      • glIsVertexArrayOES

        public static boolean glIsVertexArrayOES​(int array)
      • glDeleteVertexArraysOES

        public static void glDeleteVertexArraysOES​(int[] arrays)
        Array version of: DeleteVertexArraysOES
      • glGenVertexArraysOES

        public static void glGenVertexArraysOES​(int[] arrays)
        Array version of: GenVertexArraysOES