Class OESEGLImage

  • public class OESEGLImage
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the OES_EGL_image extension.

    This extension provides a mechanism for creating texture and renderbuffer objects sharing storage with specified EGLImage objects (such objects are referred to as "EGLImage targets").

    The companion EGL_KHR_image_base and EGL_KHR_image extensions provide the definition and rationale for EGLImage objects.

    Other EGL extensions, such as EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image, EGL_KHR_gl_texture_cubemap_image, EGL_KHR_gl_texture_3D_image, EGL_KHR_gl_renderbuffer_image, and EGL_KHR_vg_parent_image, define the related functionality of creating EGLImage objects from "EGLImage sources" such as OpenGL ES texture or renderbuffers or OpenVG VGImage objects.

    • Method Detail

      • nglEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES

        public static void nglEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES​(int target,
                                                         long image)
      • glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES

        public static void glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES​(int target,
                                                        long image)
      • nglEGLImageTargetRenderbufferStorageOES

        public static void nglEGLImageTargetRenderbufferStorageOES​(int target,
                                                                   long image)
      • glEGLImageTargetRenderbufferStorageOES

        public static void glEGLImageTargetRenderbufferStorageOES​(int target,
                                                                  long image)