Class EXTTextureStorage

  • public class EXTTextureStorage
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_texture_storage extension.

    The texture image specification commands in OpenGL allow each level to be separately specified with different sizes, formats, types and so on, and only imposes consistency checks at draw time. This adds overhead for implementations.

    This extension provides a mechanism for specifying the entire structure of a texture in a single call, allowing certain consistency checks and memory allocations to be done up front. Once specified, the format and dimensions of the image array become immutable, to simplify completeness checks in the implementation.

    When using this extension, it is no longer possible to supply texture data using TexImage*. Instead, data can be uploaded using TexSubImage*, or produced by other means (such as render-to-texture, mipmap generation, or rendering to a sibling EGLImage).

    This extension has complicated interactions with other extensions. The goal of most of these interactions is to ensure that a texture is always mipmap complete (and cube complete for cubemap textures).

    Requires GLES 2.0.