Class EXTTextureCubeMapArray

  • public final class EXTTextureCubeMapArray
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_texture_cube_map_array extension.

    OpenGL ES 3.1 supports two-dimensional array textures. An array texture is an ordered set of images with the same size and format. Each image in an array texture has a unique level. This extension expands texture array support to include cube map textures.

    A cube map array texture is a two-dimensional array texture that may contain many cube map layers. Each cube map layer is a unique cube map image set. Images in a cube map array have the same size and format limitations as two-dimensional array textures. A cube map array texture is specified using TexImage3D or TexStorage3D in a similar manner to two-dimensional arrays. Cube map array textures can be bound to a render targets of a frame buffer object just as two-dimensional arrays are, using FramebufferTextureLayer.

    When accessed by a shader, a cube map array texture acts as a single unit. The "s", "t", "r" texture coordinates are treated as a regular cube map texture fetch. The "q" texture is treated as an unnormalized floating-point value identifying the layer of the cube map array texture. Cube map array texture lookups do not filter between layers.

    Requires GLES 3.1.