Class EXTMultiviewDrawBuffers

  • public class EXTMultiviewDrawBuffers
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_multiview_draw_buffers extension.

    This extension allows selecting among draw buffers as the rendering target. This may be among multiple primary buffers pertaining to platform-specific stereoscopic or multiview displays or among offscreen framebuffer object color attachments.

    To remove any artificial limitations imposed on the number of possible buffers, draw buffers are identified not as individual enums, but as pairs of values consisting of an enum representing buffer locations such as COLOR_ATTACHMENT_EXT or MULTIVIEW_EXT, and an integer representing an identifying index of buffers of this location. These (location, index) pairs are used to specify draw buffer targets using a new DrawBuffersIndexedEXT call.

    Rendering to buffers of location MULTIVIEW_EXT associated with the context allows rendering to multiview buffers created by EGL using EGL_EXT_multiview_window for stereoscopic displays.

    Rendering to COLOR_ATTACHMENT_EXT buffers allows implementations to increase the number of potential color attachments indefinitely to renderbuffers and textures.

    This extension allows the traditional quad buffer stereoscopic rendering method that has proven effective by indicating a left or right draw buffer and rendering to each accordingly, but is also dynamic enough to handle an arbitrary number of color buffer targets all using the same shader. This grants the user maximum flexibility as well as a familiar interface.

    • Method Detail

      • glReadBufferIndexedEXT

        public static void glReadBufferIndexedEXT​(int src,
                                                  int index)
      • nglDrawBuffersIndexedEXT

        public static void nglDrawBuffersIndexedEXT​(int n,
                                                    long location,
                                                    long indices)
      • glDrawBuffersIndexedEXT

        public static void glDrawBuffersIndexedEXT​(java.nio.IntBuffer location,
                                                   java.nio.IntBuffer indices)
      • nglGetIntegeri_vEXT

        public static void nglGetIntegeri_vEXT​(int target,
                                               int index,
                                               long data)
      • glGetIntegeri_vEXT

        public static void glGetIntegeri_vEXT​(int target,
                                              int index,
                                              java.nio.IntBuffer data)
      • glGetIntegeriEXT

        public static int glGetIntegeriEXT​(int target,
                                           int index)
      • glDrawBuffersIndexedEXT

        public static void glDrawBuffersIndexedEXT​(int[] location,
                                                   int[] indices)
        Array version of: DrawBuffersIndexedEXT
      • glGetIntegeri_vEXT

        public static void glGetIntegeri_vEXT​(int target,
                                              int index,
                                              int[] data)
        Array version of: GetIntegeri_vEXT