Class EXTDrawTransformFeedback

  • public class EXTDrawTransformFeedback
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_draw_transform_feedback extension.

    This extension adds the DrawTransformFeedback commands. These were omitted from OpenGL ES 3.0 because the number of vertices captured by transform feedback could never be different than the number drawn during capture. The addition of geometry shaders in OpenGL ES 3.2 broke that assumption but, due to an oversight, DrawTransformFeedback et al were not reinstated. The DrawTransformFeedback commands unlock the full potential of geometry shaders.

    Requires GLES 3.2.

    • Method Detail

      • glDrawTransformFeedbackEXT

        public static void glDrawTransformFeedbackEXT​(int mode,
                                                      int id)
      • glDrawTransformFeedbackInstancedEXT

        public static void glDrawTransformFeedbackInstancedEXT​(int mode,
                                                               int id,
                                                               int instancecount)