Class EXTDrawBuffersIndexed

  • public class EXTDrawBuffersIndexed
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_draw_buffers_indexed extension.

    This extension builds upon the EXT_draw_buffers extension. In EXT_draw_buffers (part of OpenGL ES 3.0), separate values could be written to each color buffer, but the blend enable, blend functions, blend equations and color write masks are global and apply to all color outputs.

    This extension provides the ability to independently

    • enable or disable blending
    • set the blend equations
    • set the blend functions, and
    • set the color write masks per color output.

    This extension introduces indexed versions of the enable, blend equation, blend function, and color mask commands, as well as associated indexed queries in order to control and query these states independently on a per-color output basis.

    Requres GLES 3.0 or EXT_draw_buffers.

    • Method Detail

      • glEnableiEXT

        public static void glEnableiEXT​(int target,
                                        int index)
      • glDisableiEXT

        public static void glDisableiEXT​(int target,
                                         int index)
      • glBlendEquationiEXT

        public static void glBlendEquationiEXT​(int buf,
                                               int mode)
      • glBlendEquationSeparateiEXT

        public static void glBlendEquationSeparateiEXT​(int buf,
                                                       int modeRGB,
                                                       int modeAlpha)
      • glBlendFunciEXT

        public static void glBlendFunciEXT​(int buf,
                                           int src,
                                           int dst)
      • glBlendFuncSeparateiEXT

        public static void glBlendFuncSeparateiEXT​(int buf,
                                                   int srcRGB,
                                                   int dstRGB,
                                                   int srcAlpha,
                                                   int dstAlpha)
      • glColorMaskiEXT

        public static void glColorMaskiEXT​(int index,
                                           boolean r,
                                           boolean g,
                                           boolean b,
                                           boolean a)
      • glIsEnablediEXT

        public static boolean glIsEnablediEXT​(int target,
                                              int index)