Class WGLNVMultigpuContext

  • public final class WGLNVMultigpuContext
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the WGL_NV_multigpu_context extension.

    This extension allows the creation of an OpenGL context in a multi-GPU environment with a specified multi-GPU strategy (known as SLI mode) which takes precedence over process-wide multi-GPU mode settings.

    The multi-GPU mode denotes vendor specific techniques to allow distributed rendering on multiple GPUs, further called AFR (alternate frame rendering) and Multicast (as defined in NV_gpu_multicast).

    OpenGL supports multiple contexts. The semantics of switching contexts is generally left to window system binding APIs such as WGL, GLX and EGL. The extension WGL_NV_multigpu_context allows to specify a preferred multi-GPU rendering mode per context, thus context switching can also switch the current multi-GPU rendering mode.

    The implementation is platform dependent and the actual multi-GPU rendering mode of the created context may vary on different hardware and operation system platforms.

    Requires WGL_ARB_create_context.