Class WGLARBExtensionsString

  • public class WGLARBExtensionsString
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the WGL_ARB_extensions_string extension.

    This extension provides a way for applications to determine which WGL extensions are supported by a device. This is the foundation upon which other WGL extensions are built.

    • Method Detail

      • nwglGetExtensionsStringARB

        public static long nwglGetExtensionsStringARB​(long hdc)
        Unsafe version of: GetExtensionsStringARB
      • wglGetExtensionsStringARB

        public static java.lang.String wglGetExtensionsStringARB​(long hdc)
        Returns a list of supported extensions to WGL. Although the contents of the string is implementation specific, the string will be NULL terminated and will contain a space-separated list of extension names. (The extension names themselves do not contain spaces.) If there are no extensions then the empty string is returned.
        hdc - the device context to query extensions for