Class NVXConditionalRender

  • public class NVXConditionalRender
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the NVX_conditional_render extension.

    This extension provides support for conditional rendering based on the results of an occlusion query. This mechanism allows an application to potentially reduce the latency between the completion of an occlusion query and the rendering commands depending on its result. It additionally allows the decision of whether to render to be made without application intervention.

    Requires OpenGL 1.5 or ARB_occlusion_query

    • Method Detail

      • glBeginConditionalRenderNVX

        public static void glBeginConditionalRenderNVX​(int id)
      • glEndConditionalRenderNVX

        public static void glEndConditionalRenderNVX()