Class NVExplicitMultisample

  • public class NVExplicitMultisample
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the NV_explicit_multisample extension.

    In traditional multisample specs, the API only allows access to the samples indirectly through methods such as coverage values and downsampled readbacks. NV_explicit_multisample adds a set of new capabilities to allow more precise control over the use of multisamples. Specifically, it adds:

    • A query in the API to query the location of samples within the pixel
    • An explicit control for the multisample sample mask to augment the control provided by SampleCoverage
    • A new texture target to wrap a renderbuffer and allow a restricted class of accesses to the samples
    • The ability to fetch a specific sample from a multisampled texture from within a shader
    • A program option to enable the new behavior

    Requires OpenGL 2.0 and ARB_multisample.