Class INTELConservativeRasterization

  • public final class INTELConservativeRasterization
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the INTEL_conservative_rasterization extension.

    Regular rasterization includes fragments with at least one sample covered by a polygon. Conservative rasterization includes all fragments that are at least partially covered by the polygon.

    In some use cases, it is also important to know if a fragment is fully covered by a polygon, i.e. if all parts of the fragment are within the polygon. An application may, for example, want to process fully covered fragments different from the "edge" pixels. This extension adds an option for the fragment shader to receive this information via gl_SampleMaskIn[].

    This extension affects only polygons in FILL mode and specifically does not imply any changes in processing of lines or points.

    Conservative rasterization automatically disables polygon antialiasing rasterization if enabled by POLYGON_SMOOTH.

    Requires OpenGL 4.2.

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