Class GLXARBVertexBufferObject

  • public final class GLXARBVertexBufferObject
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the GLX_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension.

    It is the client's responsibility to convert buffer data to and from the server's byte order. Since only the client knows the correct format of the data, and there may be multiple clients with different byte orderings sharing a single buffer object, it is unreasonable to ask the GL to handle buffer object byte-swapping. To avoid errors caused by naive clients attempting to use buffer objects without performing the appropriate byte swapping, clients must opt in to buffer object support at context creation time using the CONTEXT_ALLOW_BUFFER_BYTE_ORDER_MISMATCH_ARB context attrib. If this attribute is not specified and the byte ordering of the client and server differ, the VBO extension must not be exposed and the maximum context version that can be reported is 1.4.

    Requires GLX_ARB_create_context and ARB_vertex_buffer_object.

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        Accepted as an attribute name in the attrib_list parameter of CreateContextAttribsARB.
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