Class GLXARBGetProcAddress

  • public class GLXARBGetProcAddress
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the GLX_ARB_get_proc_address extension.

    This extension adds a function to return the address of GLX and GL extension functions, given the function name. This is necessary with (for example) heterogenous implementations where hardware drivers may implement extension functions not known to the link library; a similar situation on Windows implementations resulted in the wglGetProcAddress function.

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      static long glXGetProcAddressARB​(java.lang.CharSequence procName)
      Returns the address of the extension function named by procName.
      static long glXGetProcAddressARB​(java.nio.ByteBuffer procName)
      Returns the address of the extension function named by procName.
      static long nglXGetProcAddressARB​(long procName)
      Unsafe version of: GetProcAddressARB
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    • Method Detail

      • nglXGetProcAddressARB

        public static long nglXGetProcAddressARB​(long procName)
        Unsafe version of: GetProcAddressARB
      • glXGetProcAddressARB

        public static long glXGetProcAddressARB​(java.nio.ByteBuffer procName)
        public static long glXGetProcAddressARB​(java.lang.CharSequence procName)
        Returns the address of the extension function named by procName. The pointer returned should be cast to a function pointer type matching the extension function's definition in that extension specification. A return value of NULL indicates that the specified function does not exist for the implementation.

        A non-NULL return value for glXGetProcAddressARB does not guarantee that an extension function is actually supported at runtime. The client must must also query GetString(GL11.GL_EXTENSIONS) or QueryExtensionsString to determine if an extension is supported by a particular context.

        GL function pointers returned by glXGetProcAddressARB are independent of the currently bound context and may be used by any context which supports the extension.

        glXGetProcAddressARB may be queried for all of the following functions:

        • All GL and GLX extension functions supported by the implementation (whether those extensions are supported by the current context or not).
        • All core (non-extension) functions in GL and GLX from version 1.0 up to and including the versions of those specifications supported by the implementation, as determined by GetString(GL11.GL_VERSION) and QueryVersion queries.
        procName - the function name to query