Class GLCapabilities

  • public final class GLCapabilities
    extends java.lang.Object
    Defines the capabilities of an OpenGL context.
    • Field Detail

      • glAccum

        public final long glAccum
      • glAlphaFunc

        public final long glAlphaFunc
      • glAreTexturesResident

        public final long glAreTexturesResident
      • glArrayElement

        public final long glArrayElement
      • glBegin

        public final long glBegin
      • glBitmap

        public final long glBitmap
      • glCallList

        public final long glCallList
      • glCallLists

        public final long glCallLists
      • glClearAccum

        public final long glClearAccum
      • glClearIndex

        public final long glClearIndex
      • glClipPlane

        public final long glClipPlane
      • glColor3b

        public final long glColor3b
      • glColor3s

        public final long glColor3s
      • glColor3i

        public final long glColor3i
      • glColor3f

        public final long glColor3f
      • glColor3d

        public final long glColor3d
      • glColor3ub

        public final long glColor3ub
      • glColor3us

        public final long glColor3us
      • glColor3ui

        public final long glColor3ui
      • glColor3bv

        public final long glColor3bv
      • glColor3sv

        public final long glColor3sv
      • glColor3iv

        public final long glColor3iv
      • glColor3fv

        public final long glColor3fv
      • glColor3dv

        public final long glColor3dv
      • glColor3ubv

        public final long glColor3ubv
      • glColor3usv

        public final long glColor3usv
      • glColor3uiv

        public final long glColor3uiv
      • glColor4b

        public final long glColor4b
      • glColor4s

        public final long glColor4s
      • glColor4i

        public final long glColor4i
      • glColor4f

        public final long glColor4f
      • glColor4d

        public final long glColor4d
      • glColor4ub

        public final long glColor4ub
      • glColor4us

        public final long glColor4us
      • glColor4ui

        public final long glColor4ui
      • glColor4bv

        public final long glColor4bv
      • glColor4sv

        public final long glColor4sv
      • glColor4iv

        public final long glColor4iv
      • glColor4fv

        public final long glColor4fv
      • glColor4dv

        public final long glColor4dv
      • glColor4ubv

        public final long glColor4ubv
      • glColor4usv

        public final long glColor4usv
      • glColor4uiv

        public final long glColor4uiv
      • glColorMaterial

        public final long glColorMaterial
      • glColorPointer

        public final long glColorPointer
      • glCopyPixels

        public final long glCopyPixels
      • glDeleteLists

        public final long glDeleteLists
      • glDisableClientState

        public final long glDisableClientState
      • glDrawPixels

        public final long glDrawPixels
      • glEdgeFlag

        public final long glEdgeFlag
      • glEdgeFlagv

        public final long glEdgeFlagv
      • glEdgeFlagPointer

        public final long glEdgeFlagPointer
      • glEnableClientState

        public final long glEnableClientState
      • glEnd

        public final long glEnd
      • glEvalCoord1f

        public final long glEvalCoord1f
      • glEvalCoord1fv

        public final long glEvalCoord1fv
      • glEvalCoord1d

        public final long glEvalCoord1d
      • glEvalCoord1dv

        public final long glEvalCoord1dv
      • glEvalCoord2f

        public final long glEvalCoord2f
      • glEvalCoord2fv

        public final long glEvalCoord2fv
      • glEvalCoord2d

        public final long glEvalCoord2d
      • glEvalCoord2dv

        public final long glEvalCoord2dv
      • glEvalMesh1

        public final long glEvalMesh1
      • glEvalMesh2

        public final long glEvalMesh2
      • glEvalPoint1

        public final long glEvalPoint1
      • glEvalPoint2

        public final long glEvalPoint2
      • glFeedbackBuffer

        public final long glFeedbackBuffer
      • glFogi

        public final long glFogi
      • glFogiv

        public final long glFogiv
      • glFogf

        public final long glFogf
      • glFogfv

        public final long glFogfv
      • glGenLists

        public final long glGenLists
      • glGetClipPlane

        public final long glGetClipPlane
      • glGetLightiv

        public final long glGetLightiv
      • glGetLightfv

        public final long glGetLightfv
      • glGetMapiv

        public final long glGetMapiv
      • glGetMapfv

        public final long glGetMapfv
      • glGetMapdv

        public final long glGetMapdv
      • glGetMaterialiv

        public final long glGetMaterialiv
      • glGetMaterialfv

        public final long glGetMaterialfv
      • glGetPixelMapfv

        public final long glGetPixelMapfv
      • glGetPixelMapusv

        public final long glGetPixelMapusv
      • glGetPixelMapuiv

        public final long glGetPixelMapuiv
      • glGetPolygonStipple

        public final long glGetPolygonStipple
      • glGetTexEnviv

        public final long glGetTexEnviv
      • glGetTexEnvfv

        public final long glGetTexEnvfv
      • glGetTexGeniv

        public final long glGetTexGeniv
      • glGetTexGenfv

        public final long glGetTexGenfv
      • glGetTexGendv

        public final long glGetTexGendv
      • glIndexi

        public final long glIndexi
      • glIndexub

        public final long glIndexub
      • glIndexs

        public final long glIndexs
      • glIndexf

        public final long glIndexf
      • glIndexd

        public final long glIndexd
      • glIndexiv

        public final long glIndexiv
      • glIndexubv

        public final long glIndexubv
      • glIndexsv

        public final long glIndexsv
      • glIndexfv

        public final long glIndexfv
      • glIndexdv

        public final long glIndexdv
      • glIndexMask

        public final long glIndexMask
      • glIndexPointer

        public final long glIndexPointer
      • glInitNames

        public final long glInitNames
      • glInterleavedArrays

        public final long glInterleavedArrays
      • glIsList

        public final long glIsList
      • glLightModeli

        public final long glLightModeli
      • glLightModelf

        public final long glLightModelf
      • glLightModeliv

        public final long glLightModeliv
      • glLightModelfv

        public final long glLightModelfv
      • glLighti

        public final long glLighti
      • glLightf

        public final long glLightf
      • glLightiv

        public final long glLightiv
      • glLightfv

        public final long glLightfv
      • glLineStipple

        public final long glLineStipple
      • glListBase

        public final long glListBase
      • glLoadMatrixf

        public final long glLoadMatrixf
      • glLoadMatrixd

        public final long glLoadMatrixd
      • glLoadIdentity

        public final long glLoadIdentity
      • glLoadName

        public final long glLoadName
      • glMap1f

        public final long glMap1f
      • glMap1d

        public final long glMap1d
      • glMap2f

        public final long glMap2f
      • glMap2d

        public final long glMap2d
      • glMapGrid1f

        public final long glMapGrid1f
      • glMapGrid1d

        public final long glMapGrid1d
      • glMapGrid2f

        public final long glMapGrid2f
      • glMapGrid2d

        public final long glMapGrid2d
      • glMateriali

        public final long glMateriali
      • glMaterialf

        public final long glMaterialf
      • glMaterialiv

        public final long glMaterialiv
      • glMaterialfv

        public final long glMaterialfv
      • glMatrixMode

        public final long glMatrixMode
      • glMultMatrixf

        public final long glMultMatrixf
      • glMultMatrixd

        public final long glMultMatrixd
      • glFrustum

        public final long glFrustum
      • glNewList

        public final long glNewList
      • glEndList

        public final long glEndList
      • glNormal3f

        public final long glNormal3f
      • glNormal3b

        public final long glNormal3b
      • glNormal3s

        public final long glNormal3s
      • glNormal3i

        public final long glNormal3i
      • glNormal3d

        public final long glNormal3d
      • glNormal3fv

        public final long glNormal3fv
      • glNormal3bv

        public final long glNormal3bv
      • glNormal3sv

        public final long glNormal3sv
      • glNormal3iv

        public final long glNormal3iv
      • glNormal3dv

        public final long glNormal3dv
      • glNormalPointer

        public final long glNormalPointer
      • glOrtho

        public final long glOrtho
      • glPassThrough

        public final long glPassThrough
      • glPixelMapfv

        public final long glPixelMapfv
      • glPixelMapusv

        public final long glPixelMapusv
      • glPixelMapuiv

        public final long glPixelMapuiv
      • glPixelTransferi

        public final long glPixelTransferi
      • glPixelTransferf

        public final long glPixelTransferf
      • glPixelZoom

        public final long glPixelZoom
      • glPolygonStipple

        public final long glPolygonStipple
      • glPushAttrib

        public final long glPushAttrib
      • glPushClientAttrib

        public final long glPushClientAttrib
      • glPopAttrib

        public final long glPopAttrib
      • glPopClientAttrib

        public final long glPopClientAttrib
      • glPopMatrix

        public final long glPopMatrix
      • glPopName

        public final long glPopName
      • glPrioritizeTextures

        public final long glPrioritizeTextures
      • glPushMatrix

        public final long glPushMatrix
      • glPushName

        public final long glPushName
      • glRasterPos2i

        public final long glRasterPos2i
      • glRasterPos2s

        public final long glRasterPos2s
      • glRasterPos2f

        public final long glRasterPos2f
      • glRasterPos2d

        public final long glRasterPos2d
      • glRasterPos2iv

        public final long glRasterPos2iv
      • glRasterPos2sv

        public final long glRasterPos2sv
      • glRasterPos2fv

        public final long glRasterPos2fv
      • glRasterPos2dv

        public final long glRasterPos2dv
      • glRasterPos3i

        public final long glRasterPos3i
      • glRasterPos3s

        public final long glRasterPos3s
      • glRasterPos3f

        public final long glRasterPos3f
      • glRasterPos3d

        public final long glRasterPos3d
      • glRasterPos3iv

        public final long glRasterPos3iv
      • glRasterPos3sv

        public final long glRasterPos3sv
      • glRasterPos3fv

        public final long glRasterPos3fv
      • glRasterPos3dv

        public final long glRasterPos3dv
      • glRasterPos4i

        public final long glRasterPos4i
      • glRasterPos4s

        public final long glRasterPos4s
      • glRasterPos4f

        public final long glRasterPos4f
      • glRasterPos4d

        public final long glRasterPos4d
      • glRasterPos4iv

        public final long glRasterPos4iv
      • glRasterPos4sv

        public final long glRasterPos4sv
      • glRasterPos4fv

        public final long glRasterPos4fv
      • glRasterPos4dv

        public final long glRasterPos4dv
      • glRecti

        public final long glRecti
      • glRects

        public final long glRects
      • glRectf

        public final long glRectf
      • glRectd

        public final long glRectd
      • glRectiv

        public final long glRectiv
      • glRectsv

        public final long glRectsv
      • glRectfv

        public final long glRectfv
      • glRectdv

        public final long glRectdv
      • glRenderMode

        public final long glRenderMode
      • glRotatef

        public final long glRotatef
      • glRotated

        public final long glRotated
      • glScalef

        public final long glScalef
      • glScaled

        public final long glScaled
      • glSelectBuffer

        public final long glSelectBuffer
      • glShadeModel

        public final long glShadeModel
      • glTexCoord1f

        public final long glTexCoord1f
      • glTexCoord1s

        public final long glTexCoord1s
      • glTexCoord1i

        public final long glTexCoord1i
      • glTexCoord1d

        public final long glTexCoord1d
      • glTexCoord1fv

        public final long glTexCoord1fv
      • glTexCoord1sv

        public final long glTexCoord1sv
      • glTexCoord1iv

        public final long glTexCoord1iv
      • glTexCoord1dv

        public final long glTexCoord1dv
      • glTexCoord2f

        public final long glTexCoord2f
      • glTexCoord2s

        public final long glTexCoord2s
      • glTexCoord2i

        public final long glTexCoord2i
      • glTexCoord2d

        public final long glTexCoord2d
      • glTexCoord2fv

        public final long glTexCoord2fv
      • glTexCoord2sv

        public final long glTexCoord2sv
      • glTexCoord2iv

        public final long glTexCoord2iv
      • glTexCoord2dv

        public final long glTexCoord2dv
      • glTexCoord3f

        public final long glTexCoord3f
      • glTexCoord3s

        public final long glTexCoord3s
      • glTexCoord3i

        public final long glTexCoord3i
      • glTexCoord3d

        public final long glTexCoord3d
      • glTexCoord3fv

        public final long glTexCoord3fv
      • glTexCoord3sv

        public final long glTexCoord3sv
      • glTexCoord3iv

        public final long glTexCoord3iv
      • glTexCoord3dv

        public final long glTexCoord3dv
      • glTexCoord4f

        public final long glTexCoord4f
      • glTexCoord4s

        public final long glTexCoord4s
      • glTexCoord4i

        public final long glTexCoord4i
      • glTexCoord4d

        public final long glTexCoord4d
      • glTexCoord4fv

        public final long glTexCoord4fv
      • glTexCoord4sv

        public final long glTexCoord4sv
      • glTexCoord4iv

        public final long glTexCoord4iv
      • glTexCoord4dv

        public final long glTexCoord4dv
      • glTexCoordPointer

        public final long glTexCoordPointer
      • glTexEnvi

        public final long glTexEnvi
      • glTexEnviv

        public final long glTexEnviv
      • glTexEnvf

        public final long glTexEnvf
      • glTexEnvfv

        public final long glTexEnvfv
      • glTexGeni

        public final long glTexGeni
      • glTexGeniv

        public final long glTexGeniv
      • glTexGenf

        public final long glTexGenf
      • glTexGenfv

        public final long glTexGenfv
      • glTexGend

        public final long glTexGend
      • glTexGendv

        public final long glTexGendv
      • glTranslatef

        public final long glTranslatef
      • glTranslated

        public final long glTranslated
      • glVertex2f

        public final long glVertex2f
      • glVertex2s

        public final long glVertex2s
      • glVertex2i

        public final long glVertex2i
      • glVertex2d

        public final long glVertex2d
      • glVertex2fv

        public final long glVertex2fv
      • glVertex2sv

        public final long glVertex2sv
      • glVertex2iv

        public final long glVertex2iv
      • glVertex2dv

        public final long glVertex2dv
      • glVertex3f

        public final long glVertex3f
      • glVertex3s

        public final long glVertex3s
      • glVertex3i

        public final long glVertex3i
      • glVertex3d

        public final long glVertex3d
      • glVertex3fv

        public final long glVertex3fv
      • glVertex3sv

        public final long glVertex3sv
      • glVertex3iv

        public final long glVertex3iv
      • glVertex3dv

        public final long glVertex3dv
      • glVertex4f

        public final long glVertex4f
      • glVertex4s

        public final long glVertex4s
      • glVertex4i

        public final long glVertex4i
      • glVertex4d

        public final long glVertex4d
      • glVertex4fv

        public final long glVertex4fv
      • glVertex4sv

        public final long glVertex4sv
      • glVertex4iv

        public final long glVertex4iv
      • glVertex4dv

        public final long glVertex4dv
      • glVertexPointer

        public final long glVertexPointer
      • glEnable

        public final long glEnable
      • glDisable

        public final long glDisable
      • glBindTexture

        public final long glBindTexture
      • glBlendFunc

        public final long glBlendFunc
      • glClear

        public final long glClear
      • glClearColor

        public final long glClearColor
      • glClearDepth

        public final long glClearDepth
      • glClearStencil

        public final long glClearStencil
      • glColorMask

        public final long glColorMask
      • glCullFace

        public final long glCullFace
      • glDepthFunc

        public final long glDepthFunc
      • glDepthMask

        public final long glDepthMask
      • glDepthRange

        public final long glDepthRange
      • glDrawArrays

        public final long glDrawArrays
      • glDrawBuffer

        public final long glDrawBuffer
      • glDrawElements

        public final long glDrawElements
      • glFinish

        public final long glFinish
      • glFlush

        public final long glFlush
      • glFrontFace

        public final long glFrontFace
      • glGenTextures

        public final long glGenTextures
      • glDeleteTextures

        public final long glDeleteTextures
      • glGetBooleanv

        public final long glGetBooleanv
      • glGetFloatv

        public final long glGetFloatv
      • glGetIntegerv

        public final long glGetIntegerv
      • glGetDoublev

        public final long glGetDoublev
      • glGetError

        public final long glGetError
      • glGetPointerv

        public final long glGetPointerv
      • glGetString

        public final long glGetString
      • glGetTexImage

        public final long glGetTexImage
      • glGetTexLevelParameteriv

        public final long glGetTexLevelParameteriv
      • glGetTexLevelParameterfv

        public final long glGetTexLevelParameterfv
      • glGetTexParameteriv

        public final long glGetTexParameteriv
      • glGetTexParameterfv

        public final long glGetTexParameterfv
      • glHint

        public final long glHint
      • glIsEnabled

        public final long glIsEnabled
      • glIsTexture

        public final long glIsTexture
      • glLineWidth

        public final long glLineWidth
      • glLogicOp

        public final long glLogicOp
      • glPixelStorei

        public final long glPixelStorei
      • glPixelStoref

        public final long glPixelStoref
      • glPointSize

        public final long glPointSize
      • glPolygonMode

        public final long glPolygonMode
      • glPolygonOffset

        public final long glPolygonOffset
      • glReadBuffer

        public final long glReadBuffer
      • glReadPixels

        public final long glReadPixels
      • glScissor

        public final long glScissor
      • glStencilFunc

        public final long glStencilFunc
      • glStencilMask

        public final long glStencilMask
      • glStencilOp

        public final long glStencilOp
      • glTexImage1D

        public final long glTexImage1D
      • glTexImage2D

        public final long glTexImage2D
      • glCopyTexImage1D

        public final long glCopyTexImage1D
      • glCopyTexImage2D

        public final long glCopyTexImage2D
      • glCopyTexSubImage1D

        public final long glCopyTexSubImage1D
      • glCopyTexSubImage2D

        public final long glCopyTexSubImage2D
      • glTexParameteri

        public final long glTexParameteri
      • glTexParameteriv

        public final long glTexParameteriv
      • glTexParameterf

        public final long glTexParameterf
      • glTexParameterfv

        public final long glTexParameterfv
      • glTexSubImage1D

        public final long glTexSubImage1D
      • glTexSubImage2D

        public final long glTexSubImage2D
      • glViewport

        public final long glViewport
      • glTexImage3D

        public final long glTexImage3D
      • glTexSubImage3D

        public final long glTexSubImage3D
      • glCopyTexSubImage3D

        public final long glCopyTexSubImage3D
      • glDrawRangeElements

        public final long glDrawRangeElements
      • glClientActiveTexture

        public final long glClientActiveTexture
      • glMultiTexCoord1f

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1f
      • glMultiTexCoord1s

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1s
      • glMultiTexCoord1i

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1i
      • glMultiTexCoord1d

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1d
      • glMultiTexCoord1fv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1fv
      • glMultiTexCoord1sv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1sv
      • glMultiTexCoord1iv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1iv
      • glMultiTexCoord1dv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1dv
      • glMultiTexCoord2f

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2f
      • glMultiTexCoord2s

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2s
      • glMultiTexCoord2i

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2i
      • glMultiTexCoord2d

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2d
      • glMultiTexCoord2fv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2fv
      • glMultiTexCoord2sv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2sv
      • glMultiTexCoord2iv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2iv
      • glMultiTexCoord2dv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2dv
      • glMultiTexCoord3f

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3f
      • glMultiTexCoord3s

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3s
      • glMultiTexCoord3i

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3i
      • glMultiTexCoord3d

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3d
      • glMultiTexCoord3fv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3fv
      • glMultiTexCoord3sv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3sv
      • glMultiTexCoord3iv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3iv
      • glMultiTexCoord3dv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3dv
      • glMultiTexCoord4f

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4f
      • glMultiTexCoord4s

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4s
      • glMultiTexCoord4i

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4i
      • glMultiTexCoord4d

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4d
      • glMultiTexCoord4fv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4fv
      • glMultiTexCoord4sv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4sv
      • glMultiTexCoord4iv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4iv
      • glMultiTexCoord4dv

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4dv
      • glLoadTransposeMatrixf

        public final long glLoadTransposeMatrixf
      • glLoadTransposeMatrixd

        public final long glLoadTransposeMatrixd
      • glMultTransposeMatrixf

        public final long glMultTransposeMatrixf
      • glMultTransposeMatrixd

        public final long glMultTransposeMatrixd
      • glCompressedTexImage3D

        public final long glCompressedTexImage3D
      • glCompressedTexImage2D

        public final long glCompressedTexImage2D
      • glCompressedTexImage1D

        public final long glCompressedTexImage1D
      • glCompressedTexSubImage3D

        public final long glCompressedTexSubImage3D
      • glCompressedTexSubImage2D

        public final long glCompressedTexSubImage2D
      • glCompressedTexSubImage1D

        public final long glCompressedTexSubImage1D
      • glGetCompressedTexImage

        public final long glGetCompressedTexImage
      • glSampleCoverage

        public final long glSampleCoverage
      • glActiveTexture

        public final long glActiveTexture
      • glFogCoordf

        public final long glFogCoordf
      • glFogCoordd

        public final long glFogCoordd
      • glFogCoordfv

        public final long glFogCoordfv
      • glFogCoorddv

        public final long glFogCoorddv
      • glFogCoordPointer

        public final long glFogCoordPointer
      • glSecondaryColor3b

        public final long glSecondaryColor3b
      • glSecondaryColor3s

        public final long glSecondaryColor3s
      • glSecondaryColor3i

        public final long glSecondaryColor3i
      • glSecondaryColor3f

        public final long glSecondaryColor3f
      • glSecondaryColor3d

        public final long glSecondaryColor3d
      • glSecondaryColor3ub

        public final long glSecondaryColor3ub
      • glSecondaryColor3us

        public final long glSecondaryColor3us
      • glSecondaryColor3ui

        public final long glSecondaryColor3ui
      • glSecondaryColor3bv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3bv
      • glSecondaryColor3sv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3sv
      • glSecondaryColor3iv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3iv
      • glSecondaryColor3fv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3fv
      • glSecondaryColor3dv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3dv
      • glSecondaryColor3ubv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3ubv
      • glSecondaryColor3usv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3usv
      • glSecondaryColor3uiv

        public final long glSecondaryColor3uiv
      • glSecondaryColorPointer

        public final long glSecondaryColorPointer
      • glWindowPos2i

        public final long glWindowPos2i
      • glWindowPos2s

        public final long glWindowPos2s
      • glWindowPos2f

        public final long glWindowPos2f
      • glWindowPos2d

        public final long glWindowPos2d
      • glWindowPos2iv

        public final long glWindowPos2iv
      • glWindowPos2sv

        public final long glWindowPos2sv
      • glWindowPos2fv

        public final long glWindowPos2fv
      • glWindowPos2dv

        public final long glWindowPos2dv
      • glWindowPos3i

        public final long glWindowPos3i
      • glWindowPos3s

        public final long glWindowPos3s
      • glWindowPos3f

        public final long glWindowPos3f
      • glWindowPos3d

        public final long glWindowPos3d
      • glWindowPos3iv

        public final long glWindowPos3iv
      • glWindowPos3sv

        public final long glWindowPos3sv
      • glWindowPos3fv

        public final long glWindowPos3fv
      • glWindowPos3dv

        public final long glWindowPos3dv
      • glBlendColor

        public final long glBlendColor
      • glBlendEquation

        public final long glBlendEquation
      • glMultiDrawArrays

        public final long glMultiDrawArrays
      • glMultiDrawElements

        public final long glMultiDrawElements
      • glPointParameterf

        public final long glPointParameterf
      • glPointParameteri

        public final long glPointParameteri
      • glPointParameterfv

        public final long glPointParameterfv
      • glPointParameteriv

        public final long glPointParameteriv
      • glBlendFuncSeparate

        public final long glBlendFuncSeparate
      • glBindBuffer

        public final long glBindBuffer
      • glDeleteBuffers

        public final long glDeleteBuffers
      • glGenBuffers

        public final long glGenBuffers
      • glIsBuffer

        public final long glIsBuffer
      • glBufferData

        public final long glBufferData
      • glBufferSubData

        public final long glBufferSubData
      • glGetBufferSubData

        public final long glGetBufferSubData
      • glMapBuffer

        public final long glMapBuffer
      • glUnmapBuffer

        public final long glUnmapBuffer
      • glGetBufferParameteriv

        public final long glGetBufferParameteriv
      • glGetBufferPointerv

        public final long glGetBufferPointerv
      • glGenQueries

        public final long glGenQueries
      • glDeleteQueries

        public final long glDeleteQueries
      • glIsQuery

        public final long glIsQuery
      • glBeginQuery

        public final long glBeginQuery
      • glEndQuery

        public final long glEndQuery
      • glGetQueryiv

        public final long glGetQueryiv
      • glGetQueryObjectiv

        public final long glGetQueryObjectiv
      • glGetQueryObjectuiv

        public final long glGetQueryObjectuiv
      • glCreateProgram

        public final long glCreateProgram
      • glDeleteProgram

        public final long glDeleteProgram
      • glIsProgram

        public final long glIsProgram
      • glCreateShader

        public final long glCreateShader
      • glDeleteShader

        public final long glDeleteShader
      • glIsShader

        public final long glIsShader
      • glAttachShader

        public final long glAttachShader
      • glDetachShader

        public final long glDetachShader
      • glShaderSource

        public final long glShaderSource
      • glCompileShader

        public final long glCompileShader
      • glLinkProgram

        public final long glLinkProgram
      • glUseProgram

        public final long glUseProgram
      • glValidateProgram

        public final long glValidateProgram
      • glUniform1f

        public final long glUniform1f
      • glUniform2f

        public final long glUniform2f
      • glUniform3f

        public final long glUniform3f
      • glUniform4f

        public final long glUniform4f
      • glUniform1i

        public final long glUniform1i
      • glUniform2i

        public final long glUniform2i
      • glUniform3i

        public final long glUniform3i
      • glUniform4i

        public final long glUniform4i
      • glUniform1fv

        public final long glUniform1fv
      • glUniform2fv

        public final long glUniform2fv
      • glUniform3fv

        public final long glUniform3fv
      • glUniform4fv

        public final long glUniform4fv
      • glUniform1iv

        public final long glUniform1iv
      • glUniform2iv

        public final long glUniform2iv
      • glUniform3iv

        public final long glUniform3iv
      • glUniform4iv

        public final long glUniform4iv
      • glUniformMatrix2fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix2fv
      • glUniformMatrix3fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix3fv
      • glUniformMatrix4fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix4fv
      • glGetShaderiv

        public final long glGetShaderiv
      • glGetProgramiv

        public final long glGetProgramiv
      • glGetShaderInfoLog

        public final long glGetShaderInfoLog
      • glGetProgramInfoLog

        public final long glGetProgramInfoLog
      • glGetAttachedShaders

        public final long glGetAttachedShaders
      • glGetUniformLocation

        public final long glGetUniformLocation
      • glGetActiveUniform

        public final long glGetActiveUniform
      • glGetUniformfv

        public final long glGetUniformfv
      • glGetUniformiv

        public final long glGetUniformiv
      • glGetShaderSource

        public final long glGetShaderSource
      • glVertexAttrib1f

        public final long glVertexAttrib1f
      • glVertexAttrib1s

        public final long glVertexAttrib1s
      • glVertexAttrib1d

        public final long glVertexAttrib1d
      • glVertexAttrib2f

        public final long glVertexAttrib2f
      • glVertexAttrib2s

        public final long glVertexAttrib2s
      • glVertexAttrib2d

        public final long glVertexAttrib2d
      • glVertexAttrib3f

        public final long glVertexAttrib3f
      • glVertexAttrib3s

        public final long glVertexAttrib3s
      • glVertexAttrib3d

        public final long glVertexAttrib3d
      • glVertexAttrib4f

        public final long glVertexAttrib4f
      • glVertexAttrib4s

        public final long glVertexAttrib4s
      • glVertexAttrib4d

        public final long glVertexAttrib4d
      • glVertexAttrib4Nub

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Nub
      • glVertexAttrib1fv

        public final long glVertexAttrib1fv
      • glVertexAttrib1sv

        public final long glVertexAttrib1sv
      • glVertexAttrib1dv

        public final long glVertexAttrib1dv
      • glVertexAttrib2fv

        public final long glVertexAttrib2fv
      • glVertexAttrib2sv

        public final long glVertexAttrib2sv
      • glVertexAttrib2dv

        public final long glVertexAttrib2dv
      • glVertexAttrib3fv

        public final long glVertexAttrib3fv
      • glVertexAttrib3sv

        public final long glVertexAttrib3sv
      • glVertexAttrib3dv

        public final long glVertexAttrib3dv
      • glVertexAttrib4fv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4fv
      • glVertexAttrib4sv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4sv
      • glVertexAttrib4dv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4dv
      • glVertexAttrib4iv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4iv
      • glVertexAttrib4bv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4bv
      • glVertexAttrib4ubv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4ubv
      • glVertexAttrib4usv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4usv
      • glVertexAttrib4uiv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4uiv
      • glVertexAttrib4Nbv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Nbv
      • glVertexAttrib4Nsv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Nsv
      • glVertexAttrib4Niv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Niv
      • glVertexAttrib4Nubv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Nubv
      • glVertexAttrib4Nusv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Nusv
      • glVertexAttrib4Nuiv

        public final long glVertexAttrib4Nuiv
      • glVertexAttribPointer

        public final long glVertexAttribPointer
      • glEnableVertexAttribArray

        public final long glEnableVertexAttribArray
      • glDisableVertexAttribArray

        public final long glDisableVertexAttribArray
      • glBindAttribLocation

        public final long glBindAttribLocation
      • glGetActiveAttrib

        public final long glGetActiveAttrib
      • glGetAttribLocation

        public final long glGetAttribLocation
      • glGetVertexAttribiv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribiv
      • glGetVertexAttribfv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribfv
      • glGetVertexAttribdv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribdv
      • glGetVertexAttribPointerv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribPointerv
      • glDrawBuffers

        public final long glDrawBuffers
      • glBlendEquationSeparate

        public final long glBlendEquationSeparate
      • glStencilOpSeparate

        public final long glStencilOpSeparate
      • glStencilFuncSeparate

        public final long glStencilFuncSeparate
      • glStencilMaskSeparate

        public final long glStencilMaskSeparate
      • glUniformMatrix2x3fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix2x3fv
      • glUniformMatrix3x2fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix3x2fv
      • glUniformMatrix2x4fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix2x4fv
      • glUniformMatrix4x2fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix4x2fv
      • glUniformMatrix3x4fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix3x4fv
      • glUniformMatrix4x3fv

        public final long glUniformMatrix4x3fv
      • glGetStringi

        public final long glGetStringi
      • glClearBufferiv

        public final long glClearBufferiv
      • glClearBufferuiv

        public final long glClearBufferuiv
      • glClearBufferfv

        public final long glClearBufferfv
      • glClearBufferfi

        public final long glClearBufferfi
      • glVertexAttribI1i

        public final long glVertexAttribI1i
      • glVertexAttribI2i

        public final long glVertexAttribI2i
      • glVertexAttribI3i

        public final long glVertexAttribI3i
      • glVertexAttribI4i

        public final long glVertexAttribI4i
      • glVertexAttribI1ui

        public final long glVertexAttribI1ui
      • glVertexAttribI2ui

        public final long glVertexAttribI2ui
      • glVertexAttribI3ui

        public final long glVertexAttribI3ui
      • glVertexAttribI4ui

        public final long glVertexAttribI4ui
      • glVertexAttribI1iv

        public final long glVertexAttribI1iv
      • glVertexAttribI2iv

        public final long glVertexAttribI2iv
      • glVertexAttribI3iv

        public final long glVertexAttribI3iv
      • glVertexAttribI4iv

        public final long glVertexAttribI4iv
      • glVertexAttribI1uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribI1uiv
      • glVertexAttribI2uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribI2uiv
      • glVertexAttribI3uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribI3uiv
      • glVertexAttribI4uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribI4uiv
      • glVertexAttribI4bv

        public final long glVertexAttribI4bv
      • glVertexAttribI4sv

        public final long glVertexAttribI4sv
      • glVertexAttribI4ubv

        public final long glVertexAttribI4ubv
      • glVertexAttribI4usv

        public final long glVertexAttribI4usv
      • glVertexAttribIPointer

        public final long glVertexAttribIPointer
      • glGetVertexAttribIiv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribIiv
      • glGetVertexAttribIuiv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribIuiv
      • glUniform1ui

        public final long glUniform1ui
      • glUniform2ui

        public final long glUniform2ui
      • glUniform3ui

        public final long glUniform3ui
      • glUniform4ui

        public final long glUniform4ui
      • glUniform1uiv

        public final long glUniform1uiv
      • glUniform2uiv

        public final long glUniform2uiv
      • glUniform3uiv

        public final long glUniform3uiv
      • glUniform4uiv

        public final long glUniform4uiv
      • glGetUniformuiv

        public final long glGetUniformuiv
      • glBindFragDataLocation

        public final long glBindFragDataLocation
      • glGetFragDataLocation

        public final long glGetFragDataLocation
      • glBeginConditionalRender

        public final long glBeginConditionalRender
      • glEndConditionalRender

        public final long glEndConditionalRender
      • glMapBufferRange

        public final long glMapBufferRange
      • glFlushMappedBufferRange

        public final long glFlushMappedBufferRange
      • glClampColor

        public final long glClampColor
      • glIsRenderbuffer

        public final long glIsRenderbuffer
      • glBindRenderbuffer

        public final long glBindRenderbuffer
      • glDeleteRenderbuffers

        public final long glDeleteRenderbuffers
      • glGenRenderbuffers

        public final long glGenRenderbuffers
      • glRenderbufferStorage

        public final long glRenderbufferStorage
      • glRenderbufferStorageMultisample

        public final long glRenderbufferStorageMultisample
      • glGetRenderbufferParameteriv

        public final long glGetRenderbufferParameteriv
      • glIsFramebuffer

        public final long glIsFramebuffer
      • glBindFramebuffer

        public final long glBindFramebuffer
      • glDeleteFramebuffers

        public final long glDeleteFramebuffers
      • glGenFramebuffers

        public final long glGenFramebuffers
      • glCheckFramebufferStatus

        public final long glCheckFramebufferStatus
      • glFramebufferTexture1D

        public final long glFramebufferTexture1D
      • glFramebufferTexture2D

        public final long glFramebufferTexture2D
      • glFramebufferTexture3D

        public final long glFramebufferTexture3D
      • glFramebufferTextureLayer

        public final long glFramebufferTextureLayer
      • glFramebufferRenderbuffer

        public final long glFramebufferRenderbuffer
      • glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv

        public final long glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv
      • glBlitFramebuffer

        public final long glBlitFramebuffer
      • glGenerateMipmap

        public final long glGenerateMipmap
      • glTexParameterIiv

        public final long glTexParameterIiv
      • glTexParameterIuiv

        public final long glTexParameterIuiv
      • glGetTexParameterIiv

        public final long glGetTexParameterIiv
      • glGetTexParameterIuiv

        public final long glGetTexParameterIuiv
      • glColorMaski

        public final long glColorMaski
      • glGetBooleani_v

        public final long glGetBooleani_v
      • glGetIntegeri_v

        public final long glGetIntegeri_v
      • glEnablei

        public final long glEnablei
      • glDisablei

        public final long glDisablei
      • glIsEnabledi

        public final long glIsEnabledi
      • glBindBufferRange

        public final long glBindBufferRange
      • glBindBufferBase

        public final long glBindBufferBase
      • glBeginTransformFeedback

        public final long glBeginTransformFeedback
      • glEndTransformFeedback

        public final long glEndTransformFeedback
      • glTransformFeedbackVaryings

        public final long glTransformFeedbackVaryings
      • glGetTransformFeedbackVarying

        public final long glGetTransformFeedbackVarying
      • glBindVertexArray

        public final long glBindVertexArray
      • glDeleteVertexArrays

        public final long glDeleteVertexArrays
      • glGenVertexArrays

        public final long glGenVertexArrays
      • glIsVertexArray

        public final long glIsVertexArray
      • glDrawArraysInstanced

        public final long glDrawArraysInstanced
      • glDrawElementsInstanced

        public final long glDrawElementsInstanced
      • glCopyBufferSubData

        public final long glCopyBufferSubData
      • glPrimitiveRestartIndex

        public final long glPrimitiveRestartIndex
      • glTexBuffer

        public final long glTexBuffer
      • glGetUniformIndices

        public final long glGetUniformIndices
      • glGetActiveUniformsiv

        public final long glGetActiveUniformsiv
      • glGetActiveUniformName

        public final long glGetActiveUniformName
      • glGetUniformBlockIndex

        public final long glGetUniformBlockIndex
      • glGetActiveUniformBlockiv

        public final long glGetActiveUniformBlockiv
      • glGetActiveUniformBlockName

        public final long glGetActiveUniformBlockName
      • glUniformBlockBinding

        public final long glUniformBlockBinding
      • glGetBufferParameteri64v

        public final long glGetBufferParameteri64v
      • glDrawElementsBaseVertex

        public final long glDrawElementsBaseVertex
      • glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex

        public final long glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex
      • glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertex

        public final long glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertex
      • glMultiDrawElementsBaseVertex

        public final long glMultiDrawElementsBaseVertex
      • glProvokingVertex

        public final long glProvokingVertex
      • glTexImage2DMultisample

        public final long glTexImage2DMultisample
      • glTexImage3DMultisample

        public final long glTexImage3DMultisample
      • glGetMultisamplefv

        public final long glGetMultisamplefv
      • glSampleMaski

        public final long glSampleMaski
      • glFramebufferTexture

        public final long glFramebufferTexture
      • glFenceSync

        public final long glFenceSync
      • glIsSync

        public final long glIsSync
      • glDeleteSync

        public final long glDeleteSync
      • glClientWaitSync

        public final long glClientWaitSync
      • glWaitSync

        public final long glWaitSync
      • glGetInteger64v

        public final long glGetInteger64v
      • glGetInteger64i_v

        public final long glGetInteger64i_v
      • glGetSynciv

        public final long glGetSynciv
      • glVertexP2ui

        public final long glVertexP2ui
      • glVertexP3ui

        public final long glVertexP3ui
      • glVertexP4ui

        public final long glVertexP4ui
      • glVertexP2uiv

        public final long glVertexP2uiv
      • glVertexP3uiv

        public final long glVertexP3uiv
      • glVertexP4uiv

        public final long glVertexP4uiv
      • glTexCoordP1ui

        public final long glTexCoordP1ui
      • glTexCoordP2ui

        public final long glTexCoordP2ui
      • glTexCoordP3ui

        public final long glTexCoordP3ui
      • glTexCoordP4ui

        public final long glTexCoordP4ui
      • glTexCoordP1uiv

        public final long glTexCoordP1uiv
      • glTexCoordP2uiv

        public final long glTexCoordP2uiv
      • glTexCoordP3uiv

        public final long glTexCoordP3uiv
      • glTexCoordP4uiv

        public final long glTexCoordP4uiv
      • glMultiTexCoordP1ui

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP1ui
      • glMultiTexCoordP2ui

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP2ui
      • glMultiTexCoordP3ui

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP3ui
      • glMultiTexCoordP4ui

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP4ui
      • glMultiTexCoordP1uiv

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP1uiv
      • glMultiTexCoordP2uiv

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP2uiv
      • glMultiTexCoordP3uiv

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP3uiv
      • glMultiTexCoordP4uiv

        public final long glMultiTexCoordP4uiv
      • glNormalP3ui

        public final long glNormalP3ui
      • glNormalP3uiv

        public final long glNormalP3uiv
      • glColorP3ui

        public final long glColorP3ui
      • glColorP4ui

        public final long glColorP4ui
      • glColorP3uiv

        public final long glColorP3uiv
      • glColorP4uiv

        public final long glColorP4uiv
      • glSecondaryColorP3ui

        public final long glSecondaryColorP3ui
      • glSecondaryColorP3uiv

        public final long glSecondaryColorP3uiv
      • glBindFragDataLocationIndexed

        public final long glBindFragDataLocationIndexed
      • glGetFragDataIndex

        public final long glGetFragDataIndex
      • glGenSamplers

        public final long glGenSamplers
      • glDeleteSamplers

        public final long glDeleteSamplers
      • glIsSampler

        public final long glIsSampler
      • glBindSampler

        public final long glBindSampler
      • glSamplerParameteri

        public final long glSamplerParameteri
      • glSamplerParameterf

        public final long glSamplerParameterf
      • glSamplerParameteriv

        public final long glSamplerParameteriv
      • glSamplerParameterfv

        public final long glSamplerParameterfv
      • glSamplerParameterIiv

        public final long glSamplerParameterIiv
      • glSamplerParameterIuiv

        public final long glSamplerParameterIuiv
      • glGetSamplerParameteriv

        public final long glGetSamplerParameteriv
      • glGetSamplerParameterfv

        public final long glGetSamplerParameterfv
      • glGetSamplerParameterIiv

        public final long glGetSamplerParameterIiv
      • glGetSamplerParameterIuiv

        public final long glGetSamplerParameterIuiv
      • glQueryCounter

        public final long glQueryCounter
      • glGetQueryObjecti64v

        public final long glGetQueryObjecti64v
      • glGetQueryObjectui64v

        public final long glGetQueryObjectui64v
      • glVertexAttribDivisor

        public final long glVertexAttribDivisor
      • glVertexAttribP1ui

        public final long glVertexAttribP1ui
      • glVertexAttribP2ui

        public final long glVertexAttribP2ui
      • glVertexAttribP3ui

        public final long glVertexAttribP3ui
      • glVertexAttribP4ui

        public final long glVertexAttribP4ui
      • glVertexAttribP1uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribP1uiv
      • glVertexAttribP2uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribP2uiv
      • glVertexAttribP3uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribP3uiv
      • glVertexAttribP4uiv

        public final long glVertexAttribP4uiv
      • glBlendEquationi

        public final long glBlendEquationi
      • glBlendEquationSeparatei

        public final long glBlendEquationSeparatei
      • glBlendFunci

        public final long glBlendFunci
      • glBlendFuncSeparatei

        public final long glBlendFuncSeparatei
      • glDrawArraysIndirect

        public final long glDrawArraysIndirect
      • glDrawElementsIndirect

        public final long glDrawElementsIndirect
      • glUniform1d

        public final long glUniform1d
      • glUniform2d

        public final long glUniform2d
      • glUniform3d

        public final long glUniform3d
      • glUniform4d

        public final long glUniform4d
      • glUniform1dv

        public final long glUniform1dv
      • glUniform2dv

        public final long glUniform2dv
      • glUniform3dv

        public final long glUniform3dv
      • glUniform4dv

        public final long glUniform4dv
      • glUniformMatrix2dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix2dv
      • glUniformMatrix3dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix3dv
      • glUniformMatrix4dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix4dv
      • glUniformMatrix2x3dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix2x3dv
      • glUniformMatrix2x4dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix2x4dv
      • glUniformMatrix3x2dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix3x2dv
      • glUniformMatrix3x4dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix3x4dv
      • glUniformMatrix4x2dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix4x2dv
      • glUniformMatrix4x3dv

        public final long glUniformMatrix4x3dv
      • glGetUniformdv

        public final long glGetUniformdv
      • glMinSampleShading

        public final long glMinSampleShading
      • glGetSubroutineUniformLocation

        public final long glGetSubroutineUniformLocation
      • glGetSubroutineIndex

        public final long glGetSubroutineIndex
      • glGetActiveSubroutineUniformiv

        public final long glGetActiveSubroutineUniformiv
      • glGetActiveSubroutineUniformName

        public final long glGetActiveSubroutineUniformName
      • glGetActiveSubroutineName

        public final long glGetActiveSubroutineName
      • glUniformSubroutinesuiv

        public final long glUniformSubroutinesuiv
      • glGetUniformSubroutineuiv

        public final long glGetUniformSubroutineuiv
      • glGetProgramStageiv

        public final long glGetProgramStageiv
      • glPatchParameteri

        public final long glPatchParameteri
      • glPatchParameterfv

        public final long glPatchParameterfv
      • glBindTransformFeedback

        public final long glBindTransformFeedback
      • glDeleteTransformFeedbacks

        public final long glDeleteTransformFeedbacks
      • glGenTransformFeedbacks

        public final long glGenTransformFeedbacks
      • glIsTransformFeedback

        public final long glIsTransformFeedback
      • glPauseTransformFeedback

        public final long glPauseTransformFeedback
      • glResumeTransformFeedback

        public final long glResumeTransformFeedback
      • glDrawTransformFeedback

        public final long glDrawTransformFeedback
      • glDrawTransformFeedbackStream

        public final long glDrawTransformFeedbackStream
      • glBeginQueryIndexed

        public final long glBeginQueryIndexed
      • glEndQueryIndexed

        public final long glEndQueryIndexed
      • glGetQueryIndexediv

        public final long glGetQueryIndexediv
      • glReleaseShaderCompiler

        public final long glReleaseShaderCompiler
      • glShaderBinary

        public final long glShaderBinary
      • glGetShaderPrecisionFormat

        public final long glGetShaderPrecisionFormat
      • glDepthRangef

        public final long glDepthRangef
      • glClearDepthf

        public final long glClearDepthf
      • glGetProgramBinary

        public final long glGetProgramBinary
      • glProgramBinary

        public final long glProgramBinary
      • glProgramParameteri

        public final long glProgramParameteri
      • glUseProgramStages

        public final long glUseProgramStages
      • glActiveShaderProgram

        public final long glActiveShaderProgram
      • glCreateShaderProgramv

        public final long glCreateShaderProgramv
      • glBindProgramPipeline

        public final long glBindProgramPipeline
      • glDeleteProgramPipelines

        public final long glDeleteProgramPipelines
      • glGenProgramPipelines

        public final long glGenProgramPipelines
      • glIsProgramPipeline

        public final long glIsProgramPipeline
      • glGetProgramPipelineiv

        public final long glGetProgramPipelineiv
      • glProgramUniform1i

        public final long glProgramUniform1i
      • glProgramUniform2i

        public final long glProgramUniform2i
      • glProgramUniform3i

        public final long glProgramUniform3i
      • glProgramUniform4i

        public final long glProgramUniform4i
      • glProgramUniform1ui

        public final long glProgramUniform1ui
      • glProgramUniform2ui

        public final long glProgramUniform2ui
      • glProgramUniform3ui

        public final long glProgramUniform3ui
      • glProgramUniform4ui

        public final long glProgramUniform4ui
      • glProgramUniform1f

        public final long glProgramUniform1f
      • glProgramUniform2f

        public final long glProgramUniform2f
      • glProgramUniform3f

        public final long glProgramUniform3f
      • glProgramUniform4f

        public final long glProgramUniform4f
      • glProgramUniform1d

        public final long glProgramUniform1d
      • glProgramUniform2d

        public final long glProgramUniform2d
      • glProgramUniform3d

        public final long glProgramUniform3d
      • glProgramUniform4d

        public final long glProgramUniform4d
      • glProgramUniform1iv

        public final long glProgramUniform1iv
      • glProgramUniform2iv

        public final long glProgramUniform2iv
      • glProgramUniform3iv

        public final long glProgramUniform3iv
      • glProgramUniform4iv

        public final long glProgramUniform4iv
      • glProgramUniform1uiv

        public final long glProgramUniform1uiv
      • glProgramUniform2uiv

        public final long glProgramUniform2uiv
      • glProgramUniform3uiv

        public final long glProgramUniform3uiv
      • glProgramUniform4uiv

        public final long glProgramUniform4uiv
      • glProgramUniform1fv

        public final long glProgramUniform1fv
      • glProgramUniform2fv

        public final long glProgramUniform2fv
      • glProgramUniform3fv

        public final long glProgramUniform3fv
      • glProgramUniform4fv

        public final long glProgramUniform4fv
      • glProgramUniform1dv

        public final long glProgramUniform1dv
      • glProgramUniform2dv

        public final long glProgramUniform2dv
      • glProgramUniform3dv

        public final long glProgramUniform3dv
      • glProgramUniform4dv

        public final long glProgramUniform4dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x3fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x3fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x2fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x2fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x4fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x4fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x2fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x2fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x4fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x4fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x3fv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x3fv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x3dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x3dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x2dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x2dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x4dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x4dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x2dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x2dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x4dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x4dv
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x3dv

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x3dv
      • glValidateProgramPipeline

        public final long glValidateProgramPipeline
      • glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog

        public final long glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog
      • glVertexAttribL1d

        public final long glVertexAttribL1d
      • glVertexAttribL2d

        public final long glVertexAttribL2d
      • glVertexAttribL3d

        public final long glVertexAttribL3d
      • glVertexAttribL4d

        public final long glVertexAttribL4d
      • glVertexAttribL1dv

        public final long glVertexAttribL1dv
      • glVertexAttribL2dv

        public final long glVertexAttribL2dv
      • glVertexAttribL3dv

        public final long glVertexAttribL3dv
      • glVertexAttribL4dv

        public final long glVertexAttribL4dv
      • glVertexAttribLPointer

        public final long glVertexAttribLPointer
      • glGetVertexAttribLdv

        public final long glGetVertexAttribLdv
      • glViewportArrayv

        public final long glViewportArrayv
      • glViewportIndexedf

        public final long glViewportIndexedf
      • glViewportIndexedfv

        public final long glViewportIndexedfv
      • glScissorArrayv

        public final long glScissorArrayv
      • glScissorIndexed

        public final long glScissorIndexed
      • glScissorIndexedv

        public final long glScissorIndexedv
      • glDepthRangeArrayv

        public final long glDepthRangeArrayv
      • glDepthRangeIndexed

        public final long glDepthRangeIndexed
      • glGetFloati_v

        public final long glGetFloati_v
      • glGetDoublei_v

        public final long glGetDoublei_v
      • glGetActiveAtomicCounterBufferiv

        public final long glGetActiveAtomicCounterBufferiv
      • glTexStorage1D

        public final long glTexStorage1D
      • glTexStorage2D

        public final long glTexStorage2D
      • glTexStorage3D

        public final long glTexStorage3D
      • glDrawTransformFeedbackInstanced

        public final long glDrawTransformFeedbackInstanced
      • glDrawTransformFeedbackStreamInstanced

        public final long glDrawTransformFeedbackStreamInstanced
      • glDrawArraysInstancedBaseInstance

        public final long glDrawArraysInstancedBaseInstance
      • glDrawElementsInstancedBaseInstance

        public final long glDrawElementsInstancedBaseInstance
      • glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertexBaseInstance

        public final long glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertexBaseInstance
      • glBindImageTexture

        public final long glBindImageTexture
      • glMemoryBarrier

        public final long glMemoryBarrier
      • glGetInternalformativ

        public final long glGetInternalformativ
      • glClearBufferData

        public final long glClearBufferData
      • glClearBufferSubData

        public final long glClearBufferSubData
      • glDispatchCompute

        public final long glDispatchCompute
      • glDispatchComputeIndirect

        public final long glDispatchComputeIndirect
      • glCopyImageSubData

        public final long glCopyImageSubData
      • glDebugMessageControl

        public final long glDebugMessageControl
      • glDebugMessageInsert

        public final long glDebugMessageInsert
      • glDebugMessageCallback

        public final long glDebugMessageCallback
      • glGetDebugMessageLog

        public final long glGetDebugMessageLog
      • glPushDebugGroup

        public final long glPushDebugGroup
      • glPopDebugGroup

        public final long glPopDebugGroup
      • glObjectLabel

        public final long glObjectLabel
      • glGetObjectLabel

        public final long glGetObjectLabel
      • glObjectPtrLabel

        public final long glObjectPtrLabel
      • glGetObjectPtrLabel

        public final long glGetObjectPtrLabel
      • glFramebufferParameteri

        public final long glFramebufferParameteri
      • glGetFramebufferParameteriv

        public final long glGetFramebufferParameteriv
      • glGetInternalformati64v

        public final long glGetInternalformati64v
      • glInvalidateTexSubImage

        public final long glInvalidateTexSubImage
      • glInvalidateTexImage

        public final long glInvalidateTexImage
      • glInvalidateBufferSubData

        public final long glInvalidateBufferSubData
      • glInvalidateBufferData

        public final long glInvalidateBufferData
      • glInvalidateFramebuffer

        public final long glInvalidateFramebuffer
      • glInvalidateSubFramebuffer

        public final long glInvalidateSubFramebuffer
      • glMultiDrawArraysIndirect

        public final long glMultiDrawArraysIndirect
      • glMultiDrawElementsIndirect

        public final long glMultiDrawElementsIndirect
      • glGetProgramInterfaceiv

        public final long glGetProgramInterfaceiv
      • glGetProgramResourceIndex

        public final long glGetProgramResourceIndex
      • glGetProgramResourceName

        public final long glGetProgramResourceName
      • glGetProgramResourceiv

        public final long glGetProgramResourceiv
      • glGetProgramResourceLocation

        public final long glGetProgramResourceLocation
      • glGetProgramResourceLocationIndex

        public final long glGetProgramResourceLocationIndex
      • glShaderStorageBlockBinding

        public final long glShaderStorageBlockBinding
      • glTexBufferRange

        public final long glTexBufferRange
      • glTexStorage2DMultisample

        public final long glTexStorage2DMultisample
      • glTexStorage3DMultisample

        public final long glTexStorage3DMultisample
      • glTextureView

        public final long glTextureView
      • glBindVertexBuffer

        public final long glBindVertexBuffer
      • glVertexAttribFormat

        public final long glVertexAttribFormat
      • glVertexAttribIFormat

        public final long glVertexAttribIFormat
      • glVertexAttribLFormat

        public final long glVertexAttribLFormat
      • glVertexAttribBinding

        public final long glVertexAttribBinding
      • glVertexBindingDivisor

        public final long glVertexBindingDivisor
      • glBufferStorage

        public final long glBufferStorage
      • glClearTexSubImage

        public final long glClearTexSubImage
      • glClearTexImage

        public final long glClearTexImage
      • glBindBuffersBase

        public final long glBindBuffersBase
      • glBindBuffersRange

        public final long glBindBuffersRange
      • glBindTextures

        public final long glBindTextures
      • glBindSamplers

        public final long glBindSamplers
      • glBindImageTextures

        public final long glBindImageTextures
      • glBindVertexBuffers

        public final long glBindVertexBuffers
      • glGetnMapdv

        public final long glGetnMapdv
      • glGetnMapfv

        public final long glGetnMapfv
      • glGetnMapiv

        public final long glGetnMapiv
      • glGetnPixelMapfv

        public final long glGetnPixelMapfv
      • glGetnPixelMapuiv

        public final long glGetnPixelMapuiv
      • glGetnPixelMapusv

        public final long glGetnPixelMapusv
      • glGetnPolygonStipple

        public final long glGetnPolygonStipple
      • glGetnColorTable

        public final long glGetnColorTable
      • glGetnConvolutionFilter

        public final long glGetnConvolutionFilter
      • glGetnSeparableFilter

        public final long glGetnSeparableFilter
      • glGetnHistogram

        public final long glGetnHistogram
      • glGetnMinmax

        public final long glGetnMinmax
      • glClipControl

        public final long glClipControl
      • glCreateTransformFeedbacks

        public final long glCreateTransformFeedbacks
      • glTransformFeedbackBufferBase

        public final long glTransformFeedbackBufferBase
      • glTransformFeedbackBufferRange

        public final long glTransformFeedbackBufferRange
      • glGetTransformFeedbackiv

        public final long glGetTransformFeedbackiv
      • glGetTransformFeedbacki_v

        public final long glGetTransformFeedbacki_v
      • glGetTransformFeedbacki64_v

        public final long glGetTransformFeedbacki64_v
      • glCreateBuffers

        public final long glCreateBuffers
      • glNamedBufferStorage

        public final long glNamedBufferStorage
      • glNamedBufferData

        public final long glNamedBufferData
      • glNamedBufferSubData

        public final long glNamedBufferSubData
      • glCopyNamedBufferSubData

        public final long glCopyNamedBufferSubData
      • glClearNamedBufferData

        public final long glClearNamedBufferData
      • glClearNamedBufferSubData

        public final long glClearNamedBufferSubData
      • glMapNamedBuffer

        public final long glMapNamedBuffer
      • glMapNamedBufferRange

        public final long glMapNamedBufferRange
      • glUnmapNamedBuffer

        public final long glUnmapNamedBuffer
      • glFlushMappedNamedBufferRange

        public final long glFlushMappedNamedBufferRange
      • glGetNamedBufferParameteriv

        public final long glGetNamedBufferParameteriv
      • glGetNamedBufferParameteri64v

        public final long glGetNamedBufferParameteri64v
      • glGetNamedBufferPointerv

        public final long glGetNamedBufferPointerv
      • glGetNamedBufferSubData

        public final long glGetNamedBufferSubData
      • glCreateFramebuffers

        public final long glCreateFramebuffers
      • glNamedFramebufferRenderbuffer

        public final long glNamedFramebufferRenderbuffer
      • glNamedFramebufferParameteri

        public final long glNamedFramebufferParameteri
      • glNamedFramebufferTexture

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTexture
      • glNamedFramebufferTextureLayer

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTextureLayer
      • glNamedFramebufferDrawBuffer

        public final long glNamedFramebufferDrawBuffer
      • glNamedFramebufferDrawBuffers

        public final long glNamedFramebufferDrawBuffers
      • glNamedFramebufferReadBuffer

        public final long glNamedFramebufferReadBuffer
      • glInvalidateNamedFramebufferData

        public final long glInvalidateNamedFramebufferData
      • glInvalidateNamedFramebufferSubData

        public final long glInvalidateNamedFramebufferSubData
      • glClearNamedFramebufferiv

        public final long glClearNamedFramebufferiv
      • glClearNamedFramebufferuiv

        public final long glClearNamedFramebufferuiv
      • glClearNamedFramebufferfv

        public final long glClearNamedFramebufferfv
      • glClearNamedFramebufferfi

        public final long glClearNamedFramebufferfi
      • glBlitNamedFramebuffer

        public final long glBlitNamedFramebuffer
      • glCheckNamedFramebufferStatus

        public final long glCheckNamedFramebufferStatus
      • glGetNamedFramebufferParameteriv

        public final long glGetNamedFramebufferParameteriv
      • glGetNamedFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv

        public final long glGetNamedFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv
      • glCreateRenderbuffers

        public final long glCreateRenderbuffers
      • glNamedRenderbufferStorage

        public final long glNamedRenderbufferStorage
      • glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisample

        public final long glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisample
      • glGetNamedRenderbufferParameteriv

        public final long glGetNamedRenderbufferParameteriv
      • glCreateTextures

        public final long glCreateTextures
      • glTextureBuffer

        public final long glTextureBuffer
      • glTextureBufferRange

        public final long glTextureBufferRange
      • glTextureStorage1D

        public final long glTextureStorage1D
      • glTextureStorage2D

        public final long glTextureStorage2D
      • glTextureStorage3D

        public final long glTextureStorage3D
      • glTextureStorage2DMultisample

        public final long glTextureStorage2DMultisample
      • glTextureStorage3DMultisample

        public final long glTextureStorage3DMultisample
      • glTextureSubImage1D

        public final long glTextureSubImage1D
      • glTextureSubImage2D

        public final long glTextureSubImage2D
      • glTextureSubImage3D

        public final long glTextureSubImage3D
      • glCompressedTextureSubImage1D

        public final long glCompressedTextureSubImage1D
      • glCompressedTextureSubImage2D

        public final long glCompressedTextureSubImage2D
      • glCompressedTextureSubImage3D

        public final long glCompressedTextureSubImage3D
      • glCopyTextureSubImage1D

        public final long glCopyTextureSubImage1D
      • glCopyTextureSubImage2D

        public final long glCopyTextureSubImage2D
      • glCopyTextureSubImage3D

        public final long glCopyTextureSubImage3D
      • glTextureParameterf

        public final long glTextureParameterf
      • glTextureParameterfv

        public final long glTextureParameterfv
      • glTextureParameteri

        public final long glTextureParameteri
      • glTextureParameterIiv

        public final long glTextureParameterIiv
      • glTextureParameterIuiv

        public final long glTextureParameterIuiv
      • glTextureParameteriv

        public final long glTextureParameteriv
      • glGenerateTextureMipmap

        public final long glGenerateTextureMipmap
      • glBindTextureUnit

        public final long glBindTextureUnit
      • glGetTextureImage

        public final long glGetTextureImage
      • glGetCompressedTextureImage

        public final long glGetCompressedTextureImage
      • glGetTextureLevelParameterfv

        public final long glGetTextureLevelParameterfv
      • glGetTextureLevelParameteriv

        public final long glGetTextureLevelParameteriv
      • glGetTextureParameterfv

        public final long glGetTextureParameterfv
      • glGetTextureParameterIiv

        public final long glGetTextureParameterIiv
      • glGetTextureParameterIuiv

        public final long glGetTextureParameterIuiv
      • glGetTextureParameteriv

        public final long glGetTextureParameteriv
      • glCreateVertexArrays

        public final long glCreateVertexArrays
      • glDisableVertexArrayAttrib

        public final long glDisableVertexArrayAttrib
      • glEnableVertexArrayAttrib

        public final long glEnableVertexArrayAttrib
      • glVertexArrayElementBuffer

        public final long glVertexArrayElementBuffer
      • glVertexArrayVertexBuffer

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexBuffer
      • glVertexArrayVertexBuffers

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexBuffers
      • glVertexArrayAttribFormat

        public final long glVertexArrayAttribFormat
      • glVertexArrayAttribIFormat

        public final long glVertexArrayAttribIFormat
      • glVertexArrayAttribLFormat

        public final long glVertexArrayAttribLFormat
      • glVertexArrayAttribBinding

        public final long glVertexArrayAttribBinding
      • glVertexArrayBindingDivisor

        public final long glVertexArrayBindingDivisor
      • glGetVertexArrayiv

        public final long glGetVertexArrayiv
      • glGetVertexArrayIndexediv

        public final long glGetVertexArrayIndexediv
      • glGetVertexArrayIndexed64iv

        public final long glGetVertexArrayIndexed64iv
      • glCreateSamplers

        public final long glCreateSamplers
      • glCreateProgramPipelines

        public final long glCreateProgramPipelines
      • glCreateQueries

        public final long glCreateQueries
      • glGetQueryBufferObjectiv

        public final long glGetQueryBufferObjectiv
      • glGetQueryBufferObjectuiv

        public final long glGetQueryBufferObjectuiv
      • glGetQueryBufferObjecti64v

        public final long glGetQueryBufferObjecti64v
      • glGetQueryBufferObjectui64v

        public final long glGetQueryBufferObjectui64v
      • glMemoryBarrierByRegion

        public final long glMemoryBarrierByRegion
      • glGetTextureSubImage

        public final long glGetTextureSubImage
      • glGetCompressedTextureSubImage

        public final long glGetCompressedTextureSubImage
      • glTextureBarrier

        public final long glTextureBarrier
      • glGetGraphicsResetStatus

        public final long glGetGraphicsResetStatus
      • glGetnTexImage

        public final long glGetnTexImage
      • glReadnPixels

        public final long glReadnPixels
      • glGetnCompressedTexImage

        public final long glGetnCompressedTexImage
      • glGetnUniformfv

        public final long glGetnUniformfv
      • glGetnUniformdv

        public final long glGetnUniformdv
      • glGetnUniformiv

        public final long glGetnUniformiv
      • glGetnUniformuiv

        public final long glGetnUniformuiv
      • glMultiDrawArraysIndirectCount

        public final long glMultiDrawArraysIndirectCount
      • glMultiDrawElementsIndirectCount

        public final long glMultiDrawElementsIndirectCount
      • glPolygonOffsetClamp

        public final long glPolygonOffsetClamp
      • glSpecializeShader

        public final long glSpecializeShader
      • glDebugMessageEnableAMD

        public final long glDebugMessageEnableAMD
      • glDebugMessageInsertAMD

        public final long glDebugMessageInsertAMD
      • glDebugMessageCallbackAMD

        public final long glDebugMessageCallbackAMD
      • glGetDebugMessageLogAMD

        public final long glGetDebugMessageLogAMD
      • glBlendFuncIndexedAMD

        public final long glBlendFuncIndexedAMD
      • glBlendFuncSeparateIndexedAMD

        public final long glBlendFuncSeparateIndexedAMD
      • glBlendEquationIndexedAMD

        public final long glBlendEquationIndexedAMD
      • glBlendEquationSeparateIndexedAMD

        public final long glBlendEquationSeparateIndexedAMD
      • glRenderbufferStorageMultisampleAdvancedAMD

        public final long glRenderbufferStorageMultisampleAdvancedAMD
      • glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisampleAdvancedAMD

        public final long glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisampleAdvancedAMD
      • glVertexAttribParameteriAMD

        public final long glVertexAttribParameteriAMD
      • glQueryObjectParameteruiAMD

        public final long glQueryObjectParameteruiAMD
      • glGetPerfMonitorGroupsAMD

        public final long glGetPerfMonitorGroupsAMD
      • glGetPerfMonitorCountersAMD

        public final long glGetPerfMonitorCountersAMD
      • glGetPerfMonitorGroupStringAMD

        public final long glGetPerfMonitorGroupStringAMD
      • glGetPerfMonitorCounterStringAMD

        public final long glGetPerfMonitorCounterStringAMD
      • glGetPerfMonitorCounterInfoAMD

        public final long glGetPerfMonitorCounterInfoAMD
      • glGenPerfMonitorsAMD

        public final long glGenPerfMonitorsAMD
      • glDeletePerfMonitorsAMD

        public final long glDeletePerfMonitorsAMD
      • glSelectPerfMonitorCountersAMD

        public final long glSelectPerfMonitorCountersAMD
      • glBeginPerfMonitorAMD

        public final long glBeginPerfMonitorAMD
      • glEndPerfMonitorAMD

        public final long glEndPerfMonitorAMD
      • glGetPerfMonitorCounterDataAMD

        public final long glGetPerfMonitorCounterDataAMD
      • glSetMultisamplefvAMD

        public final long glSetMultisamplefvAMD
      • glTexStorageSparseAMD

        public final long glTexStorageSparseAMD
      • glTextureStorageSparseAMD

        public final long glTextureStorageSparseAMD
      • glStencilOpValueAMD

        public final long glStencilOpValueAMD
      • glTessellationFactorAMD

        public final long glTessellationFactorAMD
      • glTessellationModeAMD

        public final long glTessellationModeAMD
      • glGetTextureHandleARB

        public final long glGetTextureHandleARB
      • glGetTextureSamplerHandleARB

        public final long glGetTextureSamplerHandleARB
      • glMakeTextureHandleResidentARB

        public final long glMakeTextureHandleResidentARB
      • glMakeTextureHandleNonResidentARB

        public final long glMakeTextureHandleNonResidentARB
      • glGetImageHandleARB

        public final long glGetImageHandleARB
      • glMakeImageHandleResidentARB

        public final long glMakeImageHandleResidentARB
      • glMakeImageHandleNonResidentARB

        public final long glMakeImageHandleNonResidentARB
      • glUniformHandleui64ARB

        public final long glUniformHandleui64ARB
      • glUniformHandleui64vARB

        public final long glUniformHandleui64vARB
      • glProgramUniformHandleui64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniformHandleui64ARB
      • glProgramUniformHandleui64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniformHandleui64vARB
      • glIsTextureHandleResidentARB

        public final long glIsTextureHandleResidentARB
      • glIsImageHandleResidentARB

        public final long glIsImageHandleResidentARB
      • glVertexAttribL1ui64ARB

        public final long glVertexAttribL1ui64ARB
      • glVertexAttribL1ui64vARB

        public final long glVertexAttribL1ui64vARB
      • glGetVertexAttribLui64vARB

        public final long glGetVertexAttribLui64vARB
      • glNamedBufferStorageEXT

        public final long glNamedBufferStorageEXT
      • glCreateSyncFromCLeventARB

        public final long glCreateSyncFromCLeventARB
      • glClearNamedBufferDataEXT

        public final long glClearNamedBufferDataEXT
      • glClearNamedBufferSubDataEXT

        public final long glClearNamedBufferSubDataEXT
      • glClampColorARB

        public final long glClampColorARB
      • glDispatchComputeGroupSizeARB

        public final long glDispatchComputeGroupSizeARB
      • glDebugMessageControlARB

        public final long glDebugMessageControlARB
      • glDebugMessageInsertARB

        public final long glDebugMessageInsertARB
      • glDebugMessageCallbackARB

        public final long glDebugMessageCallbackARB
      • glGetDebugMessageLogARB

        public final long glGetDebugMessageLogARB
      • glDrawBuffersARB

        public final long glDrawBuffersARB
      • glBlendEquationiARB

        public final long glBlendEquationiARB
      • glBlendEquationSeparateiARB

        public final long glBlendEquationSeparateiARB
      • glBlendFunciARB

        public final long glBlendFunciARB
      • glBlendFuncSeparateiARB

        public final long glBlendFuncSeparateiARB
      • glDrawArraysInstancedARB

        public final long glDrawArraysInstancedARB
      • glDrawElementsInstancedARB

        public final long glDrawElementsInstancedARB
      • glPrimitiveBoundingBoxARB

        public final long glPrimitiveBoundingBoxARB
      • glNamedFramebufferParameteriEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferParameteriEXT
      • glGetNamedFramebufferParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedFramebufferParameterivEXT
      • glProgramParameteriARB

        public final long glProgramParameteriARB
      • glFramebufferTextureARB

        public final long glFramebufferTextureARB
      • glFramebufferTextureLayerARB

        public final long glFramebufferTextureLayerARB
      • glFramebufferTextureFaceARB

        public final long glFramebufferTextureFaceARB
      • glSpecializeShaderARB

        public final long glSpecializeShaderARB
      • glProgramUniform1dEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1dEXT
      • glProgramUniform2dEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2dEXT
      • glProgramUniform3dEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3dEXT
      • glProgramUniform4dEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4dEXT
      • glProgramUniform1dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1dvEXT
      • glProgramUniform2dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2dvEXT
      • glProgramUniform3dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3dvEXT
      • glProgramUniform4dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x3dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x3dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x4dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x4dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x2dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x2dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x4dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x4dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x2dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x2dvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x3dvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x3dvEXT
      • glUniform1i64ARB

        public final long glUniform1i64ARB
      • glUniform1i64vARB

        public final long glUniform1i64vARB
      • glProgramUniform1i64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform1i64ARB
      • glProgramUniform1i64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform1i64vARB
      • glUniform2i64ARB

        public final long glUniform2i64ARB
      • glUniform2i64vARB

        public final long glUniform2i64vARB
      • glProgramUniform2i64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform2i64ARB
      • glProgramUniform2i64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform2i64vARB
      • glUniform3i64ARB

        public final long glUniform3i64ARB
      • glUniform3i64vARB

        public final long glUniform3i64vARB
      • glProgramUniform3i64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform3i64ARB
      • glProgramUniform3i64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform3i64vARB
      • glUniform4i64ARB

        public final long glUniform4i64ARB
      • glUniform4i64vARB

        public final long glUniform4i64vARB
      • glProgramUniform4i64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform4i64ARB
      • glProgramUniform4i64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform4i64vARB
      • glUniform1ui64ARB

        public final long glUniform1ui64ARB
      • glUniform1ui64vARB

        public final long glUniform1ui64vARB
      • glProgramUniform1ui64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform1ui64ARB
      • glProgramUniform1ui64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform1ui64vARB
      • glUniform2ui64ARB

        public final long glUniform2ui64ARB
      • glUniform2ui64vARB

        public final long glUniform2ui64vARB
      • glProgramUniform2ui64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform2ui64ARB
      • glProgramUniform2ui64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform2ui64vARB
      • glUniform3ui64ARB

        public final long glUniform3ui64ARB
      • glUniform3ui64vARB

        public final long glUniform3ui64vARB
      • glProgramUniform3ui64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform3ui64ARB
      • glProgramUniform3ui64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform3ui64vARB
      • glUniform4ui64ARB

        public final long glUniform4ui64ARB
      • glUniform4ui64vARB

        public final long glUniform4ui64vARB
      • glProgramUniform4ui64ARB

        public final long glProgramUniform4ui64ARB
      • glProgramUniform4ui64vARB

        public final long glProgramUniform4ui64vARB
      • glGetUniformi64vARB

        public final long glGetUniformi64vARB
      • glGetUniformui64vARB

        public final long glGetUniformui64vARB
      • glGetnUniformi64vARB

        public final long glGetnUniformi64vARB
      • glGetnUniformui64vARB

        public final long glGetnUniformui64vARB
      • glColorTable

        public final long glColorTable
      • glCopyColorTable

        public final long glCopyColorTable
      • glColorTableParameteriv

        public final long glColorTableParameteriv
      • glColorTableParameterfv

        public final long glColorTableParameterfv
      • glGetColorTable

        public final long glGetColorTable
      • glGetColorTableParameteriv

        public final long glGetColorTableParameteriv
      • glGetColorTableParameterfv

        public final long glGetColorTableParameterfv
      • glColorSubTable

        public final long glColorSubTable
      • glCopyColorSubTable

        public final long glCopyColorSubTable
      • glConvolutionFilter1D

        public final long glConvolutionFilter1D
      • glConvolutionFilter2D

        public final long glConvolutionFilter2D
      • glCopyConvolutionFilter1D

        public final long glCopyConvolutionFilter1D
      • glCopyConvolutionFilter2D

        public final long glCopyConvolutionFilter2D
      • glGetConvolutionFilter

        public final long glGetConvolutionFilter
      • glSeparableFilter2D

        public final long glSeparableFilter2D
      • glGetSeparableFilter

        public final long glGetSeparableFilter
      • glConvolutionParameteri

        public final long glConvolutionParameteri
      • glConvolutionParameteriv

        public final long glConvolutionParameteriv
      • glConvolutionParameterf

        public final long glConvolutionParameterf
      • glConvolutionParameterfv

        public final long glConvolutionParameterfv
      • glGetConvolutionParameteriv

        public final long glGetConvolutionParameteriv
      • glGetConvolutionParameterfv

        public final long glGetConvolutionParameterfv
      • glHistogram

        public final long glHistogram
      • glResetHistogram

        public final long glResetHistogram
      • glGetHistogram

        public final long glGetHistogram
      • glGetHistogramParameteriv

        public final long glGetHistogramParameteriv
      • glGetHistogramParameterfv

        public final long glGetHistogramParameterfv
      • glMinmax

        public final long glMinmax
      • glResetMinmax

        public final long glResetMinmax
      • glGetMinmax

        public final long glGetMinmax
      • glGetMinmaxParameteriv

        public final long glGetMinmaxParameteriv
      • glGetMinmaxParameterfv

        public final long glGetMinmaxParameterfv
      • glMultiDrawArraysIndirectCountARB

        public final long glMultiDrawArraysIndirectCountARB
      • glMultiDrawElementsIndirectCountARB

        public final long glMultiDrawElementsIndirectCountARB
      • glVertexAttribDivisorARB

        public final long glVertexAttribDivisorARB
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribDivisorEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribDivisorEXT
      • glCurrentPaletteMatrixARB

        public final long glCurrentPaletteMatrixARB
      • glMatrixIndexuivARB

        public final long glMatrixIndexuivARB
      • glMatrixIndexubvARB

        public final long glMatrixIndexubvARB
      • glMatrixIndexusvARB

        public final long glMatrixIndexusvARB
      • glMatrixIndexPointerARB

        public final long glMatrixIndexPointerARB
      • glSampleCoverageARB

        public final long glSampleCoverageARB
      • glActiveTextureARB

        public final long glActiveTextureARB
      • glClientActiveTextureARB

        public final long glClientActiveTextureARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1fARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1fARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1sARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1sARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1iARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1iARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1dARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1dARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1fvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1fvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1svARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1svARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1ivARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1ivARB
      • glMultiTexCoord1dvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1dvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2fARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2fARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2sARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2sARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2iARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2iARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2dARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2dARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2fvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2fvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2svARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2svARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2ivARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2ivARB
      • glMultiTexCoord2dvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2dvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3fARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3fARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3sARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3sARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3iARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3iARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3dARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3dARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3fvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3fvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3svARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3svARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3ivARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3ivARB
      • glMultiTexCoord3dvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3dvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4fARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4fARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4sARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4sARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4iARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4iARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4dARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4dARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4fvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4fvARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4svARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4svARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4ivARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4ivARB
      • glMultiTexCoord4dvARB

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4dvARB
      • glGenQueriesARB

        public final long glGenQueriesARB
      • glDeleteQueriesARB

        public final long glDeleteQueriesARB
      • glIsQueryARB

        public final long glIsQueryARB
      • glBeginQueryARB

        public final long glBeginQueryARB
      • glEndQueryARB

        public final long glEndQueryARB
      • glGetQueryivARB

        public final long glGetQueryivARB
      • glGetQueryObjectivARB

        public final long glGetQueryObjectivARB
      • glGetQueryObjectuivARB

        public final long glGetQueryObjectuivARB
      • glMaxShaderCompilerThreadsARB

        public final long glMaxShaderCompilerThreadsARB
      • glPointParameterfARB

        public final long glPointParameterfARB
      • glPointParameterfvARB

        public final long glPointParameterfvARB
      • glGetGraphicsResetStatusARB

        public final long glGetGraphicsResetStatusARB
      • glGetnMapdvARB

        public final long glGetnMapdvARB
      • glGetnMapfvARB

        public final long glGetnMapfvARB
      • glGetnMapivARB

        public final long glGetnMapivARB
      • glGetnPixelMapfvARB

        public final long glGetnPixelMapfvARB
      • glGetnPixelMapuivARB

        public final long glGetnPixelMapuivARB
      • glGetnPixelMapusvARB

        public final long glGetnPixelMapusvARB
      • glGetnPolygonStippleARB

        public final long glGetnPolygonStippleARB
      • glGetnTexImageARB

        public final long glGetnTexImageARB
      • glReadnPixelsARB

        public final long glReadnPixelsARB
      • glGetnColorTableARB

        public final long glGetnColorTableARB
      • glGetnConvolutionFilterARB

        public final long glGetnConvolutionFilterARB
      • glGetnSeparableFilterARB

        public final long glGetnSeparableFilterARB
      • glGetnHistogramARB

        public final long glGetnHistogramARB
      • glGetnMinmaxARB

        public final long glGetnMinmaxARB
      • glGetnCompressedTexImageARB

        public final long glGetnCompressedTexImageARB
      • glGetnUniformfvARB

        public final long glGetnUniformfvARB
      • glGetnUniformivARB

        public final long glGetnUniformivARB
      • glGetnUniformuivARB

        public final long glGetnUniformuivARB
      • glGetnUniformdvARB

        public final long glGetnUniformdvARB
      • glFramebufferSampleLocationsfvARB

        public final long glFramebufferSampleLocationsfvARB
      • glNamedFramebufferSampleLocationsfvARB

        public final long glNamedFramebufferSampleLocationsfvARB
      • glEvaluateDepthValuesARB

        public final long glEvaluateDepthValuesARB
      • glMinSampleShadingARB

        public final long glMinSampleShadingARB
      • glDeleteObjectARB

        public final long glDeleteObjectARB
      • glGetHandleARB

        public final long glGetHandleARB
      • glDetachObjectARB

        public final long glDetachObjectARB
      • glCreateShaderObjectARB

        public final long glCreateShaderObjectARB
      • glShaderSourceARB

        public final long glShaderSourceARB
      • glCompileShaderARB

        public final long glCompileShaderARB
      • glCreateProgramObjectARB

        public final long glCreateProgramObjectARB
      • glAttachObjectARB

        public final long glAttachObjectARB
      • glLinkProgramARB

        public final long glLinkProgramARB
      • glUseProgramObjectARB

        public final long glUseProgramObjectARB
      • glValidateProgramARB

        public final long glValidateProgramARB
      • glUniform1fARB

        public final long glUniform1fARB
      • glUniform2fARB

        public final long glUniform2fARB
      • glUniform3fARB

        public final long glUniform3fARB
      • glUniform4fARB

        public final long glUniform4fARB
      • glUniform1iARB

        public final long glUniform1iARB
      • glUniform2iARB

        public final long glUniform2iARB
      • glUniform3iARB

        public final long glUniform3iARB
      • glUniform4iARB

        public final long glUniform4iARB
      • glUniform1fvARB

        public final long glUniform1fvARB
      • glUniform2fvARB

        public final long glUniform2fvARB
      • glUniform3fvARB

        public final long glUniform3fvARB
      • glUniform4fvARB

        public final long glUniform4fvARB
      • glUniform1ivARB

        public final long glUniform1ivARB
      • glUniform2ivARB

        public final long glUniform2ivARB
      • glUniform3ivARB

        public final long glUniform3ivARB
      • glUniform4ivARB

        public final long glUniform4ivARB
      • glUniformMatrix2fvARB

        public final long glUniformMatrix2fvARB
      • glUniformMatrix3fvARB

        public final long glUniformMatrix3fvARB
      • glUniformMatrix4fvARB

        public final long glUniformMatrix4fvARB
      • glGetObjectParameterfvARB

        public final long glGetObjectParameterfvARB
      • glGetObjectParameterivARB

        public final long glGetObjectParameterivARB
      • glGetInfoLogARB

        public final long glGetInfoLogARB
      • glGetAttachedObjectsARB

        public final long glGetAttachedObjectsARB
      • glGetUniformLocationARB

        public final long glGetUniformLocationARB
      • glGetActiveUniformARB

        public final long glGetActiveUniformARB
      • glGetUniformfvARB

        public final long glGetUniformfvARB
      • glGetUniformivARB

        public final long glGetUniformivARB
      • glGetShaderSourceARB

        public final long glGetShaderSourceARB
      • glNamedStringARB

        public final long glNamedStringARB
      • glDeleteNamedStringARB

        public final long glDeleteNamedStringARB
      • glCompileShaderIncludeARB

        public final long glCompileShaderIncludeARB
      • glIsNamedStringARB

        public final long glIsNamedStringARB
      • glGetNamedStringARB

        public final long glGetNamedStringARB
      • glGetNamedStringivARB

        public final long glGetNamedStringivARB
      • glBufferPageCommitmentARB

        public final long glBufferPageCommitmentARB
      • glNamedBufferPageCommitmentEXT

        public final long glNamedBufferPageCommitmentEXT
      • glNamedBufferPageCommitmentARB

        public final long glNamedBufferPageCommitmentARB
      • glTexPageCommitmentARB

        public final long glTexPageCommitmentARB
      • glTexturePageCommitmentEXT

        public final long glTexturePageCommitmentEXT
      • glTexBufferARB

        public final long glTexBufferARB
      • glTextureBufferRangeEXT

        public final long glTextureBufferRangeEXT
      • glCompressedTexImage3DARB

        public final long glCompressedTexImage3DARB
      • glCompressedTexImage2DARB

        public final long glCompressedTexImage2DARB
      • glCompressedTexImage1DARB

        public final long glCompressedTexImage1DARB
      • glCompressedTexSubImage3DARB

        public final long glCompressedTexSubImage3DARB
      • glCompressedTexSubImage2DARB

        public final long glCompressedTexSubImage2DARB
      • glCompressedTexSubImage1DARB

        public final long glCompressedTexSubImage1DARB
      • glGetCompressedTexImageARB

        public final long glGetCompressedTexImageARB
      • glTextureStorage1DEXT

        public final long glTextureStorage1DEXT
      • glTextureStorage2DEXT

        public final long glTextureStorage2DEXT
      • glTextureStorage3DEXT

        public final long glTextureStorage3DEXT
      • glTextureStorage2DMultisampleEXT

        public final long glTextureStorage2DMultisampleEXT
      • glTextureStorage3DMultisampleEXT

        public final long glTextureStorage3DMultisampleEXT
      • glLoadTransposeMatrixfARB

        public final long glLoadTransposeMatrixfARB
      • glLoadTransposeMatrixdARB

        public final long glLoadTransposeMatrixdARB
      • glMultTransposeMatrixfARB

        public final long glMultTransposeMatrixfARB
      • glMultTransposeMatrixdARB

        public final long glMultTransposeMatrixdARB
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribLOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribLOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayBindVertexBufferEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayBindVertexBufferEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribFormatEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribFormatEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribIFormatEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribIFormatEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribLFormatEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribLFormatEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribBindingEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribBindingEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexBindingDivisorEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexBindingDivisorEXT
      • glWeightfvARB

        public final long glWeightfvARB
      • glWeightbvARB

        public final long glWeightbvARB
      • glWeightubvARB

        public final long glWeightubvARB
      • glWeightsvARB

        public final long glWeightsvARB
      • glWeightusvARB

        public final long glWeightusvARB
      • glWeightivARB

        public final long glWeightivARB
      • glWeightuivARB

        public final long glWeightuivARB
      • glWeightdvARB

        public final long glWeightdvARB
      • glWeightPointerARB

        public final long glWeightPointerARB
      • glVertexBlendARB

        public final long glVertexBlendARB
      • glBindBufferARB

        public final long glBindBufferARB
      • glDeleteBuffersARB

        public final long glDeleteBuffersARB
      • glGenBuffersARB

        public final long glGenBuffersARB
      • glIsBufferARB

        public final long glIsBufferARB
      • glBufferDataARB

        public final long glBufferDataARB
      • glBufferSubDataARB

        public final long glBufferSubDataARB
      • glGetBufferSubDataARB

        public final long glGetBufferSubDataARB
      • glMapBufferARB

        public final long glMapBufferARB
      • glUnmapBufferARB

        public final long glUnmapBufferARB
      • glGetBufferParameterivARB

        public final long glGetBufferParameterivARB
      • glGetBufferPointervARB

        public final long glGetBufferPointervARB
      • glProgramStringARB

        public final long glProgramStringARB
      • glBindProgramARB

        public final long glBindProgramARB
      • glDeleteProgramsARB

        public final long glDeleteProgramsARB
      • glGenProgramsARB

        public final long glGenProgramsARB
      • glProgramEnvParameter4dARB

        public final long glProgramEnvParameter4dARB
      • glProgramEnvParameter4dvARB

        public final long glProgramEnvParameter4dvARB
      • glProgramEnvParameter4fARB

        public final long glProgramEnvParameter4fARB
      • glProgramEnvParameter4fvARB

        public final long glProgramEnvParameter4fvARB
      • glProgramLocalParameter4dARB

        public final long glProgramLocalParameter4dARB
      • glProgramLocalParameter4dvARB

        public final long glProgramLocalParameter4dvARB
      • glProgramLocalParameter4fARB

        public final long glProgramLocalParameter4fARB
      • glProgramLocalParameter4fvARB

        public final long glProgramLocalParameter4fvARB
      • glGetProgramEnvParameterfvARB

        public final long glGetProgramEnvParameterfvARB
      • glGetProgramEnvParameterdvARB

        public final long glGetProgramEnvParameterdvARB
      • glGetProgramLocalParameterfvARB

        public final long glGetProgramLocalParameterfvARB
      • glGetProgramLocalParameterdvARB

        public final long glGetProgramLocalParameterdvARB
      • glGetProgramivARB

        public final long glGetProgramivARB
      • glGetProgramStringARB

        public final long glGetProgramStringARB
      • glIsProgramARB

        public final long glIsProgramARB
      • glVertexAttrib1fARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib1fARB
      • glVertexAttrib1sARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib1sARB
      • glVertexAttrib1dARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib1dARB
      • glVertexAttrib2fARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib2fARB
      • glVertexAttrib2sARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib2sARB
      • glVertexAttrib2dARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib2dARB
      • glVertexAttrib3fARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib3fARB
      • glVertexAttrib3sARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib3sARB
      • glVertexAttrib3dARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib3dARB
      • glVertexAttrib4fARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4fARB
      • glVertexAttrib4sARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4sARB
      • glVertexAttrib4dARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4dARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NubARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NubARB
      • glVertexAttrib1fvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib1fvARB
      • glVertexAttrib1svARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib1svARB
      • glVertexAttrib1dvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib1dvARB
      • glVertexAttrib2fvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib2fvARB
      • glVertexAttrib2svARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib2svARB
      • glVertexAttrib2dvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib2dvARB
      • glVertexAttrib3fvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib3fvARB
      • glVertexAttrib3svARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib3svARB
      • glVertexAttrib3dvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib3dvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4fvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4fvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4svARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4svARB
      • glVertexAttrib4dvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4dvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4ivARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4ivARB
      • glVertexAttrib4bvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4bvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4ubvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4ubvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4usvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4usvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4uivARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4uivARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NbvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NbvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NsvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NsvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NivARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NivARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NubvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NubvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NusvARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NusvARB
      • glVertexAttrib4NuivARB

        public final long glVertexAttrib4NuivARB
      • glVertexAttribPointerARB

        public final long glVertexAttribPointerARB
      • glEnableVertexAttribArrayARB

        public final long glEnableVertexAttribArrayARB
      • glDisableVertexAttribArrayARB

        public final long glDisableVertexAttribArrayARB
      • glBindAttribLocationARB

        public final long glBindAttribLocationARB
      • glGetActiveAttribARB

        public final long glGetActiveAttribARB
      • glGetAttribLocationARB

        public final long glGetAttribLocationARB
      • glGetVertexAttribivARB

        public final long glGetVertexAttribivARB
      • glGetVertexAttribfvARB

        public final long glGetVertexAttribfvARB
      • glGetVertexAttribdvARB

        public final long glGetVertexAttribdvARB
      • glGetVertexAttribPointervARB

        public final long glGetVertexAttribPointervARB
      • glWindowPos2iARB

        public final long glWindowPos2iARB
      • glWindowPos2sARB

        public final long glWindowPos2sARB
      • glWindowPos2fARB

        public final long glWindowPos2fARB
      • glWindowPos2dARB

        public final long glWindowPos2dARB
      • glWindowPos2ivARB

        public final long glWindowPos2ivARB
      • glWindowPos2svARB

        public final long glWindowPos2svARB
      • glWindowPos2fvARB

        public final long glWindowPos2fvARB
      • glWindowPos2dvARB

        public final long glWindowPos2dvARB
      • glWindowPos3iARB

        public final long glWindowPos3iARB
      • glWindowPos3sARB

        public final long glWindowPos3sARB
      • glWindowPos3fARB

        public final long glWindowPos3fARB
      • glWindowPos3dARB

        public final long glWindowPos3dARB
      • glWindowPos3ivARB

        public final long glWindowPos3ivARB
      • glWindowPos3svARB

        public final long glWindowPos3svARB
      • glWindowPos3fvARB

        public final long glWindowPos3fvARB
      • glWindowPos3dvARB

        public final long glWindowPos3dvARB
      • glUniformBufferEXT

        public final long glUniformBufferEXT
      • glGetUniformBufferSizeEXT

        public final long glGetUniformBufferSizeEXT
      • glGetUniformOffsetEXT

        public final long glGetUniformOffsetEXT
      • glBlendColorEXT

        public final long glBlendColorEXT
      • glBlendEquationSeparateEXT

        public final long glBlendEquationSeparateEXT
      • glBlendFuncSeparateEXT

        public final long glBlendFuncSeparateEXT
      • glBlendEquationEXT

        public final long glBlendEquationEXT
      • glLockArraysEXT

        public final long glLockArraysEXT
      • glUnlockArraysEXT

        public final long glUnlockArraysEXT
      • glLabelObjectEXT

        public final long glLabelObjectEXT
      • glGetObjectLabelEXT

        public final long glGetObjectLabelEXT
      • glInsertEventMarkerEXT

        public final long glInsertEventMarkerEXT
      • glPushGroupMarkerEXT

        public final long glPushGroupMarkerEXT
      • glPopGroupMarkerEXT

        public final long glPopGroupMarkerEXT
      • glDepthBoundsEXT

        public final long glDepthBoundsEXT
      • glClientAttribDefaultEXT

        public final long glClientAttribDefaultEXT
      • glPushClientAttribDefaultEXT

        public final long glPushClientAttribDefaultEXT
      • glMatrixLoadfEXT

        public final long glMatrixLoadfEXT
      • glMatrixLoaddEXT

        public final long glMatrixLoaddEXT
      • glMatrixMultfEXT

        public final long glMatrixMultfEXT
      • glMatrixMultdEXT

        public final long glMatrixMultdEXT
      • glMatrixLoadIdentityEXT

        public final long glMatrixLoadIdentityEXT
      • glMatrixRotatefEXT

        public final long glMatrixRotatefEXT
      • glMatrixRotatedEXT

        public final long glMatrixRotatedEXT
      • glMatrixScalefEXT

        public final long glMatrixScalefEXT
      • glMatrixScaledEXT

        public final long glMatrixScaledEXT
      • glMatrixTranslatefEXT

        public final long glMatrixTranslatefEXT
      • glMatrixTranslatedEXT

        public final long glMatrixTranslatedEXT
      • glMatrixOrthoEXT

        public final long glMatrixOrthoEXT
      • glMatrixFrustumEXT

        public final long glMatrixFrustumEXT
      • glMatrixPushEXT

        public final long glMatrixPushEXT
      • glMatrixPopEXT

        public final long glMatrixPopEXT
      • glTextureParameteriEXT

        public final long glTextureParameteriEXT
      • glTextureParameterivEXT

        public final long glTextureParameterivEXT
      • glTextureParameterfEXT

        public final long glTextureParameterfEXT
      • glTextureParameterfvEXT

        public final long glTextureParameterfvEXT
      • glTextureImage1DEXT

        public final long glTextureImage1DEXT
      • glTextureImage2DEXT

        public final long glTextureImage2DEXT
      • glTextureSubImage1DEXT

        public final long glTextureSubImage1DEXT
      • glTextureSubImage2DEXT

        public final long glTextureSubImage2DEXT
      • glCopyTextureImage1DEXT

        public final long glCopyTextureImage1DEXT
      • glCopyTextureImage2DEXT

        public final long glCopyTextureImage2DEXT
      • glCopyTextureSubImage1DEXT

        public final long glCopyTextureSubImage1DEXT
      • glCopyTextureSubImage2DEXT

        public final long glCopyTextureSubImage2DEXT
      • glGetTextureImageEXT

        public final long glGetTextureImageEXT
      • glGetTextureParameterfvEXT

        public final long glGetTextureParameterfvEXT
      • glGetTextureParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetTextureParameterivEXT
      • glGetTextureLevelParameterfvEXT

        public final long glGetTextureLevelParameterfvEXT
      • glGetTextureLevelParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetTextureLevelParameterivEXT
      • glTextureImage3DEXT

        public final long glTextureImage3DEXT
      • glTextureSubImage3DEXT

        public final long glTextureSubImage3DEXT
      • glCopyTextureSubImage3DEXT

        public final long glCopyTextureSubImage3DEXT
      • glBindMultiTextureEXT

        public final long glBindMultiTextureEXT
      • glMultiTexCoordPointerEXT

        public final long glMultiTexCoordPointerEXT
      • glMultiTexEnvfEXT

        public final long glMultiTexEnvfEXT
      • glMultiTexEnvfvEXT

        public final long glMultiTexEnvfvEXT
      • glMultiTexEnviEXT

        public final long glMultiTexEnviEXT
      • glMultiTexEnvivEXT

        public final long glMultiTexEnvivEXT
      • glMultiTexGendEXT

        public final long glMultiTexGendEXT
      • glMultiTexGendvEXT

        public final long glMultiTexGendvEXT
      • glMultiTexGenfEXT

        public final long glMultiTexGenfEXT
      • glMultiTexGenfvEXT

        public final long glMultiTexGenfvEXT
      • glMultiTexGeniEXT

        public final long glMultiTexGeniEXT
      • glMultiTexGenivEXT

        public final long glMultiTexGenivEXT
      • glGetMultiTexEnvfvEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexEnvfvEXT
      • glGetMultiTexEnvivEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexEnvivEXT
      • glGetMultiTexGendvEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexGendvEXT
      • glGetMultiTexGenfvEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexGenfvEXT
      • glGetMultiTexGenivEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexGenivEXT
      • glMultiTexParameteriEXT

        public final long glMultiTexParameteriEXT
      • glMultiTexParameterivEXT

        public final long glMultiTexParameterivEXT
      • glMultiTexParameterfEXT

        public final long glMultiTexParameterfEXT
      • glMultiTexParameterfvEXT

        public final long glMultiTexParameterfvEXT
      • glMultiTexImage1DEXT

        public final long glMultiTexImage1DEXT
      • glMultiTexImage2DEXT

        public final long glMultiTexImage2DEXT
      • glMultiTexSubImage1DEXT

        public final long glMultiTexSubImage1DEXT
      • glMultiTexSubImage2DEXT

        public final long glMultiTexSubImage2DEXT
      • glCopyMultiTexImage1DEXT

        public final long glCopyMultiTexImage1DEXT
      • glCopyMultiTexImage2DEXT

        public final long glCopyMultiTexImage2DEXT
      • glCopyMultiTexSubImage1DEXT

        public final long glCopyMultiTexSubImage1DEXT
      • glCopyMultiTexSubImage2DEXT

        public final long glCopyMultiTexSubImage2DEXT
      • glGetMultiTexImageEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexImageEXT
      • glGetMultiTexParameterfvEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexParameterfvEXT
      • glGetMultiTexParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexParameterivEXT
      • glGetMultiTexLevelParameterfvEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexLevelParameterfvEXT
      • glGetMultiTexLevelParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexLevelParameterivEXT
      • glMultiTexImage3DEXT

        public final long glMultiTexImage3DEXT
      • glMultiTexSubImage3DEXT

        public final long glMultiTexSubImage3DEXT
      • glCopyMultiTexSubImage3DEXT

        public final long glCopyMultiTexSubImage3DEXT
      • glEnableClientStateIndexedEXT

        public final long glEnableClientStateIndexedEXT
      • glDisableClientStateIndexedEXT

        public final long glDisableClientStateIndexedEXT
      • glEnableClientStateiEXT

        public final long glEnableClientStateiEXT
      • glDisableClientStateiEXT

        public final long glDisableClientStateiEXT
      • glGetFloatIndexedvEXT

        public final long glGetFloatIndexedvEXT
      • glGetDoubleIndexedvEXT

        public final long glGetDoubleIndexedvEXT
      • glGetPointerIndexedvEXT

        public final long glGetPointerIndexedvEXT
      • glGetFloati_vEXT

        public final long glGetFloati_vEXT
      • glGetDoublei_vEXT

        public final long glGetDoublei_vEXT
      • glGetPointeri_vEXT

        public final long glGetPointeri_vEXT
      • glNamedProgramStringEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramStringEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameter4dEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameter4dEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameter4dvEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameter4dvEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameter4fEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameter4fEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameter4fvEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameter4fvEXT
      • glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterdvEXT

        public final long glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterdvEXT
      • glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterfvEXT

        public final long glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterfvEXT
      • glGetNamedProgramivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedProgramivEXT
      • glGetNamedProgramStringEXT

        public final long glGetNamedProgramStringEXT
      • glCompressedTextureImage3DEXT

        public final long glCompressedTextureImage3DEXT
      • glCompressedTextureImage2DEXT

        public final long glCompressedTextureImage2DEXT
      • glCompressedTextureImage1DEXT

        public final long glCompressedTextureImage1DEXT
      • glCompressedTextureSubImage3DEXT

        public final long glCompressedTextureSubImage3DEXT
      • glCompressedTextureSubImage2DEXT

        public final long glCompressedTextureSubImage2DEXT
      • glCompressedTextureSubImage1DEXT

        public final long glCompressedTextureSubImage1DEXT
      • glGetCompressedTextureImageEXT

        public final long glGetCompressedTextureImageEXT
      • glCompressedMultiTexImage3DEXT

        public final long glCompressedMultiTexImage3DEXT
      • glCompressedMultiTexImage2DEXT

        public final long glCompressedMultiTexImage2DEXT
      • glCompressedMultiTexImage1DEXT

        public final long glCompressedMultiTexImage1DEXT
      • glCompressedMultiTexSubImage3DEXT

        public final long glCompressedMultiTexSubImage3DEXT
      • glCompressedMultiTexSubImage2DEXT

        public final long glCompressedMultiTexSubImage2DEXT
      • glCompressedMultiTexSubImage1DEXT

        public final long glCompressedMultiTexSubImage1DEXT
      • glGetCompressedMultiTexImageEXT

        public final long glGetCompressedMultiTexImageEXT
      • glMatrixLoadTransposefEXT

        public final long glMatrixLoadTransposefEXT
      • glMatrixLoadTransposedEXT

        public final long glMatrixLoadTransposedEXT
      • glMatrixMultTransposefEXT

        public final long glMatrixMultTransposefEXT
      • glMatrixMultTransposedEXT

        public final long glMatrixMultTransposedEXT
      • glNamedBufferDataEXT

        public final long glNamedBufferDataEXT
      • glNamedBufferSubDataEXT

        public final long glNamedBufferSubDataEXT
      • glMapNamedBufferEXT

        public final long glMapNamedBufferEXT
      • glUnmapNamedBufferEXT

        public final long glUnmapNamedBufferEXT
      • glGetNamedBufferParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedBufferParameterivEXT
      • glGetNamedBufferSubDataEXT

        public final long glGetNamedBufferSubDataEXT
      • glProgramUniform1fEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1fEXT
      • glProgramUniform2fEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2fEXT
      • glProgramUniform3fEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3fEXT
      • glProgramUniform4fEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4fEXT
      • glProgramUniform1iEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1iEXT
      • glProgramUniform2iEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2iEXT
      • glProgramUniform3iEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3iEXT
      • glProgramUniform4iEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4iEXT
      • glProgramUniform1fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1fvEXT
      • glProgramUniform2fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2fvEXT
      • glProgramUniform3fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3fvEXT
      • glProgramUniform4fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4fvEXT
      • glProgramUniform1ivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1ivEXT
      • glProgramUniform2ivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2ivEXT
      • glProgramUniform3ivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3ivEXT
      • glProgramUniform4ivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4ivEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x3fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x3fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x2fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x2fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix2x4fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix2x4fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x2fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x2fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix3x4fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix3x4fvEXT
      • glProgramUniformMatrix4x3fvEXT

        public final long glProgramUniformMatrix4x3fvEXT
      • glTextureBufferEXT

        public final long glTextureBufferEXT
      • glMultiTexBufferEXT

        public final long glMultiTexBufferEXT
      • glTextureParameterIivEXT

        public final long glTextureParameterIivEXT
      • glTextureParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glTextureParameterIuivEXT
      • glGetTextureParameterIivEXT

        public final long glGetTextureParameterIivEXT
      • glGetTextureParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glGetTextureParameterIuivEXT
      • glMultiTexParameterIivEXT

        public final long glMultiTexParameterIivEXT
      • glMultiTexParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glMultiTexParameterIuivEXT
      • glGetMultiTexParameterIivEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexParameterIivEXT
      • glGetMultiTexParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glGetMultiTexParameterIuivEXT
      • glProgramUniform1uiEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1uiEXT
      • glProgramUniform2uiEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2uiEXT
      • glProgramUniform3uiEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3uiEXT
      • glProgramUniform4uiEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4uiEXT
      • glProgramUniform1uivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform1uivEXT
      • glProgramUniform2uivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform2uivEXT
      • glProgramUniform3uivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform3uivEXT
      • glProgramUniform4uivEXT

        public final long glProgramUniform4uivEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameters4fvEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameters4fvEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4iEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4iEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4ivEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4ivEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParametersI4ivEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParametersI4ivEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4uiEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4uiEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4uivEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParameterI4uivEXT
      • glNamedProgramLocalParametersI4uivEXT

        public final long glNamedProgramLocalParametersI4uivEXT
      • glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterIivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterIivEXT
      • glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedProgramLocalParameterIuivEXT
      • glNamedRenderbufferStorageEXT

        public final long glNamedRenderbufferStorageEXT
      • glGetNamedRenderbufferParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedRenderbufferParameterivEXT
      • glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisampleEXT

        public final long glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisampleEXT
      • glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisampleCoverageEXT

        public final long glNamedRenderbufferStorageMultisampleCoverageEXT
      • glCheckNamedFramebufferStatusEXT

        public final long glCheckNamedFramebufferStatusEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferTexture1DEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTexture1DEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferTexture2DEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTexture2DEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferTexture3DEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTexture3DEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferRenderbufferEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferRenderbufferEXT
      • glGetNamedFramebufferAttachmentParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetNamedFramebufferAttachmentParameterivEXT
      • glGenerateTextureMipmapEXT

        public final long glGenerateTextureMipmapEXT
      • glGenerateMultiTexMipmapEXT

        public final long glGenerateMultiTexMipmapEXT
      • glFramebufferDrawBufferEXT

        public final long glFramebufferDrawBufferEXT
      • glFramebufferDrawBuffersEXT

        public final long glFramebufferDrawBuffersEXT
      • glFramebufferReadBufferEXT

        public final long glFramebufferReadBufferEXT
      • glGetFramebufferParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetFramebufferParameterivEXT
      • glNamedCopyBufferSubDataEXT

        public final long glNamedCopyBufferSubDataEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferTextureEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTextureEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferTextureLayerEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTextureLayerEXT
      • glNamedFramebufferTextureFaceEXT

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTextureFaceEXT
      • glTextureRenderbufferEXT

        public final long glTextureRenderbufferEXT
      • glMultiTexRenderbufferEXT

        public final long glMultiTexRenderbufferEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayColorOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayColorOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayEdgeFlagOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayEdgeFlagOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayIndexOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayIndexOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayNormalOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayNormalOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayTexCoordOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayTexCoordOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayMultiTexCoordOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayMultiTexCoordOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayFogCoordOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayFogCoordOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArraySecondaryColorOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArraySecondaryColorOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribOffsetEXT
      • glVertexArrayVertexAttribIOffsetEXT

        public final long glVertexArrayVertexAttribIOffsetEXT
      • glEnableVertexArrayEXT

        public final long glEnableVertexArrayEXT
      • glDisableVertexArrayEXT

        public final long glDisableVertexArrayEXT
      • glEnableVertexArrayAttribEXT

        public final long glEnableVertexArrayAttribEXT
      • glDisableVertexArrayAttribEXT

        public final long glDisableVertexArrayAttribEXT
      • glGetVertexArrayIntegervEXT

        public final long glGetVertexArrayIntegervEXT
      • glGetVertexArrayPointervEXT

        public final long glGetVertexArrayPointervEXT
      • glGetVertexArrayIntegeri_vEXT

        public final long glGetVertexArrayIntegeri_vEXT
      • glGetVertexArrayPointeri_vEXT

        public final long glGetVertexArrayPointeri_vEXT
      • glMapNamedBufferRangeEXT

        public final long glMapNamedBufferRangeEXT
      • glFlushMappedNamedBufferRangeEXT

        public final long glFlushMappedNamedBufferRangeEXT
      • glColorMaskIndexedEXT

        public final long glColorMaskIndexedEXT
      • glGetBooleanIndexedvEXT

        public final long glGetBooleanIndexedvEXT
      • glGetIntegerIndexedvEXT

        public final long glGetIntegerIndexedvEXT
      • glEnableIndexedEXT

        public final long glEnableIndexedEXT
      • glDisableIndexedEXT

        public final long glDisableIndexedEXT
      • glIsEnabledIndexedEXT

        public final long glIsEnabledIndexedEXT
      • glDrawArraysInstancedEXT

        public final long glDrawArraysInstancedEXT
      • glDrawElementsInstancedEXT

        public final long glDrawElementsInstancedEXT
      • glEGLImageTargetTexStorageEXT

        public final long glEGLImageTargetTexStorageEXT
      • glEGLImageTargetTextureStorageEXT

        public final long glEGLImageTargetTextureStorageEXT
      • glBufferStorageExternalEXT

        public final long glBufferStorageExternalEXT
      • glNamedBufferStorageExternalEXT

        public final long glNamedBufferStorageExternalEXT
      • glBlitFramebufferEXT

        public final long glBlitFramebufferEXT
      • glRenderbufferStorageMultisampleEXT

        public final long glRenderbufferStorageMultisampleEXT
      • glIsRenderbufferEXT

        public final long glIsRenderbufferEXT
      • glBindRenderbufferEXT

        public final long glBindRenderbufferEXT
      • glDeleteRenderbuffersEXT

        public final long glDeleteRenderbuffersEXT
      • glGenRenderbuffersEXT

        public final long glGenRenderbuffersEXT
      • glRenderbufferStorageEXT

        public final long glRenderbufferStorageEXT
      • glGetRenderbufferParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetRenderbufferParameterivEXT
      • glIsFramebufferEXT

        public final long glIsFramebufferEXT
      • glBindFramebufferEXT

        public final long glBindFramebufferEXT
      • glDeleteFramebuffersEXT

        public final long glDeleteFramebuffersEXT
      • glGenFramebuffersEXT

        public final long glGenFramebuffersEXT
      • glCheckFramebufferStatusEXT

        public final long glCheckFramebufferStatusEXT
      • glFramebufferTexture1DEXT

        public final long glFramebufferTexture1DEXT
      • glFramebufferTexture2DEXT

        public final long glFramebufferTexture2DEXT
      • glFramebufferTexture3DEXT

        public final long glFramebufferTexture3DEXT
      • glFramebufferRenderbufferEXT

        public final long glFramebufferRenderbufferEXT
      • glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameterivEXT
      • glGenerateMipmapEXT

        public final long glGenerateMipmapEXT
      • glProgramParameteriEXT

        public final long glProgramParameteriEXT
      • glFramebufferTextureEXT

        public final long glFramebufferTextureEXT
      • glFramebufferTextureFaceEXT

        public final long glFramebufferTextureFaceEXT
      • glProgramEnvParameters4fvEXT

        public final long glProgramEnvParameters4fvEXT
      • glProgramLocalParameters4fvEXT

        public final long glProgramLocalParameters4fvEXT
      • glVertexAttribI1iEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI1iEXT
      • glVertexAttribI2iEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI2iEXT
      • glVertexAttribI3iEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI3iEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4iEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4iEXT
      • glVertexAttribI1uiEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI1uiEXT
      • glVertexAttribI2uiEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI2uiEXT
      • glVertexAttribI3uiEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI3uiEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4uiEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4uiEXT
      • glVertexAttribI1ivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI1ivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI2ivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI2ivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI3ivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI3ivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4ivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4ivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI1uivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI1uivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI2uivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI2uivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI3uivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI3uivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4uivEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4uivEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4bvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4bvEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4svEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4svEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4ubvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4ubvEXT
      • glVertexAttribI4usvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribI4usvEXT
      • glVertexAttribIPointerEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribIPointerEXT
      • glGetVertexAttribIivEXT

        public final long glGetVertexAttribIivEXT
      • glGetVertexAttribIuivEXT

        public final long glGetVertexAttribIuivEXT
      • glGetUniformuivEXT

        public final long glGetUniformuivEXT
      • glBindFragDataLocationEXT

        public final long glBindFragDataLocationEXT
      • glGetFragDataLocationEXT

        public final long glGetFragDataLocationEXT
      • glUniform1uiEXT

        public final long glUniform1uiEXT
      • glUniform2uiEXT

        public final long glUniform2uiEXT
      • glUniform3uiEXT

        public final long glUniform3uiEXT
      • glUniform4uiEXT

        public final long glUniform4uiEXT
      • glUniform1uivEXT

        public final long glUniform1uivEXT
      • glUniform2uivEXT

        public final long glUniform2uivEXT
      • glUniform3uivEXT

        public final long glUniform3uivEXT
      • glUniform4uivEXT

        public final long glUniform4uivEXT
      • glGetUnsignedBytevEXT

        public final long glGetUnsignedBytevEXT
      • glGetUnsignedBytei_vEXT

        public final long glGetUnsignedBytei_vEXT
      • glDeleteMemoryObjectsEXT

        public final long glDeleteMemoryObjectsEXT
      • glIsMemoryObjectEXT

        public final long glIsMemoryObjectEXT
      • glCreateMemoryObjectsEXT

        public final long glCreateMemoryObjectsEXT
      • glMemoryObjectParameterivEXT

        public final long glMemoryObjectParameterivEXT
      • glGetMemoryObjectParameterivEXT

        public final long glGetMemoryObjectParameterivEXT
      • glTexStorageMem2DEXT

        public final long glTexStorageMem2DEXT
      • glTexStorageMem2DMultisampleEXT

        public final long glTexStorageMem2DMultisampleEXT
      • glTexStorageMem3DEXT

        public final long glTexStorageMem3DEXT
      • glTexStorageMem3DMultisampleEXT

        public final long glTexStorageMem3DMultisampleEXT
      • glBufferStorageMemEXT

        public final long glBufferStorageMemEXT
      • glTextureStorageMem2DEXT

        public final long glTextureStorageMem2DEXT
      • glTextureStorageMem2DMultisampleEXT

        public final long glTextureStorageMem2DMultisampleEXT
      • glTextureStorageMem3DEXT

        public final long glTextureStorageMem3DEXT
      • glTextureStorageMem3DMultisampleEXT

        public final long glTextureStorageMem3DMultisampleEXT
      • glNamedBufferStorageMemEXT

        public final long glNamedBufferStorageMemEXT
      • glTexStorageMem1DEXT

        public final long glTexStorageMem1DEXT
      • glTextureStorageMem1DEXT

        public final long glTextureStorageMem1DEXT
      • glImportMemoryFdEXT

        public final long glImportMemoryFdEXT
      • glImportMemoryWin32HandleEXT

        public final long glImportMemoryWin32HandleEXT
      • glImportMemoryWin32NameEXT

        public final long glImportMemoryWin32NameEXT
      • glPointParameterfEXT

        public final long glPointParameterfEXT
      • glPointParameterfvEXT

        public final long glPointParameterfvEXT
      • glPolygonOffsetClampEXT

        public final long glPolygonOffsetClampEXT
      • glProvokingVertexEXT

        public final long glProvokingVertexEXT
      • glRasterSamplesEXT

        public final long glRasterSamplesEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3bEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3bEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3sEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3sEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3iEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3iEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3fEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3fEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3dEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3dEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3ubEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3ubEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3usEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3usEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3uiEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3uiEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3bvEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3bvEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3svEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3svEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3ivEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3ivEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3fvEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3fvEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3dvEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3dvEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3ubvEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3ubvEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3usvEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3usvEXT
      • glSecondaryColor3uivEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColor3uivEXT
      • glSecondaryColorPointerEXT

        public final long glSecondaryColorPointerEXT
      • glGenSemaphoresEXT

        public final long glGenSemaphoresEXT
      • glDeleteSemaphoresEXT

        public final long glDeleteSemaphoresEXT
      • glIsSemaphoreEXT

        public final long glIsSemaphoreEXT
      • glSemaphoreParameterui64vEXT

        public final long glSemaphoreParameterui64vEXT
      • glGetSemaphoreParameterui64vEXT

        public final long glGetSemaphoreParameterui64vEXT
      • glWaitSemaphoreEXT

        public final long glWaitSemaphoreEXT
      • glSignalSemaphoreEXT

        public final long glSignalSemaphoreEXT
      • glImportSemaphoreFdEXT

        public final long glImportSemaphoreFdEXT
      • glImportSemaphoreWin32HandleEXT

        public final long glImportSemaphoreWin32HandleEXT
      • glImportSemaphoreWin32NameEXT

        public final long glImportSemaphoreWin32NameEXT
      • glUseShaderProgramEXT

        public final long glUseShaderProgramEXT
      • glActiveProgramEXT

        public final long glActiveProgramEXT
      • glCreateShaderProgramEXT

        public final long glCreateShaderProgramEXT
      • glFramebufferFetchBarrierEXT

        public final long glFramebufferFetchBarrierEXT
      • glBindImageTextureEXT

        public final long glBindImageTextureEXT
      • glMemoryBarrierEXT

        public final long glMemoryBarrierEXT
      • glStencilClearTagEXT

        public final long glStencilClearTagEXT
      • glActiveStencilFaceEXT

        public final long glActiveStencilFaceEXT
      • glFramebufferTextureLayerEXT

        public final long glFramebufferTextureLayerEXT
      • glTexBufferEXT

        public final long glTexBufferEXT
      • glClearColorIiEXT

        public final long glClearColorIiEXT
      • glClearColorIuiEXT

        public final long glClearColorIuiEXT
      • glTexParameterIivEXT

        public final long glTexParameterIivEXT
      • glTexParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glTexParameterIuivEXT
      • glGetTexParameterIivEXT

        public final long glGetTexParameterIivEXT
      • glGetTexParameterIuivEXT

        public final long glGetTexParameterIuivEXT
      • glGetQueryObjecti64vEXT

        public final long glGetQueryObjecti64vEXT
      • glGetQueryObjectui64vEXT

        public final long glGetQueryObjectui64vEXT
      • glBindBufferRangeEXT

        public final long glBindBufferRangeEXT
      • glBindBufferOffsetEXT

        public final long glBindBufferOffsetEXT
      • glBindBufferBaseEXT

        public final long glBindBufferBaseEXT
      • glBeginTransformFeedbackEXT

        public final long glBeginTransformFeedbackEXT
      • glEndTransformFeedbackEXT

        public final long glEndTransformFeedbackEXT
      • glTransformFeedbackVaryingsEXT

        public final long glTransformFeedbackVaryingsEXT
      • glGetTransformFeedbackVaryingEXT

        public final long glGetTransformFeedbackVaryingEXT
      • glVertexAttribL1dEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL1dEXT
      • glVertexAttribL2dEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL2dEXT
      • glVertexAttribL3dEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL3dEXT
      • glVertexAttribL4dEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL4dEXT
      • glVertexAttribL1dvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL1dvEXT
      • glVertexAttribL2dvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL2dvEXT
      • glVertexAttribL3dvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL3dvEXT
      • glVertexAttribL4dvEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribL4dvEXT
      • glVertexAttribLPointerEXT

        public final long glVertexAttribLPointerEXT
      • glGetVertexAttribLdvEXT

        public final long glGetVertexAttribLdvEXT
      • glAcquireKeyedMutexWin32EXT

        public final long glAcquireKeyedMutexWin32EXT
      • glReleaseKeyedMutexWin32EXT

        public final long glReleaseKeyedMutexWin32EXT
      • glWindowRectanglesEXT

        public final long glWindowRectanglesEXT
      • glImportSyncEXT

        public final long glImportSyncEXT
      • glFrameTerminatorGREMEDY

        public final long glFrameTerminatorGREMEDY
      • glStringMarkerGREMEDY

        public final long glStringMarkerGREMEDY
      • glApplyFramebufferAttachmentCMAAINTEL

        public final long glApplyFramebufferAttachmentCMAAINTEL
      • glSyncTextureINTEL

        public final long glSyncTextureINTEL
      • glUnmapTexture2DINTEL

        public final long glUnmapTexture2DINTEL
      • glMapTexture2DINTEL

        public final long glMapTexture2DINTEL
      • glBeginPerfQueryINTEL

        public final long glBeginPerfQueryINTEL
      • glCreatePerfQueryINTEL

        public final long glCreatePerfQueryINTEL
      • glDeletePerfQueryINTEL

        public final long glDeletePerfQueryINTEL
      • glEndPerfQueryINTEL

        public final long glEndPerfQueryINTEL
      • glGetFirstPerfQueryIdINTEL

        public final long glGetFirstPerfQueryIdINTEL
      • glGetNextPerfQueryIdINTEL

        public final long glGetNextPerfQueryIdINTEL
      • glGetPerfCounterInfoINTEL

        public final long glGetPerfCounterInfoINTEL
      • glGetPerfQueryDataINTEL

        public final long glGetPerfQueryDataINTEL
      • glGetPerfQueryIdByNameINTEL

        public final long glGetPerfQueryIdByNameINTEL
      • glGetPerfQueryInfoINTEL

        public final long glGetPerfQueryInfoINTEL
      • glBlendBarrierKHR

        public final long glBlendBarrierKHR
      • glMaxShaderCompilerThreadsKHR

        public final long glMaxShaderCompilerThreadsKHR
      • glAlphaToCoverageDitherControlNV

        public final long glAlphaToCoverageDitherControlNV
      • glMultiDrawArraysIndirectBindlessNV

        public final long glMultiDrawArraysIndirectBindlessNV
      • glMultiDrawElementsIndirectBindlessNV

        public final long glMultiDrawElementsIndirectBindlessNV
      • glMultiDrawArraysIndirectBindlessCountNV

        public final long glMultiDrawArraysIndirectBindlessCountNV
      • glMultiDrawElementsIndirectBindlessCountNV

        public final long glMultiDrawElementsIndirectBindlessCountNV
      • glGetTextureHandleNV

        public final long glGetTextureHandleNV
      • glGetTextureSamplerHandleNV

        public final long glGetTextureSamplerHandleNV
      • glMakeTextureHandleResidentNV

        public final long glMakeTextureHandleResidentNV
      • glMakeTextureHandleNonResidentNV

        public final long glMakeTextureHandleNonResidentNV
      • glGetImageHandleNV

        public final long glGetImageHandleNV
      • glMakeImageHandleResidentNV

        public final long glMakeImageHandleResidentNV
      • glMakeImageHandleNonResidentNV

        public final long glMakeImageHandleNonResidentNV
      • glUniformHandleui64NV

        public final long glUniformHandleui64NV
      • glUniformHandleui64vNV

        public final long glUniformHandleui64vNV
      • glProgramUniformHandleui64NV

        public final long glProgramUniformHandleui64NV
      • glProgramUniformHandleui64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniformHandleui64vNV
      • glIsTextureHandleResidentNV

        public final long glIsTextureHandleResidentNV
      • glIsImageHandleResidentNV

        public final long glIsImageHandleResidentNV
      • glBlendParameteriNV

        public final long glBlendParameteriNV
      • glBlendBarrierNV

        public final long glBlendBarrierNV
      • glViewportPositionWScaleNV

        public final long glViewportPositionWScaleNV
      • glCreateStatesNV

        public final long glCreateStatesNV
      • glDeleteStatesNV

        public final long glDeleteStatesNV
      • glIsStateNV

        public final long glIsStateNV
      • glStateCaptureNV

        public final long glStateCaptureNV
      • glGetCommandHeaderNV

        public final long glGetCommandHeaderNV
      • glGetStageIndexNV

        public final long glGetStageIndexNV
      • glDrawCommandsNV

        public final long glDrawCommandsNV
      • glDrawCommandsAddressNV

        public final long glDrawCommandsAddressNV
      • glDrawCommandsStatesNV

        public final long glDrawCommandsStatesNV
      • glDrawCommandsStatesAddressNV

        public final long glDrawCommandsStatesAddressNV
      • glCreateCommandListsNV

        public final long glCreateCommandListsNV
      • glDeleteCommandListsNV

        public final long glDeleteCommandListsNV
      • glIsCommandListNV

        public final long glIsCommandListNV
      • glListDrawCommandsStatesClientNV

        public final long glListDrawCommandsStatesClientNV
      • glCommandListSegmentsNV

        public final long glCommandListSegmentsNV
      • glCompileCommandListNV

        public final long glCompileCommandListNV
      • glCallCommandListNV

        public final long glCallCommandListNV
      • glBeginConditionalRenderNV

        public final long glBeginConditionalRenderNV
      • glEndConditionalRenderNV

        public final long glEndConditionalRenderNV
      • glSubpixelPrecisionBiasNV

        public final long glSubpixelPrecisionBiasNV
      • glConservativeRasterParameterfNV

        public final long glConservativeRasterParameterfNV
      • glConservativeRasterParameteriNV

        public final long glConservativeRasterParameteriNV
      • glCopyImageSubDataNV

        public final long glCopyImageSubDataNV
      • glDepthRangedNV

        public final long glDepthRangedNV
      • glClearDepthdNV

        public final long glClearDepthdNV
      • glDepthBoundsdNV

        public final long glDepthBoundsdNV
      • glDrawTextureNV

        public final long glDrawTextureNV
      • glDrawVkImageNV

        public final long glDrawVkImageNV
      • glGetVkProcAddrNV

        public final long glGetVkProcAddrNV
      • glWaitVkSemaphoreNV

        public final long glWaitVkSemaphoreNV
      • glSignalVkSemaphoreNV

        public final long glSignalVkSemaphoreNV
      • glSignalVkFenceNV

        public final long glSignalVkFenceNV
      • glGetMultisamplefvNV

        public final long glGetMultisamplefvNV
      • glSampleMaskIndexedNV

        public final long glSampleMaskIndexedNV
      • glTexRenderbufferNV

        public final long glTexRenderbufferNV
      • glDeleteFencesNV

        public final long glDeleteFencesNV
      • glGenFencesNV

        public final long glGenFencesNV
      • glIsFenceNV

        public final long glIsFenceNV
      • glTestFenceNV

        public final long glTestFenceNV
      • glGetFenceivNV

        public final long glGetFenceivNV
      • glFinishFenceNV

        public final long glFinishFenceNV
      • glSetFenceNV

        public final long glSetFenceNV
      • glFragmentCoverageColorNV

        public final long glFragmentCoverageColorNV
      • glCoverageModulationTableNV

        public final long glCoverageModulationTableNV
      • glGetCoverageModulationTableNV

        public final long glGetCoverageModulationTableNV
      • glCoverageModulationNV

        public final long glCoverageModulationNV
      • glRenderbufferStorageMultisampleCoverageNV

        public final long glRenderbufferStorageMultisampleCoverageNV
      • glRenderGpuMaskNV

        public final long glRenderGpuMaskNV
      • glMulticastBufferSubDataNV

        public final long glMulticastBufferSubDataNV
      • glMulticastCopyBufferSubDataNV

        public final long glMulticastCopyBufferSubDataNV
      • glMulticastCopyImageSubDataNV

        public final long glMulticastCopyImageSubDataNV
      • glMulticastBlitFramebufferNV

        public final long glMulticastBlitFramebufferNV
      • glMulticastFramebufferSampleLocationsfvNV

        public final long glMulticastFramebufferSampleLocationsfvNV
      • glMulticastBarrierNV

        public final long glMulticastBarrierNV
      • glMulticastWaitSyncNV

        public final long glMulticastWaitSyncNV
      • glMulticastGetQueryObjectivNV

        public final long glMulticastGetQueryObjectivNV
      • glMulticastGetQueryObjectuivNV

        public final long glMulticastGetQueryObjectuivNV
      • glMulticastGetQueryObjecti64vNV

        public final long glMulticastGetQueryObjecti64vNV
      • glMulticastGetQueryObjectui64vNV

        public final long glMulticastGetQueryObjectui64vNV
      • glUniform1i64NV

        public final long glUniform1i64NV
      • glUniform2i64NV

        public final long glUniform2i64NV
      • glUniform3i64NV

        public final long glUniform3i64NV
      • glUniform4i64NV

        public final long glUniform4i64NV
      • glUniform1i64vNV

        public final long glUniform1i64vNV
      • glUniform2i64vNV

        public final long glUniform2i64vNV
      • glUniform3i64vNV

        public final long glUniform3i64vNV
      • glUniform4i64vNV

        public final long glUniform4i64vNV
      • glUniform1ui64NV

        public final long glUniform1ui64NV
      • glUniform2ui64NV

        public final long glUniform2ui64NV
      • glUniform3ui64NV

        public final long glUniform3ui64NV
      • glUniform4ui64NV

        public final long glUniform4ui64NV
      • glUniform1ui64vNV

        public final long glUniform1ui64vNV
      • glUniform2ui64vNV

        public final long glUniform2ui64vNV
      • glUniform3ui64vNV

        public final long glUniform3ui64vNV
      • glUniform4ui64vNV

        public final long glUniform4ui64vNV
      • glGetUniformi64vNV

        public final long glGetUniformi64vNV
      • glProgramUniform1i64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform1i64NV
      • glProgramUniform2i64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform2i64NV
      • glProgramUniform3i64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform3i64NV
      • glProgramUniform4i64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform4i64NV
      • glProgramUniform1i64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform1i64vNV
      • glProgramUniform2i64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform2i64vNV
      • glProgramUniform3i64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform3i64vNV
      • glProgramUniform4i64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform4i64vNV
      • glProgramUniform1ui64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform1ui64NV
      • glProgramUniform2ui64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform2ui64NV
      • glProgramUniform3ui64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform3ui64NV
      • glProgramUniform4ui64NV

        public final long glProgramUniform4ui64NV
      • glProgramUniform1ui64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform1ui64vNV
      • glProgramUniform2ui64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform2ui64vNV
      • glProgramUniform3ui64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform3ui64vNV
      • glProgramUniform4ui64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniform4ui64vNV
      • glVertex2hNV

        public final long glVertex2hNV
      • glVertex2hvNV

        public final long glVertex2hvNV
      • glVertex3hNV

        public final long glVertex3hNV
      • glVertex3hvNV

        public final long glVertex3hvNV
      • glVertex4hNV

        public final long glVertex4hNV
      • glVertex4hvNV

        public final long glVertex4hvNV
      • glNormal3hNV

        public final long glNormal3hNV
      • glNormal3hvNV

        public final long glNormal3hvNV
      • glColor3hNV

        public final long glColor3hNV
      • glColor3hvNV

        public final long glColor3hvNV
      • glColor4hNV

        public final long glColor4hNV
      • glColor4hvNV

        public final long glColor4hvNV
      • glTexCoord1hNV

        public final long glTexCoord1hNV
      • glTexCoord1hvNV

        public final long glTexCoord1hvNV
      • glTexCoord2hNV

        public final long glTexCoord2hNV
      • glTexCoord2hvNV

        public final long glTexCoord2hvNV
      • glTexCoord3hNV

        public final long glTexCoord3hNV
      • glTexCoord3hvNV

        public final long glTexCoord3hvNV
      • glTexCoord4hNV

        public final long glTexCoord4hNV
      • glTexCoord4hvNV

        public final long glTexCoord4hvNV
      • glMultiTexCoord1hNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1hNV
      • glMultiTexCoord1hvNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord1hvNV
      • glMultiTexCoord2hNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2hNV
      • glMultiTexCoord2hvNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord2hvNV
      • glMultiTexCoord3hNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3hNV
      • glMultiTexCoord3hvNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord3hvNV
      • glMultiTexCoord4hNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4hNV
      • glMultiTexCoord4hvNV

        public final long glMultiTexCoord4hvNV
      • glFogCoordhNV

        public final long glFogCoordhNV
      • glFogCoordhvNV

        public final long glFogCoordhvNV
      • glSecondaryColor3hNV

        public final long glSecondaryColor3hNV
      • glSecondaryColor3hvNV

        public final long glSecondaryColor3hvNV
      • glVertexWeighthNV

        public final long glVertexWeighthNV
      • glVertexWeighthvNV

        public final long glVertexWeighthvNV
      • glVertexAttrib1hNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib1hNV
      • glVertexAttrib1hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib1hvNV
      • glVertexAttrib2hNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib2hNV
      • glVertexAttrib2hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib2hvNV
      • glVertexAttrib3hNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib3hNV
      • glVertexAttrib3hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib3hvNV
      • glVertexAttrib4hNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib4hNV
      • glVertexAttrib4hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttrib4hvNV
      • glVertexAttribs1hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttribs1hvNV
      • glVertexAttribs2hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttribs2hvNV
      • glVertexAttribs3hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttribs3hvNV
      • glVertexAttribs4hvNV

        public final long glVertexAttribs4hvNV
      • glGetInternalformatSampleivNV

        public final long glGetInternalformatSampleivNV
      • glGetMemoryObjectDetachedResourcesuivNV

        public final long glGetMemoryObjectDetachedResourcesuivNV
      • glResetMemoryObjectParameterNV

        public final long glResetMemoryObjectParameterNV
      • glTexAttachMemoryNV

        public final long glTexAttachMemoryNV
      • glBufferAttachMemoryNV

        public final long glBufferAttachMemoryNV
      • glTextureAttachMemoryNV

        public final long glTextureAttachMemoryNV
      • glNamedBufferAttachMemoryNV

        public final long glNamedBufferAttachMemoryNV
      • glDrawMeshTasksNV

        public final long glDrawMeshTasksNV
      • glDrawMeshTasksIndirectNV

        public final long glDrawMeshTasksIndirectNV
      • glMultiDrawMeshTasksIndirectNV

        public final long glMultiDrawMeshTasksIndirectNV
      • glMultiDrawMeshTasksIndirectCountNV

        public final long glMultiDrawMeshTasksIndirectCountNV
      • glPathCommandsNV

        public final long glPathCommandsNV
      • glPathCoordsNV

        public final long glPathCoordsNV
      • glPathSubCommandsNV

        public final long glPathSubCommandsNV
      • glPathSubCoordsNV

        public final long glPathSubCoordsNV
      • glPathStringNV

        public final long glPathStringNV
      • glPathGlyphsNV

        public final long glPathGlyphsNV
      • glPathGlyphRangeNV

        public final long glPathGlyphRangeNV
      • glPathGlyphIndexArrayNV

        public final long glPathGlyphIndexArrayNV
      • glPathMemoryGlyphIndexArrayNV

        public final long glPathMemoryGlyphIndexArrayNV
      • glCopyPathNV

        public final long glCopyPathNV
      • glWeightPathsNV

        public final long glWeightPathsNV
      • glInterpolatePathsNV

        public final long glInterpolatePathsNV
      • glTransformPathNV

        public final long glTransformPathNV
      • glPathParameterivNV

        public final long glPathParameterivNV
      • glPathParameteriNV

        public final long glPathParameteriNV
      • glPathParameterfvNV

        public final long glPathParameterfvNV
      • glPathParameterfNV

        public final long glPathParameterfNV
      • glPathDashArrayNV

        public final long glPathDashArrayNV
      • glGenPathsNV

        public final long glGenPathsNV
      • glDeletePathsNV

        public final long glDeletePathsNV
      • glIsPathNV

        public final long glIsPathNV
      • glPathStencilFuncNV

        public final long glPathStencilFuncNV
      • glPathStencilDepthOffsetNV

        public final long glPathStencilDepthOffsetNV
      • glStencilFillPathNV

        public final long glStencilFillPathNV
      • glStencilStrokePathNV

        public final long glStencilStrokePathNV
      • glStencilFillPathInstancedNV

        public final long glStencilFillPathInstancedNV
      • glStencilStrokePathInstancedNV

        public final long glStencilStrokePathInstancedNV
      • glPathCoverDepthFuncNV

        public final long glPathCoverDepthFuncNV
      • glPathColorGenNV

        public final long glPathColorGenNV
      • glPathTexGenNV

        public final long glPathTexGenNV
      • glPathFogGenNV

        public final long glPathFogGenNV
      • glCoverFillPathNV

        public final long glCoverFillPathNV
      • glCoverStrokePathNV

        public final long glCoverStrokePathNV
      • glCoverFillPathInstancedNV

        public final long glCoverFillPathInstancedNV
      • glCoverStrokePathInstancedNV

        public final long glCoverStrokePathInstancedNV
      • glStencilThenCoverFillPathNV

        public final long glStencilThenCoverFillPathNV
      • glStencilThenCoverStrokePathNV

        public final long glStencilThenCoverStrokePathNV
      • glStencilThenCoverFillPathInstancedNV

        public final long glStencilThenCoverFillPathInstancedNV
      • glStencilThenCoverStrokePathInstancedNV

        public final long glStencilThenCoverStrokePathInstancedNV
      • glPathGlyphIndexRangeNV

        public final long glPathGlyphIndexRangeNV
      • glProgramPathFragmentInputGenNV

        public final long glProgramPathFragmentInputGenNV
      • glGetPathParameterivNV

        public final long glGetPathParameterivNV
      • glGetPathParameterfvNV

        public final long glGetPathParameterfvNV
      • glGetPathCommandsNV

        public final long glGetPathCommandsNV
      • glGetPathCoordsNV

        public final long glGetPathCoordsNV
      • glGetPathDashArrayNV

        public final long glGetPathDashArrayNV
      • glGetPathMetricsNV

        public final long glGetPathMetricsNV
      • glGetPathMetricRangeNV

        public final long glGetPathMetricRangeNV
      • glGetPathSpacingNV

        public final long glGetPathSpacingNV
      • glGetPathColorGenivNV

        public final long glGetPathColorGenivNV
      • glGetPathColorGenfvNV

        public final long glGetPathColorGenfvNV
      • glGetPathTexGenivNV

        public final long glGetPathTexGenivNV
      • glGetPathTexGenfvNV

        public final long glGetPathTexGenfvNV
      • glIsPointInFillPathNV

        public final long glIsPointInFillPathNV
      • glIsPointInStrokePathNV

        public final long glIsPointInStrokePathNV
      • glGetPathLengthNV

        public final long glGetPathLengthNV
      • glPointAlongPathNV

        public final long glPointAlongPathNV
      • glMatrixLoad3x2fNV

        public final long glMatrixLoad3x2fNV
      • glMatrixLoad3x3fNV

        public final long glMatrixLoad3x3fNV
      • glMatrixLoadTranspose3x3fNV

        public final long glMatrixLoadTranspose3x3fNV
      • glMatrixMult3x2fNV

        public final long glMatrixMult3x2fNV
      • glMatrixMult3x3fNV

        public final long glMatrixMult3x3fNV
      • glMatrixMultTranspose3x3fNV

        public final long glMatrixMultTranspose3x3fNV
      • glGetProgramResourcefvNV

        public final long glGetProgramResourcefvNV
      • glPixelDataRangeNV

        public final long glPixelDataRangeNV
      • glFlushPixelDataRangeNV

        public final long glFlushPixelDataRangeNV
      • glPointParameteriNV

        public final long glPointParameteriNV
      • glPointParameterivNV

        public final long glPointParameterivNV
      • glPrimitiveRestartNV

        public final long glPrimitiveRestartNV
      • glPrimitiveRestartIndexNV

        public final long glPrimitiveRestartIndexNV
      • glQueryResourceNV

        public final long glQueryResourceNV
      • glGenQueryResourceTagNV

        public final long glGenQueryResourceTagNV
      • glDeleteQueryResourceTagNV

        public final long glDeleteQueryResourceTagNV
      • glQueryResourceTagNV

        public final long glQueryResourceTagNV
      • glFramebufferSampleLocationsfvNV

        public final long glFramebufferSampleLocationsfvNV
      • glNamedFramebufferSampleLocationsfvNV

        public final long glNamedFramebufferSampleLocationsfvNV
      • glResolveDepthValuesNV

        public final long glResolveDepthValuesNV
      • glScissorExclusiveArrayvNV

        public final long glScissorExclusiveArrayvNV
      • glScissorExclusiveNV

        public final long glScissorExclusiveNV
      • glMakeBufferResidentNV

        public final long glMakeBufferResidentNV
      • glMakeBufferNonResidentNV

        public final long glMakeBufferNonResidentNV
      • glIsBufferResidentNV

        public final long glIsBufferResidentNV
      • glMakeNamedBufferResidentNV

        public final long glMakeNamedBufferResidentNV
      • glMakeNamedBufferNonResidentNV

        public final long glMakeNamedBufferNonResidentNV
      • glIsNamedBufferResidentNV

        public final long glIsNamedBufferResidentNV
      • glGetBufferParameterui64vNV

        public final long glGetBufferParameterui64vNV
      • glGetNamedBufferParameterui64vNV

        public final long glGetNamedBufferParameterui64vNV
      • glGetIntegerui64vNV

        public final long glGetIntegerui64vNV
      • glUniformui64NV

        public final long glUniformui64NV
      • glUniformui64vNV

        public final long glUniformui64vNV
      • glGetUniformui64vNV

        public final long glGetUniformui64vNV
      • glProgramUniformui64NV

        public final long glProgramUniformui64NV
      • glProgramUniformui64vNV

        public final long glProgramUniformui64vNV
      • glBindShadingRateImageNV

        public final long glBindShadingRateImageNV
      • glShadingRateImagePaletteNV

        public final long glShadingRateImagePaletteNV
      • glGetShadingRateImagePaletteNV

        public final long glGetShadingRateImagePaletteNV
      • glShadingRateImageBarrierNV

        public final long glShadingRateImageBarrierNV
      • glShadingRateSampleOrderNV

        public final long glShadingRateSampleOrderNV
      • glShadingRateSampleOrderCustomNV

        public final long glShadingRateSampleOrderCustomNV
      • glGetShadingRateSampleLocationivNV

        public final long glGetShadingRateSampleLocationivNV
      • glTextureBarrierNV

        public final long glTextureBarrierNV
      • glTexImage2DMultisampleCoverageNV

        public final long glTexImage2DMultisampleCoverageNV
      • glTexImage3DMultisampleCoverageNV

        public final long glTexImage3DMultisampleCoverageNV
      • glTextureImage2DMultisampleNV

        public final long glTextureImage2DMultisampleNV
      • glTextureImage3DMultisampleNV

        public final long glTextureImage3DMultisampleNV
      • glTextureImage2DMultisampleCoverageNV

        public final long glTextureImage2DMultisampleCoverageNV
      • glTextureImage3DMultisampleCoverageNV

        public final long glTextureImage3DMultisampleCoverageNV
      • glBeginTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glBeginTransformFeedbackNV
      • glEndTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glEndTransformFeedbackNV
      • glTransformFeedbackAttribsNV

        public final long glTransformFeedbackAttribsNV
      • glBindBufferRangeNV

        public final long glBindBufferRangeNV
      • glBindBufferOffsetNV

        public final long glBindBufferOffsetNV
      • glBindBufferBaseNV

        public final long glBindBufferBaseNV
      • glTransformFeedbackVaryingsNV

        public final long glTransformFeedbackVaryingsNV
      • glActiveVaryingNV

        public final long glActiveVaryingNV
      • glGetVaryingLocationNV

        public final long glGetVaryingLocationNV
      • glGetActiveVaryingNV

        public final long glGetActiveVaryingNV
      • glGetTransformFeedbackVaryingNV

        public final long glGetTransformFeedbackVaryingNV
      • glTransformFeedbackStreamAttribsNV

        public final long glTransformFeedbackStreamAttribsNV
      • glBindTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glBindTransformFeedbackNV
      • glDeleteTransformFeedbacksNV

        public final long glDeleteTransformFeedbacksNV
      • glGenTransformFeedbacksNV

        public final long glGenTransformFeedbacksNV
      • glIsTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glIsTransformFeedbackNV
      • glPauseTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glPauseTransformFeedbackNV
      • glResumeTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glResumeTransformFeedbackNV
      • glDrawTransformFeedbackNV

        public final long glDrawTransformFeedbackNV
      • glVertexArrayRangeNV

        public final long glVertexArrayRangeNV
      • glFlushVertexArrayRangeNV

        public final long glFlushVertexArrayRangeNV
      • glVertexAttribL1i64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL1i64NV
      • glVertexAttribL2i64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL2i64NV
      • glVertexAttribL3i64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL3i64NV
      • glVertexAttribL4i64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL4i64NV
      • glVertexAttribL1i64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL1i64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL2i64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL2i64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL3i64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL3i64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL4i64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL4i64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL1ui64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL1ui64NV
      • glVertexAttribL2ui64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL2ui64NV
      • glVertexAttribL3ui64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL3ui64NV
      • glVertexAttribL4ui64NV

        public final long glVertexAttribL4ui64NV
      • glVertexAttribL1ui64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL1ui64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL2ui64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL2ui64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL3ui64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL3ui64vNV
      • glVertexAttribL4ui64vNV

        public final long glVertexAttribL4ui64vNV
      • glGetVertexAttribLi64vNV

        public final long glGetVertexAttribLi64vNV
      • glGetVertexAttribLui64vNV

        public final long glGetVertexAttribLui64vNV
      • glVertexAttribLFormatNV

        public final long glVertexAttribLFormatNV
      • glBufferAddressRangeNV

        public final long glBufferAddressRangeNV
      • glVertexFormatNV

        public final long glVertexFormatNV
      • glNormalFormatNV

        public final long glNormalFormatNV
      • glColorFormatNV

        public final long glColorFormatNV
      • glIndexFormatNV

        public final long glIndexFormatNV
      • glTexCoordFormatNV

        public final long glTexCoordFormatNV
      • glEdgeFlagFormatNV

        public final long glEdgeFlagFormatNV
      • glSecondaryColorFormatNV

        public final long glSecondaryColorFormatNV
      • glFogCoordFormatNV

        public final long glFogCoordFormatNV
      • glVertexAttribFormatNV

        public final long glVertexAttribFormatNV
      • glVertexAttribIFormatNV

        public final long glVertexAttribIFormatNV
      • glGetIntegerui64i_vNV

        public final long glGetIntegerui64i_vNV
      • glViewportSwizzleNV

        public final long glViewportSwizzleNV
      • glBeginConditionalRenderNVX

        public final long glBeginConditionalRenderNVX
      • glEndConditionalRenderNVX

        public final long glEndConditionalRenderNVX
      • glAsyncCopyImageSubDataNVX

        public final long glAsyncCopyImageSubDataNVX
      • glAsyncCopyBufferSubDataNVX

        public final long glAsyncCopyBufferSubDataNVX
      • glUploadGpuMaskNVX

        public final long glUploadGpuMaskNVX
      • glMulticastViewportArrayvNVX

        public final long glMulticastViewportArrayvNVX
      • glMulticastScissorArrayvNVX

        public final long glMulticastScissorArrayvNVX
      • glMulticastViewportPositionWScaleNVX

        public final long glMulticastViewportPositionWScaleNVX
      • glCreateProgressFenceNVX

        public final long glCreateProgressFenceNVX
      • glSignalSemaphoreui64NVX

        public final long glSignalSemaphoreui64NVX
      • glWaitSemaphoreui64NVX

        public final long glWaitSemaphoreui64NVX
      • glClientWaitSemaphoreui64NVX

        public final long glClientWaitSemaphoreui64NVX
      • glFramebufferTextureMultiviewOVR

        public final long glFramebufferTextureMultiviewOVR
      • glNamedFramebufferTextureMultiviewOVR

        public final long glNamedFramebufferTextureMultiviewOVR
      • OpenGL11

        public final boolean OpenGL11
        When true, GL11 is supported.
      • OpenGL12

        public final boolean OpenGL12
        When true, GL12 is supported.
      • OpenGL13

        public final boolean OpenGL13
        When true, GL13 is supported.
      • OpenGL14

        public final boolean OpenGL14
        When true, GL14 is supported.
      • OpenGL15

        public final boolean OpenGL15
        When true, GL15 is supported.
      • OpenGL20

        public final boolean OpenGL20
        When true, GL20 is supported.
      • OpenGL21

        public final boolean OpenGL21
        When true, GL21 is supported.
      • OpenGL30

        public final boolean OpenGL30
        When true, GL30 is supported.
      • OpenGL31

        public final boolean OpenGL31
        When true, GL31 is supported.
      • OpenGL32

        public final boolean OpenGL32
        When true, GL32 is supported.
      • OpenGL33

        public final boolean OpenGL33
        When true, GL33 is supported.
      • OpenGL40

        public final boolean OpenGL40
        When true, GL40 is supported.
      • OpenGL41

        public final boolean OpenGL41
        When true, GL41 is supported.
      • OpenGL42

        public final boolean OpenGL42
        When true, GL42 is supported.
      • OpenGL43

        public final boolean OpenGL43
        When true, GL43 is supported.
      • OpenGL44

        public final boolean OpenGL44
        When true, GL44 is supported.
      • OpenGL45

        public final boolean OpenGL45
        When true, GL45 is supported.
      • OpenGL46

        public final boolean OpenGL46
        When true, GL46 is supported.
      • GL_AMD_blend_minmax_factor

        public final boolean GL_AMD_blend_minmax_factor
        When true, AMDBlendMinmaxFactor is supported.
      • GL_AMD_conservative_depth

        public final boolean GL_AMD_conservative_depth
        When true, the AMD_conservative_depth extension is supported.

        There is a common optimization for hardware accelerated implementation of OpenGL which relies on an early depth test to be run before the fragment shader so that the shader evaluation can be skipped if the fragment ends up being discarded because it is occluded.

        This optimization does not affect the final rendering, and is typically possible when the fragment does not change the depth programmatically. (i.e.: it does not write to the built-in gl_FragDepth output). There are, however a class of operations on the depth in the shader which could still be performed while allowing the early depth test to operate.

        This extension allows the application to pass enough information to the GL implementation to activate such optimizations safely.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.2.

      • GL_AMD_debug_output

        public final boolean GL_AMD_debug_output
        When true, AMDDebugOutput is supported.
      • GL_AMD_depth_clamp_separate

        public final boolean GL_AMD_depth_clamp_separate
        When true, AMDDepthClampSeparate is supported.
      • GL_AMD_draw_buffers_blend

        public final boolean GL_AMD_draw_buffers_blend
        When true, AMDDrawBuffersBlend is supported.
      • GL_AMD_gcn_shader

        public final boolean GL_AMD_gcn_shader
        When true, the AMD_gcn_shader extension is supported.

        This extension exposes miscellaneous features of the AMD "Graphics Core Next" shader architecture that do not cleanly fit into other extensions and are not significant enough alone to warrant their own extensions. This includes cross-SIMD lane ballots, cube map query functions and a functionality to query the elapsed shader core time.

        Requires AMD_gpu_shader_int64 or NV_gpu_shader5.

      • GL_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float

        public final boolean GL_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float
        When true, AMDGPUShaderHalfFloat is supported.
      • GL_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float_fetch

        public final boolean GL_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float_fetch
        When true, AMDGPUShaderHalfFloatFetch is supported.
      • GL_AMD_gpu_shader_int16

        public final boolean GL_AMD_gpu_shader_int16
        When true, the AMD_gpu_shader_int16 extension is supported.

        This extension was developed to allow implementations supporting 16-bit integers to expose the feature in GLSL.

        The extension introduces the following features for all shader types:

        • new built-in functions to pack and unpack 32-bit integer types into a two-component 16-bit integer vector;
        • new built-in functions to convert half-precision floating-point values to or from their 16-bit integer bit encodings;
        • vector relational functions supporting comparisons of vectors of 16-bit integer types; and
        • common functions abs, frexp, ldexp, sign, min, max, clamp, and mix supporting arguments of 16-bit integer types.

        Requires GLSL 4.00.

      • GL_AMD_gpu_shader_int64

        public final boolean GL_AMD_gpu_shader_int64
        When true, AMDGPUShaderInt64 is supported.
      • GL_AMD_interleaved_elements

        public final boolean GL_AMD_interleaved_elements
        When true, AMDInterleavedElements is supported.
      • GL_AMD_occlusion_query_event

        public final boolean GL_AMD_occlusion_query_event
        When true, AMDOcclusionQueryEvent is supported.
      • GL_AMD_performance_monitor

        public final boolean GL_AMD_performance_monitor
        When true, AMDPerformanceMonitor is supported.
      • GL_AMD_pinned_memory

        public final boolean GL_AMD_pinned_memory
        When true, AMDPinnedMemory is supported.
      • GL_AMD_query_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_AMD_query_buffer_object
        When true, AMDQueryBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_AMD_sample_positions

        public final boolean GL_AMD_sample_positions
        When true, AMDSamplePositions is supported.
      • GL_AMD_seamless_cubemap_per_texture

        public final boolean GL_AMD_seamless_cubemap_per_texture
        When true, AMDSeamlessCubemapPerTexture is supported.
      • GL_AMD_shader_ballot

        public final boolean GL_AMD_shader_ballot
        When true, the AMD_shader_ballot extension is supported.

        The extensions ARB_shader_group_vote and ARB_shader_ballot introduced the concept of sub-groups and a set of operations that allow data exchange across shader invocations within a sub-group.

        This extension further extends the capabilities of these extensions with additional sub-group operations.

        Requires ARB_shader_group_vote, ARB_shader_ballot and ARB_gpu_shader_int64 or AMD_gpu_shader_int64.

      • GL_AMD_shader_explicit_vertex_parameter

        public final boolean GL_AMD_shader_explicit_vertex_parameter
        When true, the AMD_shader_explicit_vertex_parameter extension is supported.

        Unextended GLSL provides a set of fixed function interpolation modes and even those are limited to certain types of interpolants (for example, interpolation of integer and double isn't supported).

        This extension introduces new built-in functions allowing access to vertex parameters explicitly in the fragment shader. It also exposes barycentric coordinates as new built-in variables, which can be used to implement custom interpolation algorithms using shader code.

        Requires OpenGL 2.0 or ARB_shader_objects.

      • GL_AMD_shader_image_load_store_lod

        public final boolean GL_AMD_shader_image_load_store_lod
        When true, the AMD_shader_image_load_store_lod extension is supported.

        This extension was developed based on the ARB_shader_image_load_store extension to allow implementations supporting loads and stores on mipmap texture images.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0 and GLSL 4.00

      • GL_AMD_shader_stencil_export

        public final boolean GL_AMD_shader_stencil_export
        When true, the AMD_shader_stencil_export extension is supported.

        In OpenGL, the stencil test is a powerful mechanism to selectively discard fragments based on the content of the stencil buffer. However, facilites to update the content of the stencil buffer are limited to operations such as incrementing the existing value, or overwriting with a fixed reference value.

        This extension provides a mechanism whereby a shader may generate the stencil reference value per invocation. When stencil testing is enabled, this allows the test to be performed against the value generated in the shader. When the stencil operation is set to REPLACE, this allows a value generated in the shader to be written to the stencil buffer directly.

        Requires ARB_fragment_shader.

      • GL_AMD_shader_trinary_minmax

        public final boolean GL_AMD_shader_trinary_minmax
        When true, the AMD_shader_trinary_minmax extension is supported.

        This extension introduces three new trinary built-in functions to the OpenGL Shading Languages. These functions allow the minimum, maximum or median of three inputs to be found with a single function call. These operations may be useful for sorting and filtering operations, for example. By explicitly performing a trinary operation with a single built-in function, shader compilers and optimizers may be able to generate better instruction sequences for perform sorting and other multi-input functions.

        Requires OpenGL 2.0 or ARB_shader_objects.

      • GL_AMD_sparse_texture

        public final boolean GL_AMD_sparse_texture
        When true, AMDSparseTexture is supported.
      • GL_AMD_stencil_operation_extended

        public final boolean GL_AMD_stencil_operation_extended
        When true, AMDStencilOperationExtended is supported.
      • GL_AMD_texture_gather_bias_lod

        public final boolean GL_AMD_texture_gather_bias_lod
        When true, the AMD_texture_gather_bias_lod extension is supported.

        This extension was developed based on existing built-in texture gather functions to allow implementations supporting bias of implicit level of detail and explicit control of level of detail in texture gather operations.

      • GL_AMD_texture_texture4

        public final boolean GL_AMD_texture_texture4
        When true, the AMD_texture_texture4 extension is supported.

        This extension adds new shading language built-in texture functions to the shading language.

        These texture functions may be used to access one component textures.

        The texture4 built-in function returns a texture value derived from a 2x2 set of texels in the image array of level levelbase is selected. These texels are selected in the same way as when the value of TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER is LINEAR, but instead of these texels being filtered to generate the texture value, the R, G, B and A texture values are derived directly from these four texels.

      • GL_AMD_transform_feedback3_lines_triangles

        public final boolean GL_AMD_transform_feedback3_lines_triangles
        When true, the AMD_transform_feedback3_lines_triangles extension is supported.

        OpenGL 4.0 introduced the ability to record primitives into multiple output streams using transform feedback. However, the restriction that all streams must output POINT primitives when more than one output stream is active was also introduced. This extension simply removes that restriction, allowing the same set of primitives to be used with multiple transform feedback streams as with a single stream.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0 or ARB_transform_feedback3.

      • GL_AMD_transform_feedback4

        public final boolean GL_AMD_transform_feedback4
        When true, AMDTransformFeedback4 is supported.
      • GL_AMD_vertex_shader_layer

        public final boolean GL_AMD_vertex_shader_layer
        When true, the AMD_vertex_shader_layer extension is supported.

        The gl_Layer built-in shading language variable was introduced with the ARB_geometry_shader4 extension and subsequently promoted to core OpenGL in version 3.2. This variable is an output from the geometry shader stage that allows rendering to be directed to a specific layer of an array texture, slice of a 3D texture or face of a cube map or cube map array attachment of the framebuffer. Thus, this extremely useful functionality is only available if a geometry shader is present - even if the geometry shader is not otherwise required by the application. This adds overhead to the graphics processing pipeline, and complexity to applications. It also precludes implementations that cannot support geometry shaders from supporting rendering to layered framebuffer attachments.

        This extension exposes the gl_Layer built-in variable in the vertex shader, allowing rendering to be directed to layered framebuffer attachments with only a vertex and fragment shader present. Combined with features such as instancing, or static vertex attributes and so on, this allows a wide variety of techniques to be implemented without the requirement for a geometry shader to be present.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0 or EXT_texture_array.

      • GL_AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator

        public final boolean GL_AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator
        When true, AMDVertexShaderTessellator is supported.
      • GL_AMD_vertex_shader_viewport_index

        public final boolean GL_AMD_vertex_shader_viewport_index
        When true, the AMD_vertex_shader_viewport_index extension is supported.

        The gl_ViewportIndex built-in variable was introduced by the ARB_viewport_array extension and OpenGL 4.1. This variable is available in un-extended OpenGL only to the geometry shader. When written in the geometry shader, it causes geometry to be directed to one of an array of several independent viewport rectangles.

        In order to use any viewport other than zero, a geometry shader must be present. Geometry shaders introduce processing overhead and potential performance issues. This extension exposes the gl_ViewportIndex built-in variable to the vertex shader, allowing the functionality introduced by ARB_viewport_array to be accessed without requiring a geometry shader to be present.

        Requires OpenGL 4.1 or ARB_viewport_array.

      • GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays

        public final boolean GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays
        When true, the ARB_arrays_of_arrays extension is supported.

        This extension removes the restriction that arrays cannot be formed into arrays, allowing arrays of arrays to be declared.

        Requires GLSL 1.2. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.3.

      • GL_ARB_base_instance

        public final boolean GL_ARB_base_instance
        When true, ARBBaseInstance is supported.
      • GL_ARB_bindless_texture

        public final boolean GL_ARB_bindless_texture
        When true, ARBBindlessTexture is supported.
      • GL_ARB_blend_func_extended

        public final boolean GL_ARB_blend_func_extended
        When true, ARBBlendFuncExtended is supported.
      • GL_ARB_buffer_storage

        public final boolean GL_ARB_buffer_storage
        When true, ARBBufferStorage is supported.
      • GL_ARB_cl_event

        public final boolean GL_ARB_cl_event
        When true, ARBCLEvent is supported.
      • GL_ARB_clear_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_clear_buffer_object
        When true, ARBClearBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_clear_texture

        public final boolean GL_ARB_clear_texture
        When true, ARBClearTexture is supported.
      • GL_ARB_clip_control

        public final boolean GL_ARB_clip_control
        When true, ARBClipControl is supported.
      • GL_ARB_color_buffer_float

        public final boolean GL_ARB_color_buffer_float
        When true, ARBColorBufferFloat is supported.
      • GL_ARB_compatibility

        public final boolean GL_ARB_compatibility
        When true, the ARB_compatibility extension is supported.

        This extension restores features deprecated by OpenGL 3.0.

      • GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage

        public final boolean GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage
        When true, ARBCompressedTexturePixelStorage is supported.
      • GL_ARB_compute_shader

        public final boolean GL_ARB_compute_shader
        When true, ARBComputeShader is supported.
      • GL_ARB_compute_variable_group_size

        public final boolean GL_ARB_compute_variable_group_size
        When true, ARBComputeVariableGroupSize is supported.
      • GL_ARB_conditional_render_inverted

        public final boolean GL_ARB_conditional_render_inverted
        When true, ARBConditionalRenderInverted is supported.
      • GL_ARB_conservative_depth

        public final boolean GL_ARB_conservative_depth
        When true, the ARB_conservative_depth extension is supported.

        There is a common optimization for hardware accelerated implementation of OpenGL which relies on an early depth test to be run before the fragment shader so that the shader evaluation can be skipped if the fragment ends up being discarded because it is occluded.

        This optimization does not affect the final rendering, and is typically possible when the fragment does not change the depth programmatically. (i.e.: it does not write to the built-in gl_FragDepth output). There are, however a class of operations on the depth in the shader which could still be performed while allowing the early depth test to operate.

        This extension allows the application to pass enough information to the GL implementation to activate such optimizations safely.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.2.

      • GL_ARB_copy_buffer

        public final boolean GL_ARB_copy_buffer
        When true, ARBCopyBuffer is supported.
      • GL_ARB_copy_image

        public final boolean GL_ARB_copy_image
        When true, ARBCopyImage is supported.
      • GL_ARB_cull_distance

        public final boolean GL_ARB_cull_distance
        When true, ARBCullDistance is supported.
      • GL_ARB_debug_output

        public final boolean GL_ARB_debug_output
        When true, ARBDebugOutput is supported.
      • GL_ARB_depth_buffer_float

        public final boolean GL_ARB_depth_buffer_float
        When true, ARBDepthBufferFloat is supported.
      • GL_ARB_depth_clamp

        public final boolean GL_ARB_depth_clamp
        When true, ARBDepthClamp is supported.
      • GL_ARB_depth_texture

        public final boolean GL_ARB_depth_texture
        When true, ARBDepthTexture is supported.
      • GL_ARB_derivative_control

        public final boolean GL_ARB_derivative_control
        When true, the ARB_derivative_control extension is supported.

        This extension provides control over the spacial granularity at which the underlying implementation computes derivatives.

        For example, for the coarse-granularity derivative, a single x derivative could be computed for each 2x2 group of pixels, using that same derivative value for all 4 pixels. For the fine-granularity derivative, two derivatives could be computed for each 2x2 group of pixels; one for the top row and one for the bottom row. Implementations vary somewhat on how this is done.

        To select the coarse derivative, use:


        To select the fine derivative, use:


        To select which ever is "better" (based on performance, API hints, or other factors), use:


        This last set is the set of previously existing built-ins for derivatives, and continues to work in a backward compatible way.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0 and GLSL 4.00. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.5.

      • GL_ARB_direct_state_access

        public final boolean GL_ARB_direct_state_access
        When true, ARBDirectStateAccess is supported.
      • GL_ARB_draw_buffers

        public final boolean GL_ARB_draw_buffers
        When true, ARBDrawBuffers is supported.
      • GL_ARB_draw_buffers_blend

        public final boolean GL_ARB_draw_buffers_blend
        When true, ARBDrawBuffersBlend is supported.
      • GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex

        public final boolean GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex
        When true, ARBDrawElementsBaseVertex is supported.
      • GL_ARB_draw_indirect

        public final boolean GL_ARB_draw_indirect
        When true, ARBDrawIndirect is supported.
      • GL_ARB_draw_instanced

        public final boolean GL_ARB_draw_instanced
        When true, ARBDrawInstanced is supported.
      • GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts

        public final boolean GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts
        When true, ARBEnhancedLayouts is supported.
      • GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility

        public final boolean GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility
        When true, ARBES2Compatibility is supported.
      • GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility

        public final boolean GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility
        When true, ARBES31Compatibility is supported.
      • GL_ARB_ES3_2_compatibility

        public final boolean GL_ARB_ES3_2_compatibility
        When true, ARBES32Compatibility is supported.
      • GL_ARB_ES3_compatibility

        public final boolean GL_ARB_ES3_compatibility
        When true, ARBES3Compatibility is supported.
      • GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location

        public final boolean GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location
        When true, the ARB_explicit_attrib_location extension is supported.

        This extension provides a method to pre-assign attribute locations to named vertex shader inputs and color numbers to named fragment shader outputs. This allows applications to globally assign a particular semantic meaning, such as diffuse color or vertex normal, to a particular attribute location without knowing how that attribute will be named in any particular shader.

        Requires OpenGL 2.0 or ARB_vertex_shader. Promoted to core in OpenGL 3.3.

      • GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location

        public final boolean GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location
        When true, ARBExplicitUniformLocation is supported.
      • GL_ARB_fragment_coord_conventions

        public final boolean GL_ARB_fragment_coord_conventions
        When true, the ARB_fragment_coord_conventions extension is supported.

        This extension provides alternative conventions for the fragment coordinate XY location available for programmable fragment processing.

        The scope of this extension deals *only* with how the fragment coordinate XY location appears during programming fragment processing. Beyond the scope of this extension are coordinate conventions used for rasterization or transformation.

        In the case of the coordinate conventions for rasterization and transformation, some combination of the viewport, depth range, culling state, and projection matrix state can be reconfigured to adopt other arbitrary clip-space and window-space coordinate space conventions. Adopting other clip-space and window-space conventions involves adjusting existing OpenGL state. However it is non-trivial to massage an arbitrary fragment shader or program to adopt a different window-space coordinate system because such shaders are encoded in various textual representations.

        The dominant 2D and 3D rendering APIs make two basic choices of convention when locating fragments in window space. The two choices are:

        1. Is the origin nearest the lower-left- or upper-left-most pixel of the window?
        2. Is the (x,y) location of the pixel nearest the origin at (0,0) or (0.5,0.5)?

        OpenGL assumes a lower-left origin for window coordinates and assumes pixel centers are located at half-pixel coordinates. This means the XY location (0.5,0.5) corresponds to the lower-left-most pixel in a window.

        Other window coordinate conventions exist for other rendering APIs. X11, GDI, and Direct3D version through DirectX 9 assume an upper-left window origin and locate pixel centers at integer XY values. By this alternative convention, the XY location (0,0) corresponds to the upper-left-most pixel in a window.

        Direct3D for DirectX 10 assumes an upper-left origin (as do prior DirectX versions) yet assumes half-pixel coordinates (unlike prior DirectX versions). By the DirectX 10 convention, the XY location (0.5,0.5) corresponds to the upper-left-most pixel in a window.

        Fragment shaders can directly access the location of a given processed fragment in window space. We call this location the "fragment coordinate".

        This extension provides a means for fragment shaders written in GLSL or OpenGL assembly extensions to specify alternative conventions for determining the fragment coordinate value accessed during programmable fragment processing.

        The motivation for this extension is to provide an easy, efficient means for fragment shaders accessing a fragment's window-space location to adopt the fragment coordinate convention for which the shader was originally written.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 3.2.

      • GL_ARB_fragment_layer_viewport

        public final boolean GL_ARB_fragment_layer_viewport
        When true, the ARB_fragment_layer_viewport extension is supported.

        The geometry shader has the special built-in variables gl_Layer and gl_ViewportIndex that specify which layer and viewport primitives are rendered to. Currently the fragment shader does not know which layer or viewport the fragments are being written to without the application implementing their own interface variables between the geometry and fragment shaders.

        This extension specifies that the gl_Layer and gl_ViewportIndex built-in variables are also available to the fragment shader so the application doesn't need to implement these manually.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0 and ARB_geometry_shader4, or OpenGL 3.2. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.3.

      • GL_ARB_fragment_program

        public final boolean GL_ARB_fragment_program
        When true, ARBFragmentProgram is supported.
      • GL_ARB_fragment_program_shadow

        public final boolean GL_ARB_fragment_program_shadow
        When true, the ARB_fragment_program_shadow extension is supported.

        This extension extends ARB_fragment_program to remove the interaction with ARB_shadow and defines the program option "ARB_fragment_program_shadow".

        Requires ARB_fragment_program and ARB_shadow.

      • GL_ARB_fragment_shader

        public final boolean GL_ARB_fragment_shader
        When true, ARBFragmentShader is supported.
      • GL_ARB_fragment_shader_interlock

        public final boolean GL_ARB_fragment_shader_interlock
        When true, the ARB_fragment_shader_interlock extension is supported.

        In unextended OpenGL 4.5, applications may produce a large number of fragment shader invocations that perform loads and stores to memory using image uniforms, atomic counter uniforms, buffer variables, or pointers. The order in which loads and stores to common addresses are performed by different fragment shader invocations is largely undefined. For algorithms that use shader writes and touch the same pixels more than once, one or more of the following techniques may be required to ensure proper execution ordering:

        • inserting Finish or WaitSync commands to drain the pipeline between different "passes" or "layers";
        • using only atomic memory operations to write to shader memory (which may be relatively slow and limits how memory may be updated); or
        • injecting spin loops into shaders to prevent multiple shader invocations from touching the same memory concurrently.

        This extension provides new GLSL built-in functions beginInvocationInterlockARB() and endInvocationInterlockARB() that delimit a critical section of fragment shader code. For pairs of shader invocations with "overlapping" coverage in a given pixel, the OpenGL implementation will guarantee that the critical section of the fragment shader will be executed for only one fragment at a time.

        There are four different interlock modes supported by this extension, which are identified by layout qualifiers. The qualifiers "pixel_interlock_ordered" and "pixel_interlock_unordered" provides mutual exclusion in the critical section for any pair of fragments corresponding to the same pixel. When using multisampling, the qualifiers "sample_interlock_ordered" and "sample_interlock_unordered" only provide mutual exclusion for pairs of fragments that both cover at least one common sample in the same pixel; these are recommended for performance if shaders use per-sample data structures.

        Additionally, when the "pixel_interlock_ordered" or "sample_interlock_ordered" layout qualifier is used, the interlock also guarantees that the critical section for multiple shader invocations with "overlapping" coverage will be executed in the order in which the primitives were processed by the GL. Such a guarantee is useful for applications like blending in the fragment shader, where an application requires that fragment values to be composited in the framebuffer in primitive order.

        This extension can be useful for algorithms that need to access per-pixel data structures via shader loads and stores. Such algorithms using this extension can access such data structures in the critical section without worrying about other invocations for the same pixel accessing the data structures concurrently. Additionally, the ordering guarantees are useful for cases where the API ordering of fragments is meaningful. For example, applications may be able to execute programmable blending operations in the fragment shader, where the destination buffer is read via image loads and the final value is written via image stores.

        Requires OpenGL 4.2 or ARB_shader_image_load_store.

      • GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments

        public final boolean GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments
        When true, ARBFramebufferNoAttachments is supported.
      • GL_ARB_framebuffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_framebuffer_object
        When true, ARBFramebufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB

        public final boolean GL_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB
        When true, ARBFramebufferSRGB is supported.
      • GL_ARB_geometry_shader4

        public final boolean GL_ARB_geometry_shader4
        When true, ARBGeometryShader4 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_get_program_binary

        public final boolean GL_ARB_get_program_binary
        When true, ARBGetProgramBinary is supported.
      • GL_ARB_get_texture_sub_image

        public final boolean GL_ARB_get_texture_sub_image
        When true, ARBGetTextureSubImage is supported.
      • GL_ARB_gl_spirv

        public final boolean GL_ARB_gl_spirv
        When true, ARBGLSPIRV is supported.
      • GL_ARB_gpu_shader5

        public final boolean GL_ARB_gpu_shader5
        When true, ARBGPUShader5 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_gpu_shader_fp64

        public final boolean GL_ARB_gpu_shader_fp64
        When true, ARBGPUShaderFP64 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_gpu_shader_int64

        public final boolean GL_ARB_gpu_shader_int64
        When true, ARBGPUShaderInt64 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_half_float_pixel

        public final boolean GL_ARB_half_float_pixel
        When true, ARBHalfFloatPixel is supported.
      • GL_ARB_half_float_vertex

        public final boolean GL_ARB_half_float_vertex
        When true, ARBHalfFloatVertex is supported.
      • GL_ARB_imaging

        public final boolean GL_ARB_imaging
        When true, ARBImaging is supported.
      • GL_ARB_indirect_parameters

        public final boolean GL_ARB_indirect_parameters
        When true, ARBIndirectParameters is supported.
      • GL_ARB_instanced_arrays

        public final boolean GL_ARB_instanced_arrays
        When true, ARBInstancedArrays is supported.
      • GL_ARB_internalformat_query

        public final boolean GL_ARB_internalformat_query
        When true, ARBInternalformatQuery is supported.
      • GL_ARB_internalformat_query2

        public final boolean GL_ARB_internalformat_query2
        When true, ARBInternalformatQuery2 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_invalidate_subdata

        public final boolean GL_ARB_invalidate_subdata
        When true, ARBInvalidateSubdata is supported.
      • GL_ARB_map_buffer_alignment

        public final boolean GL_ARB_map_buffer_alignment
        When true, ARBMapBufferAlignment is supported.
      • GL_ARB_map_buffer_range

        public final boolean GL_ARB_map_buffer_range
        When true, ARBMapBufferRange is supported.
      • GL_ARB_matrix_palette

        public final boolean GL_ARB_matrix_palette
        When true, ARBMatrixPalette is supported.
      • GL_ARB_multi_bind

        public final boolean GL_ARB_multi_bind
        When true, ARBMultiBind is supported.
      • GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect

        public final boolean GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect
        When true, ARBMultiDrawIndirect is supported.
      • GL_ARB_multisample

        public final boolean GL_ARB_multisample
        When true, ARBMultisample is supported.
      • GL_ARB_multitexture

        public final boolean GL_ARB_multitexture
        When true, ARBMultitexture is supported.
      • GL_ARB_occlusion_query

        public final boolean GL_ARB_occlusion_query
        When true, ARBOcclusionQuery is supported.
      • GL_ARB_occlusion_query2

        public final boolean GL_ARB_occlusion_query2
        When true, ARBOcclusionQuery2 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_parallel_shader_compile

        public final boolean GL_ARB_parallel_shader_compile
        When true, ARBParallelShaderCompile is supported.
      • GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query

        public final boolean GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query
        When true, ARBPipelineStatisticsQuery is supported.
      • GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object
        When true, ARBPixelBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_point_parameters

        public final boolean GL_ARB_point_parameters
        When true, ARBPointParameters is supported.
      • GL_ARB_point_sprite

        public final boolean GL_ARB_point_sprite
        When true, ARBPointSprite is supported.
      • GL_ARB_polygon_offset_clamp

        public final boolean GL_ARB_polygon_offset_clamp
        When true, ARBPolygonOffsetClamp is supported.
      • GL_ARB_post_depth_coverage

        public final boolean GL_ARB_post_depth_coverage
        When true, the ARB_post_depth_coverage extension is supported.

        This extension allows the fragment shader to control whether values in gl_SampleMaskIn[] reflect the coverage after application of the early depth and stencil tests. This feature can be enabled with the following layout qualifier in the fragment shader:

                 layout(post_depth_coverage) in;

        Use of this feature implicitly enables early fragment tests.

      • GL_ARB_program_interface_query

        public final boolean GL_ARB_program_interface_query
        When true, ARBProgramInterfaceQuery is supported.
      • GL_ARB_provoking_vertex

        public final boolean GL_ARB_provoking_vertex
        When true, ARBProvokingVertex is supported.
      • GL_ARB_query_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_query_buffer_object
        When true, ARBQueryBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior

        public final boolean GL_ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior
        When true, the ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior extension is supported.

        This extension specifies the behavior of out-of-bounds buffer and array accesses. This is an improvement over the existing ARB_robustness extension which stated that the application should not crash, but the behavior is otherwise undefined. This extension specifies the access protection provided by the GL to ensure that out-of-bounds accesses cannot read from or write to data not owned by the application. All accesses are contained within the buffer object and program area they reference. These additional robustness guarantees apply to contexts created with the CONTEXT_FLAG_ROBUST_ACCESS_BIT_ARB feature enabled.

        Requires ARB_robustness. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.3.

      • GL_ARB_robustness

        public final boolean GL_ARB_robustness
        When true, ARBRobustness is supported.
      • GL_ARB_robustness_application_isolation

        public final boolean GL_ARB_robustness_application_isolation
        When true, the ARB_robustness_application_isolation extension is supported.

        ARB_robustness and supporting window system extensions allow creating an OpenGL context supporting graphics reset notification behavior. This extension provides stronger guarantees about the possible side-effects of a graphics reset.

        It is expected that there may be a performance cost associated with isolating an application or share group from other contexts on the GPU. For this reason, ARB_robustness_isolation is phrased as an opt-in mechanism, with a new context creation bit defined in the window system bindings. It is expected that implementations might only advertise the strings in this extension if both the implementation supports the desired isolation properties, and the context was created with the appropriate reset isolation bit.

        If the graphics driver advertises the GL_ARB_robustness_application_isolation extension string, then the driver guarantees that if a particular application causes a graphics reset to occur:

        1. No other application on the system is affected by the graphics reset.
        2. No other application on the system receives any notification that the graphics reset occurred.

        Requires ARB_robustness. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.3.

      • GL_ARB_robustness_share_group_isolation

        public final boolean GL_ARB_robustness_share_group_isolation
        When true, the ARB_robustness_share_group_isolation extension is supported.

        See ARB_robustness_application_isolation.

        If the graphics driver advertises the GL_ARB_robustness_share_group_isolation extension string, then the driver guarantees that if a context in a particular share group causes a graphics reset to occur:

        1. No other share group within the application is affected by the graphics reset. Additionally, no other application on the system is affected by the graphics reset.
        2. No other share group within the application receives any notification that the graphics reset occurred. Additionally, no other application on the system receives any notification that the graphics reset occurred.
      • GL_ARB_sample_locations

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sample_locations
        When true, ARBSampleLocations is supported.
      • GL_ARB_sample_shading

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sample_shading
        When true, ARBSampleShading is supported.
      • GL_ARB_sampler_objects

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sampler_objects
        When true, ARBSamplerObjects is supported.
      • GL_ARB_seamless_cube_map

        public final boolean GL_ARB_seamless_cube_map
        When true, ARBSeamlessCubeMap is supported.
      • GL_ARB_seamless_cubemap_per_texture

        public final boolean GL_ARB_seamless_cubemap_per_texture
        When true, ARBSeamlessCubemapPerTexture is supported.
      • GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects

        public final boolean GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects
        When true, ARBSeparateShaderObjects is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counter_ops

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counter_ops
        When true, the ARB_shader_atomic_counter_ops extension is supported.

        The ARB_shader_atomic_counters extension introduced atomic counters, but it limits list of potential operations that can be performed on them to increment, decrement, and query. This extension extends the list of GLSL built-in functions that can operate on atomic counters. The list of new operations include:

        • Addition and subtraction
        • Minimum and maximum
        • Bitwise operators (AND, OR, XOR, etc.)
        • Exchange, and compare and exchange operators

        Requires OpenGL 4.2 or ARB_shader_atomic_counters.

      • GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters
        When true, ARBShaderAtomicCounters is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shader_ballot

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_ballot
        When true, the ARB_shader_ballot extension is supported.

        This extension provides the ability for a group of invocations which execute in lockstep to do limited forms of cross-invocation communication via a group broadcast of a invocation value, or broadcast of a bitarray representing a predicate value from each invocation in the group.

        Requires ARB_gpu_shader_int64.

      • GL_ARB_shader_bit_encoding

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_bit_encoding
        When true, the ARB_shader_bit_encoding extension is supported.

        This extension trivially adds built-in functions for getting/setting the bit encoding for floating-point values in the OpenGL Shading Language.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 3.3.

      • GL_ARB_shader_clock

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_clock
        When true, the ARB_shader_clock extension is supported.

        This extension exposes a 64-bit monotonically incrementing shader counter which may be used to derive local timing information within a single shader invocation.

      • GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters
        When true, the ARB_shader_draw_parameters extension is supported.

        In unextended GL, vertex shaders have inputs named gl_VertexID and gl_InstanceID, which contain, respectively the index of the vertex and instance. The value of gl_VertexID is the implicitly passed index of the vertex being processed, which includes the value of baseVertex, for those commands that accept it. Meanwhile, gl_InstanceID is the integer index of the current instance being processed, but, even for commands that accept a baseInstance parameter, it does not include the value of this argument. Furthermore, the equivalents to these variables in other graphics APIs do not necessarily follow these conventions. The reason for this inconsistency is that there are legitimate use cases for both inclusion and exclusion of the baseVertex or baseInstance parameters in gl_VertexID and gl_InstanceID, respectively.

        Rather than change the semantics of either built-in variable, this extension adds two new built-in variables to the GL shading language, gl_BaseVertexARB and gl_BaseInstanceARB, which contain the values passed in the baseVertex and baseInstance parameters, respectively. Shaders provided by the application may use these variables to offset gl_VertexID or gl_InstanceID if desired, or use them for any other purpose.

        Additionally, this extension adds a further built-in variable, gl_DrawID to the shading language. This variable contains the index of the draw currently being processed by a Multi* variant of a drawing command (such as MultiDrawElements or MultiDrawArraysIndirect).

        Requires OpenGL 3.1. Promoted to core in OpenGL 3.3.

      • GL_ARB_shader_group_vote

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_group_vote
        When true, the ARB_shader_group_vote extension is supported.

        This extension provides new built-in functions to compute the composite of a set of boolean conditions across a group of shader invocations. These composite results may be used to execute shaders more efficiently on a single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) processor. The set of shader invocations across which boolean conditions are evaluated is implementation-dependent, and this extension provides no guarantee over how individual shader invocations are assigned to such sets. In particular, the set of shader invocations has no necessary relationship with the compute shader local work group -- a pair of shader invocations in a single compute shader work group may end up in different sets used by these built-ins.

        Compute shaders operate on an explicitly specified group of threads (a local work group), but many implementations of OpenGL 4.3 will even group non-compute shader invocations and execute them in a SIMD fashion. When executing code like

         if (condition) {
             result = do_fast_path();
         } else {
             result = do_general_path();

        where condition diverges between invocations, a SIMD implementation might first call do_fast_path() for the invocations where condition is true and leave the other invocations dormant. Once do_fast_path() returns, it might call do_general_path() for invocations where condition is false and leave the other invocations dormant. In this case, the shader executes *both* the fast and the general path and might be better off just using the general path for all invocations.

        This extension provides the ability to avoid divergent execution by evaluting a condition across an entire SIMD invocation group using code like:

         if (allInvocationsARB(condition)) {
             result = do_fast_path();
         } else {
             result = do_general_path();

        The built-in function allInvocationsARB() will return the same value for all invocations in the group, so the group will either execute do_fast_path() or do_general_path(), but never both. For example, shader code might want to evaluate a complex function iteratively by starting with an approximation of the result and then refining the approximation. Some input values may require a small number of iterations to generate an accurate result (do_fast_path) while others require a larger number (do_general_path). In another example, shader code might want to evaluate a complex function (do_general_path) that can be greatly simplified when assuming a specific value for one of its inputs (do_fast_path).

        Requires OpenGL 4.3 or ARB_compute_shader.

      • GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store
        When true, ARBShaderImageLoadStore is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shader_image_size

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_image_size
        When true, the ARB_shader_image_size extension is supported.

        This extension provides GLSL built-in functions allowing shaders to query the size of an image.

        Requires OpenGL 4.2 and GLSL 4.20. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.3.

      • GL_ARB_shader_objects

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_objects
        When true, ARBShaderObjects is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shader_precision

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_precision
        When true, the ARB_shader_precision extension is supported.

        This extension more clearly restricts the precision requirements of implementations of the GLSL specification. These include precision of arithmetic operations (operators '+', '/', ...), transcendentals (log, exp, pow, reciprocal sqrt, ...), when NaNs (not a number) and INFs (infinities) will be supported and generated, and denorm flushing behavior. Trigonometric built-ins and some other categories of built-ins are not addressed.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.1.

      • GL_ARB_shader_stencil_export

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_stencil_export
        When true, the ARB_shader_stencil_export extension is supported.

        In OpenGL, the stencil test is a powerful mechanism to selectively discard fragments based on the content of the stencil buffer. However, facilites to update the content of the stencil buffer are limited to operations such as incrementing the existing value, or overwriting with a fixed reference value.

        This extension provides a mechanism whereby a shader may generate the stencil reference value per invocation. When stencil testing is enabled, this allows the test to be performed against the value generated in the shader. When the stencil operation is set to REPLACE, this allows a value generated in the shader to be written to the stencil buffer directly.

        Requires ARB_fragment_shader.

      • GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object
        When true, ARBShaderStorageBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shader_subroutine

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_subroutine
        When true, ARBShaderSubroutine is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shader_texture_image_samples

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_texture_image_samples
        When true, the ARB_shader_texture_image_samples extension is supported.

        This extension provides GLSL built-in functions allowing shaders to query the number of samples of a texture.

        Requires GLSL 1.50 or ARB_texture_multisample.

      • GL_ARB_shader_texture_lod

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_texture_lod
        When true, the ARB_shader_texture_lod extension is supported.

        This extension adds additional texture functions to the OpenGL Shading Language which provide the shader writer with explicit control of LOD.

        Mipmap texture fetches and anisotropic texture fetches require an implicit derivatives to calculate rho, lambda and/or the line of anisotropy. These implicit derivatives will be undefined for texture fetches occurring inside non-uniform control flow or for vertex shader texture fetches, resulting in undefined texels.

        The additional texture functions introduced with this extension provide explict control of LOD (isotropic texture functions) or provide explicit derivatives (anisotropic texture functions).

        Anisotropic texture functions return defined texels for mipmap texture fetches or anisotropic texture fetches, even inside non-uniform control flow. Isotropic texture functions return defined texels for mipmap texture fetches, even inside non-uniform control flow. However, isotropic texture functions return undefined texels for anisotropic texture fetches.

        The existing isotropic vertex texture functions:

         texture1DLod,   texture1DProjLod,
         texture2DLod,   texture2DProjLod,
         texture3DLod,   texture3DProjLod,
         shadow1DLod,    shadow1DProjLod,
         shadow2DLod,    shadow2DProjLod

        are added to the built-in functions for fragment shaders.

        New anisotropic texture functions, providing explicit derivatives:

             sampler1D sampler,
             float P, float dPdx, float dPdy);
             sampler1D sampler,
             vec2 P, float dPdx, float dPdy);
             sampler1D sampler,
             vec4 P, float dPdx, float dPdy);
             sampler2D sampler,
             vec2 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2D sampler,
             vec3 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2D sampler,
             vec4 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler3D sampler,
             vec3 P, vec3 dPdx, vec3 dPdy);
             sampler3D sampler,
             vec4 P, vec3 dPdx, vec3 dPdy);
             samplerCube sampler,
             vec3 P, vec3 dPdx, vec3 dPdy);
             sampler1DShadow sampler,
             vec3 P, float dPdx, float dPdy);
             sampler1DShadow sampler,
             vec4 P, float dPdx, float dPdy);
             sampler2DShadow sampler,
             vec3 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2DShadow sampler,
             vec4 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2DRect sampler,
             vec2 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2DRect sampler,
             vec3 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2DRect sampler,
             vec4 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2DRectShadow sampler,
             vec3 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);
             sampler2DRectShadow sampler,
             vec4 P, vec2 dPdx, vec2 dPdy);

        are added to the built-in functions for vertex shaders and fragment shaders.

        Requires ARB_shader_objects. Promoted to core in OpenGL 3.0.

      • GL_ARB_shader_viewport_layer_array

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shader_viewport_layer_array
        When true, the ARB_shader_viewport_layer_array extension is supported.

        The gl_ViewportIndex and gl_Layer built-in variables were introduced by the in OpenGL 4.1. These variables are available in un-extended OpenGL only to the geometry shader. When written in the geometry shader, they cause geometry to be directed to one of an array of several independent viewport rectangles or framebuffer attachment layers, respectively.

        In order to use any viewport or attachment layer other than zero, a geometry shader must be present. Geometry shaders introduce processing overhead and potential performance issues. The AMD_vertex_shader_layer and AMD_vertex_shader_viewport_index extensions allowed the gl_Layer and gl_ViewportIndex outputs to be written directly from the vertex shader with no geometry shader present.

        This extension effectively merges the AMD_vertex_shader_layer and AMD_vertex_shader_viewport_index extensions together and extends them further to allow both outputs to be written from tessellation evaluation shaders.

        Requires OpenGL 4.1.

      • GL_ARB_shading_language_100

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shading_language_100
        When true, ARBShadingLanguage100 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack
        When true, the ARB_shading_language_420pack extension is supported.

        This is a language feature only extension formed from changes made to version 4.20 of GLSL. It includes:

        • Add line-continuation using '', as in C++.
        • Change from ASCII to UTF-8 for the language character set and also allow any characters inside comments.
        • Allow implicit conversions of return values to the declared type of the function.
        • The *const* keyword can be used to declare variables within a function body with initializer expressions that are not constant expressions.
        • Qualifiers on variable declarations no longer have to follow a strict order. The layout qualifier can be used multiple times, and multiple parameter qualifiers can be used. However, this is not as straightforward as saying declarations have arbitrary lists of initializers. Typically, one qualifier from each class of qualifiers is allowed, so care is now taken to classify them and say so. Then, of these, order restrictions are removed.
        • Add layout qualifier identifier "binding" to bind the location of a uniform block. This requires version 1.4 of GLSL. If this extension is used with an earlier version than 1.4, this feature is not present.
        • Add layout qualifier identifier "binding" to bind units to sampler and image variable declarations.
        • Add C-style curly brace initializer lists syntax for initializers. Full initialization of aggregates is required when these are used.
        • Allow ".length()" to be applied to vectors and matrices, returning the number of components or columns.
        • Allow swizzle operations on scalars.
        • Built-in constants for gl_MinProgramTexelOffset and gl_MaxProgramTexelOffset.

        Requires GLSL 1.30. Requires GLSL 1.40 for uniform block bindings. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.2.

      • GL_ARB_shading_language_include

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shading_language_include
        When true, ARBShadingLanguageInclude is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shading_language_packing

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shading_language_packing
        When true, the ARB_shading_language_packing extension is supported.

        This extension provides the GLSL built-in functions to convert a 32-bit unsigned integer holding a pair of 16-bit floating-point values to or from a two-component floating-point vector (vec2).

        This mechanism allows GLSL shaders to read and write 16-bit floating-point encodings (via 32-bit unsigned integers) without introducing a full set of 16-bit floating-point data types.

        This extension also adds the GLSL built-in packing functions included in GLSL version 4.00 and the ARB_gpu_shader5 extension which pack and unpack vectors of small fixed-point data types into a larger scalar. By putting these packing functions in this separate extension it allows implementations to provide these functions in hardware that supports them independent of the other ARB_gpu_shader5 features.

        In addition to the packing functions from ARB_gpu_shader5 this extension also adds the missing [un]packSnorm2x16 for completeness.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.2.

      • GL_ARB_shadow

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shadow
        When true, ARBShadow is supported.
      • GL_ARB_shadow_ambient

        public final boolean GL_ARB_shadow_ambient
        When true, ARBShadowAmbient is supported.
      • GL_ARB_sparse_buffer

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sparse_buffer
        When true, ARBSparseBuffer is supported.
      • GL_ARB_sparse_texture

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sparse_texture
        When true, ARBSparseTexture is supported.
      • GL_ARB_sparse_texture2

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sparse_texture2
        When true, the ARB_sparse_texture2 extension is supported.

        This extension builds on the ARB_sparse_texture extension, providing the following new functionality:

        • New built-in GLSL texture lookup and image load functions are provided that return information on whether the texels accessed for the texture lookup accessed uncommitted texture memory.
        • New built-in GLSL texture lookup functions are provided that specify a minimum level of detail to use for lookups where the level of detail is computed automatically. This allows shaders to avoid accessing unpopulated portions of high-resolution levels of detail when it knows that the memory accessed is unpopulated, either from a priori knowledge or from feedback provided by the return value of previously executed "sparse" texture lookup functions.
        • Reads of uncommitted texture memory will act as though such memory were filled with zeroes; previously, the values returned by reads were undefined.
        • Standard implementation-independent virtual page sizes for internal formats required to be supported with sparse textures. These standard sizes can be requested by leaving VIRTUAL_PAGE_SIZE_INDEX_ARB at its initial value (0).
        • Support for creating sparse multisample and multisample array textures is added. However, the virtual page sizes for such textures remain fully implementation-dependent.

        Requires ARB_sparse_texture

      • GL_ARB_sparse_texture_clamp

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sparse_texture_clamp
        When true, the ARB_sparse_texture_clamp extension is supported.

        This extension builds on the ARB_sparse_texture2 extension, providing the following new functionality:

        New built-in GLSL texture lookup functions are provided that specify a minimum level of detail to use for lookups where the level of detail is computed automatically. This allows shaders to avoid accessing unpopulated portions of high-resolution levels of detail when it knows that the memory accessed is unpopulated, either from a priori knowledge or from feedback provided by the return value of previously executed "sparse" texture lookup functions.

        Requires ARB_sparse_texture2

      • GL_ARB_spirv_extensions

        public final boolean GL_ARB_spirv_extensions
        When true, ARBSPIRVExtensions is supported.
      • GL_ARB_stencil_texturing

        public final boolean GL_ARB_stencil_texturing
        When true, ARBStencilTexturing is supported.
      • GL_ARB_sync

        public final boolean GL_ARB_sync
        When true, ARBSync is supported.
      • GL_ARB_tessellation_shader

        public final boolean GL_ARB_tessellation_shader
        When true, ARBTessellationShader is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_barrier

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_barrier
        When true, ARBTextureBarrier is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_border_clamp

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_border_clamp
        When true, ARBTextureBorderClamp is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object
        When true, ARBTextureBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32
        When true, the ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32 extension is supported.

        This extension adds three new buffer texture formats - RGB32F, RGB32I, and RGB32UI. This partially addresses one of the limitations of buffer textures in the original EXT_texture_buffer_object extension and in OpenGL 3.1, which provide no support for three-component formats.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.0.

      • GL_ARB_texture_buffer_range

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_buffer_range
        When true, ARBTextureBufferRange is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_compression

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_compression
        When true, ARBTextureCompression is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_compression_bptc

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_compression_bptc
        When true, ARBTextureCompressionBPTC is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_compression_rgtc

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_compression_rgtc
        When true, ARBTextureCompressionRGTC is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_cube_map

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
        When true, ARBTextureCubeMap is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_cube_map_array

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_cube_map_array
        When true, ARBTextureCubeMapArray is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_env_add

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_env_add
        When true, the ARB_texture_env_add extension is supported.

        This extension adds a new texture environment function: ADD.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 1.3.

      • GL_ARB_texture_env_combine

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
        When true, ARBTextureEnvCombine is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar
        When true, the ARB_texture_env_crossbar extension is supported.

        This extension adds the capability to use the texture color from other texture units as sources to the COMBINE_ARB environment function. The ARB_texture_env_combine extension defined texture environment functions which could use the color from the current texture unit as a source. This extension adds the ability to use the color from any texture unit as a source.

        Requires ARB_multitexture and ARB_texture_env_combine. Promoted to core in OpenGL 1.4.

      • GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3
        When true, ARBTextureEnvDot3 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_filter_anisotropic

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_filter_anisotropic
        When true, ARBTextureFilterAnisotropic is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_filter_minmax

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_filter_minmax
        When true, ARBTextureFilterMinmax is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_float

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_float
        When true, ARBTextureFloat is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_gather

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_gather
        When true, ARBTextureGather is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge
        When true, ARBTextureMirrorClampToEdge is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat
        When true, ARBTextureMirroredRepeat is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_multisample

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_multisample
        When true, ARBTextureMultisample is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two
        When true, the ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extension is supported.

        Conventional OpenGL texturing is limited to images with power-of-two dimensions and an optional 1-texel border. This extension relaxes the size restrictions for the 1D, 2D, cube map, and 3D texture targets.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 2.0.

      • GL_ARB_texture_query_levels

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_query_levels
        When true, the ARB_texture_query_levels extension is supported.

        This extension provides a new set of texture functions (textureQueryLevels) in the OpenGL Shading Language that exposes the number of accessible mipmap levels in the texture associated with a GLSL sampler variable. The set of accessible levels includes all the levels of the texture defined either through TexImage*, TexStorage*, or TextureView* (ARB_texture_view) APIs that are not below the TEXTURE_BASE_LEVEL or above the TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL parameters. For textures defined with TexImage*, the set of resident levels is somewhat implementation-dependent. For fully defined results, applications should use TexStorage*/TextureView unless the texture has a full mipmap chain and is used with a mipmapped minification filter.

        These functions means that shaders are not required to manually recompute, approximate, or maintain a uniform holding a pre-computed level count, since the true level count is already available to the implementation. This value can be used to avoid black or leaking pixel artifacts for rendering methods which are using texture images as memory pages (eg: virtual textures); methods that can't only rely on the fixed pipeline texture functions which take advantage of TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL for their sampling.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.3.

      • GL_ARB_texture_query_lod

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_query_lod
        When true, the ARB_texture_query_lod extension is supported.

        This extension provides a new set of fragment shader texture functions (textureLOD) that return the results of automatic level-of-detail computations that would be performed if a texture lookup were performed.

        Requires OpenGL 2.0, EXT_gpu_shader4, EXT_texture_array and GLSL 1.30. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.0.

      • GL_ARB_texture_rectangle

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_rectangle
        When true, ARBTextureRectangle is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_rg

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_rg
        When true, ARBTextureRG is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_rgb10_a2ui

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_rgb10_a2ui
        When true, ARBTextureRGB10_A2UI is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_stencil8

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_stencil8
        When true, the ARB_texture_stencil8 extension is supported.

        This extension accepts STENCIL_INDEX8 as a texture internal format, and adds STENCIL_INDEX8 to the required internal format list. This removes the need to use renderbuffers if a stencil-only format is desired.

        Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.4.

      • GL_ARB_texture_storage

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_storage
        When true, ARBTextureStorage is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_storage_multisample

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_storage_multisample
        When true, ARBTextureStorageMultisample is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_swizzle

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_swizzle
        When true, ARBTextureSwizzle is supported.
      • GL_ARB_texture_view

        public final boolean GL_ARB_texture_view
        When true, ARBTextureView is supported.
      • GL_ARB_timer_query

        public final boolean GL_ARB_timer_query
        When true, ARBTimerQuery is supported.
      • GL_ARB_transform_feedback2

        public final boolean GL_ARB_transform_feedback2
        When true, ARBTransformFeedback2 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_transform_feedback3

        public final boolean GL_ARB_transform_feedback3
        When true, ARBTransformFeedback3 is supported.
      • GL_ARB_transform_feedback_instanced

        public final boolean GL_ARB_transform_feedback_instanced
        When true, ARBTransformFeedbackInstanced is supported.
      • GL_ARB_transpose_matrix

        public final boolean GL_ARB_transpose_matrix
        When true, ARBTransposeMatrix is supported.
      • GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object
        When true, ARBUniformBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra
        When true, ARBVertexArrayBGRA is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_array_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_array_object
        When true, ARBVertexArrayObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit
        When true, ARBVertexAttrib64Bit is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_binding

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_binding
        When true, ARBVertexAttribBinding is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_blend

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_blend
        When true, ARBVertexBlend is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object
        When true, ARBVertexBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_program

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_program
        When true, ARBVertexProgram is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_shader

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_shader
        When true, ARBVertexShader is supported.
      • GL_ARB_vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev
        When true, the ARB_vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev extension is supported.

        This extension a new vertex attribute data format: a packed 11.11.10 unsigned float vertex data format. This vertex data format can be used to describe a compressed 3 component stream of values that can be represented by 10- or 11-bit unsigned floating point values.

        The UNSIGNED_INT_10F_11F_11F_REV vertex attribute type is equivalent to the R11F_G11F_B10F texture internal format.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0 and ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev. Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.4.

      • GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev

        public final boolean GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev
        When true, ARBVertexType2_10_10_10_REV is supported.
      • GL_ARB_viewport_array

        public final boolean GL_ARB_viewport_array
        When true, ARBViewportArray is supported.
      • GL_ARB_window_pos

        public final boolean GL_ARB_window_pos
        When true, ARBWindowPos is supported.
      • GL_ATI_meminfo

        public final boolean GL_ATI_meminfo
        When true, ATIMeminfo is supported.
      • GL_ATI_shader_texture_lod

        public final boolean GL_ATI_shader_texture_lod
        When true, the ATI_shader_texture_lod extension is supported.
      • GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc

        public final boolean GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc
        When true, ATITextureCompression3DC is supported.
      • GL_EXT_422_pixels

        public final boolean GL_EXT_422_pixels
        When true, EXT422Pixels is supported.
      • GL_EXT_abgr

        public final boolean GL_EXT_abgr
        When true, EXTABGR is supported.
      • GL_EXT_bgra

        public final boolean GL_EXT_bgra
        When true, EXTBGRA is supported.
      • GL_EXT_bindable_uniform

        public final boolean GL_EXT_bindable_uniform
        When true, EXTBindableUniform is supported.
      • GL_EXT_blend_color

        public final boolean GL_EXT_blend_color
        When true, EXTBlendColor is supported.
      • GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate

        public final boolean GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate
        When true, EXTBlendEquationSeparate is supported.
      • GL_EXT_blend_func_separate

        public final boolean GL_EXT_blend_func_separate
        When true, EXTBlendFuncSeparate is supported.
      • GL_EXT_blend_minmax

        public final boolean GL_EXT_blend_minmax
        When true, EXTBlendMinmax is supported.
      • GL_EXT_blend_subtract

        public final boolean GL_EXT_blend_subtract
        When true, EXTBlendSubtract is supported.
      • GL_EXT_clip_volume_hint

        public final boolean GL_EXT_clip_volume_hint
        When true, EXTClipVolumeHint is supported.
      • GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array

        public final boolean GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array
        When true, EXTCompiledVertexArray is supported.
      • GL_EXT_debug_label

        public final boolean GL_EXT_debug_label
        When true, EXTDebugLabel is supported.
      • GL_EXT_debug_marker

        public final boolean GL_EXT_debug_marker
        When true, EXTDebugMarker is supported.
      • GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test

        public final boolean GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test
        When true, EXTDepthBoundsTest is supported.
      • GL_EXT_direct_state_access

        public final boolean GL_EXT_direct_state_access
        When true, EXTDirectStateAccess is supported.
      • GL_EXT_draw_buffers2

        public final boolean GL_EXT_draw_buffers2
        When true, EXTDrawBuffers2 is supported.
      • GL_EXT_draw_instanced

        public final boolean GL_EXT_draw_instanced
        When true, EXTDrawInstanced is supported.
      • GL_EXT_EGL_image_storage

        public final boolean GL_EXT_EGL_image_storage
        When true, EXTEGLImageStorage is supported.
      • GL_EXT_external_buffer

        public final boolean GL_EXT_external_buffer
        When true, EXTExternalBuffer is supported.
      • GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit

        public final boolean GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit
        When true, EXTFramebufferBlit is supported.
      • GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample

        public final boolean GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample
        When true, EXTFramebufferMultisample is supported.
      • GL_EXT_framebuffer_object

        public final boolean GL_EXT_framebuffer_object
        When true, EXTFramebufferObject is supported.
      • GL_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB

        public final boolean GL_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB
        When true, EXTFramebufferSRGB is supported.
      • GL_EXT_geometry_shader4

        public final boolean GL_EXT_geometry_shader4
        When true, EXTGeometryShader4 is supported.
      • GL_EXT_gpu_program_parameters

        public final boolean GL_EXT_gpu_program_parameters
        When true, EXTGPUProgramParameters is supported.
      • GL_EXT_gpu_shader4

        public final boolean GL_EXT_gpu_shader4
        When true, EXTGPUShader4 is supported.
      • GL_EXT_memory_object

        public final boolean GL_EXT_memory_object
        When true, EXTMemoryObject is supported.
      • GL_EXT_memory_object_fd

        public final boolean GL_EXT_memory_object_fd
        When true, EXTMemoryObjectFD is supported.
      • GL_EXT_memory_object_win32

        public final boolean GL_EXT_memory_object_win32
        When true, EXTMemoryObjectWin32 is supported.
      • GL_EXT_multiview_tessellation_geometry_shader

        public final boolean GL_EXT_multiview_tessellation_geometry_shader
        When true, the EXT_multiview_tessellation_geometry_shader extension is supported.

        This extension removes one of the limitations of the OVR_multiview extension by allowing the use of tessellation control, tessellation evaluation, and geometry shaders during multiview rendering. OVR_multiview by itself forbids the use of any of these shader types.

        When using tessellation control, tessellation evaluation, and geometry shaders during multiview rendering, any such shader must use the "num_views" layout qualifier provided by the matching shading language extension to specify a view count. The view count specified in these shaders must match the count specified in the vertex shader. Additionally, the shading language extension allows these shaders to use the gl_ViewID_OVR built-in to handle tessellation or geometry shader processing differently for each view.

        OVR_multiview2 extends OVR_multiview by allowing view-dependent values for any vertex attributes instead of just the position. This new extension does not imply the availability of OVR_multiview2, but if both are available, view-dependent values for any vertex attributes are also allowed in tessellation control, tessellation evaluation, and geometry shaders.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0 and OVR_multiview.

      • GL_EXT_multiview_texture_multisample

        public final boolean GL_EXT_multiview_texture_multisample
        When true, the EXT_multiview_texture_multisample extension is supported.

        This extension removes one of the limitations of the OVR_multiview extension by allowing the use of multisample textures during multiview rendering.

        This is one of two extensions that allow multisampling when using OVR_multiview. Each supports one of the two different approaches to multisampling in OpenGL:

        Core OpenGL has explicit support for multisample texture types, such as TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE. Applications can access the values of individual samples and can explicitly "resolve" the samples of each pixel down to a single color.

        The extension EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture provides support for multisampled rendering to non-multisample texture types, such as TEXTURE_2D. The individual samples for each pixel are maintained internally by the implementation and can not be accessed directly by applications. These samples are eventually resolved implicitly to a single color for each pixel.

        This extension supports the first multisampling style with multiview rendering; the OVR_multiview_multisampled_render_to_texture extension supports the second style. Note that support for one of these multiview extensions does not imply support for the other.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0 and OVR_multiview.

      • GL_EXT_multiview_timer_query

        public final boolean GL_EXT_multiview_timer_query
        When true, the EXT_multiview_timer_query extension is supported.

        This extension removes one of the limitations of the OVR_multiview extension by allowing the use of timer queries during multiview rendering. OVR_multiview does not specify defined behavior for such usage.

        Requires OpenGL 4.0 and OVR_multiview.

      • GL_EXT_packed_depth_stencil

        public final boolean GL_EXT_packed_depth_stencil
        When true, EXTPackedDepthStencil is supported.
      • GL_EXT_packed_float

        public final boolean GL_EXT_packed_float
        When true, EXTPackedFloat is supported.
      • GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object
        When true, EXTPixelBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_EXT_point_parameters

        public final boolean GL_EXT_point_parameters
        When true, EXTPointParameters is supported.
      • GL_EXT_polygon_offset_clamp

        public final boolean GL_EXT_polygon_offset_clamp
        When true, EXTPolygonOffsetClamp is supported.
      • GL_EXT_post_depth_coverage

        public final boolean GL_EXT_post_depth_coverage
        When true, the EXT_post_depth_coverage extension is supported.

        This extension allows the fragment shader to control whether values in gl_SampleMaskIn[] reflect the coverage after application of the early depth and stencil tests. This feature can be enabled with the following layout qualifier in the fragment shader:

         layout(post_depth_coverage) in;

        To use this feature, early fragment tests must also be enabled in the fragment shader via:

         layout(early_fragment_tests) in;
      • GL_EXT_provoking_vertex

        public final boolean GL_EXT_provoking_vertex
        When true, EXTProvokingVertex is supported.
      • GL_EXT_raster_multisample

        public final boolean GL_EXT_raster_multisample
        When true, EXTRasterMultisample is supported.
      • GL_EXT_secondary_color

        public final boolean GL_EXT_secondary_color
        When true, EXTSecondaryColor is supported.
      • GL_EXT_semaphore

        public final boolean GL_EXT_semaphore
        When true, EXTSemaphore is supported.
      • GL_EXT_semaphore_fd

        public final boolean GL_EXT_semaphore_fd
        When true, EXTSemaphoreFD is supported.
      • GL_EXT_semaphore_win32

        public final boolean GL_EXT_semaphore_win32
        When true, EXTSemaphoreWin32 is supported.
      • GL_EXT_separate_shader_objects

        public final boolean GL_EXT_separate_shader_objects
        When true, EXTSeparateShaderObjects is supported.
      • GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch

        public final boolean GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch
        When true, EXTShaderFramebufferFetch is supported.
      • GL_EXT_shader_image_load_formatted

        public final boolean GL_EXT_shader_image_load_formatted
        When true, the EXT_shader_image_load_formatted extension is supported.

        ARB_shader_image_load_store (and OpenGL 4.2) added support for random access load and store from/to texture images, but due to hardware limitations, loads were required to declare the image format in the shader source. This extension relaxes that requirement, and the return values from imageLoad can be format-converted based on the format of the image binding.

      • GL_EXT_shader_image_load_store

        public final boolean GL_EXT_shader_image_load_store
        When true, EXTShaderImageLoadStore is supported.
      • GL_EXT_shader_integer_mix

        public final boolean GL_EXT_shader_integer_mix
        When true, the EXT_shader_integer_mix extension is supported.

        GLSL 1.30 (and GLSL ES 3.00) expanded the mix() built-in function to operate on a boolean third argument that does not interpolate but selects. This extension extends mix() to select between int, uint, and bool components.

        Requires OpenGL 3.0.

      • GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette

        public final boolean GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette
        When true, EXTSharedTexturePalette is supported.
      • GL_EXT_sparse_texture2

        public final boolean GL_EXT_sparse_texture2
        When true, the EXT_sparse_texture2 extension is supported.

        This extension builds on the ARB_sparse_texture extension, providing the following new functionality:

        • New built-in GLSL texture lookup and image load functions are provided that return information on whether the texels accessed for the texture lookup accessed uncommitted texture memory.

          New built-in GLSL texture lookup functions are provided that specify a minimum level of detail to use for lookups where the level of detail is computed automatically. This allows shaders to avoid accessing unpopulated portions of high-resolution levels of detail when it knows that the memory accessed is unpopulated, either from a priori knowledge or from feedback provided by the return value of previously executed "sparse" texture lookup functions.

          Reads of uncommitted texture memory will act as though such memory were filled with zeroes; previously, the values returned by reads were undefined.

          Standard implementation-independent virtual page sizes for internal formats required to be supported with sparse textures. These standard sizes can be requested by leaving VIRTUAL_PAGE_SIZE_INDEX_ARB at its initial value (0).

          Support for creating sparse multisample and multisample array textures is added. However, the virtual page sizes for such textures remain fully implementation-dependent.

        Requires ARB_sparse_texture.

      • GL_EXT_stencil_clear_tag

        public final boolean GL_EXT_stencil_clear_tag
        When true, EXTStencilClearTag is supported.
      • GL_EXT_stencil_two_side

        public final boolean GL_EXT_stencil_two_side
        When true, EXTStencilTwoSide is supported.
      • GL_EXT_stencil_wrap

        public final boolean GL_EXT_stencil_wrap
        When true, EXTStencilWrap is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_array

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_array
        When true, EXTTextureArray is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_buffer_object

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_buffer_object
        When true, EXTTextureBufferObject is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc
        When true, EXTTextureCompressionLATC is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_compression_rgtc

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_compression_rgtc
        When true, EXTTextureCompressionRGTC is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc
        When true, EXTTextureCompressionS3TC is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic
        When true, EXTTextureFilterAnisotropic is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_filter_minmax

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_filter_minmax
        When true, EXTTextureFilterMinmax is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_integer

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_integer
        When true, EXTTextureInteger is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_mirror_clamp

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_mirror_clamp
        When true, EXTTextureMirrorClamp is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_shadow_lod

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_shadow_lod
        This extension adds support for various shadow sampler types with texture functions having interactions with the LOD of texture lookups.

        Modern shading languages support LOD queries for shadow sampler types, but until now the OpenGL Shading Language Specification has excluded multiple texture function overloads involving LOD calculations with various shadow samplers. Shading languages for other APIs do support the equivalent LOD-based texture sampling functions for these types which has made porting between those shading languages to GLSL cumbersome and has required the usage of sub-optimal workarounds.

        Requires OpenGL 2.0 and EXT_gpu_shader4 or equivalent functionality.

      • GL_EXT_texture_shared_exponent

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_shared_exponent
        When true, EXTTextureSharedExponent is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_snorm

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_snorm
        When true, EXTTextureSnorm is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_sRGB

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_sRGB
        When true, EXTTextureSRGB is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode
        When true, EXTTextureSRGBDecode is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_R8

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_R8
        When true, EXTTextureSRGBR8 is supported.
      • GL_EXT_texture_swizzle

        public final boolean GL_EXT_texture_swizzle
        When true, EXTTextureSwizzle is supported.
      • GL_EXT_timer_query

        public final boolean GL_EXT_timer_query
        When true, EXTTimerQuery is supported.
      • GL_EXT_transform_feedback

        public final boolean GL_EXT_transform_feedback
        When true, EXTTransformFeedback is supported.
      • GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra

        public final boolean GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra
        When true, the EXT_vertex_array_bgra extension is supported.

        This extension provides a single new component format for vertex arrays to read 4-component unsigned byte vertex attributes with a BGRA component ordering.

        OpenGL expects vertex arrays containing 4 unsigned bytes per element to be in the RGBA, STRQ, or XYZW order (reading components left-to-right in their lower address to higher address order). Essentially the order the components appear in memory is the order the components appear in the resulting vertex attribute vector.

        However Direct3D has color (diffuse and specular) vertex arrays containing 4 unsigned bytes per element that are in a BGRA order (again reading components left-to-right in their lower address to higher address order). Direct3D calls this "ARGB" reading the components in the opposite order (reading components left-to-right in their higher address to lower address order). This ordering is generalized in the DirectX 10 by the DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM format.

        For an OpenGL application to source color data from a vertex buffer formatted for Direct3D's color array format conventions, the application is forced to either:

        1. Rely on a vertex program or shader to swizzle the color components from the BGRA to conventional RGBA order.
        2. Re-order the color data components in the vertex buffer from Direct3D's native BGRA order to OpenGL's native RGBA order.

        Neither option is entirely satisfactory.

        Option 1 means vertex shaders have to be re-written to source colors differently. If the same vertex shader is used with vertex arrays configured to source the color as 4 floating-point color components, the swizzle for BGRA colors stored as 4 unsigned bytes is no longer appropriate. The shader's swizzling of colors becomes dependent on the type and number of color components. Ideally the vertex shader should be independent from the format and component ordering of the data it sources.

        Option 2 is expensive because vertex buffers may have to be reformatted prior to use. OpenGL treats the memory for vertex arrays (whether client-side memory or buffer objects) as essentially untyped memory and vertex arrays can be stored separately, interleaved, or even interwoven (where multiple arrays overlap with differing strides and formats).

        Rather than force a re-ordering of either vertex array components in memory or a vertex array format-dependent re-ordering of vertex shader inputs, OpenGL can simply provide a vertex array format that matches the Direct3D color component ordering.

        This approach mimics that of the EXT_bgra extension for pixel and texel formats except for vertex instead of image data.

      • GL_EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit

        public final boolean GL_EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit
        When true, EXTVertexAttrib64bit is supported.
      • GL_EXT_win32_keyed_mutex

        public final boolean GL_EXT_win32_keyed_mutex
        When true, EXTWin32KeyedMutex is supported.
      • GL_EXT_window_rectangles

        public final boolean GL_EXT_window_rectangles
        When true, EXTWindowRectangles is supported.
      • GL_EXT_x11_sync_object

        public final boolean GL_EXT_x11_sync_object
        When true, EXTX11SyncObject is supported.
      • GL_GREMEDY_frame_terminator

        public final boolean GL_GREMEDY_frame_terminator
        When true, GREMEDYFrameTerminator is supported.
      • GL_GREMEDY_string_marker

        public final boolean GL_GREMEDY_string_marker
        When true, GREMEDYStringMarker is supported.
      • GL_INTEL_blackhole_render

        public final boolean GL_INTEL_blackhole_render
        When true, INTELBlackholeRender is supported.
      • GL_INTEL_conservative_rasterization

        public final boolean GL_INTEL_conservative_rasterization
        When true, INTELConservativeRasterization is supported.
      • GL_INTEL_fragment_shader_ordering

        public final boolean GL_INTEL_fragment_shader_ordering
        When true, the INTEL_fragment_shader_ordering extension is supported.

        Graphics devices may execute in parallel fragment shaders referring to the same window xy coordinates. Framebuffer writes are guaranteed to be processed in primitive rasterization order, but there is no order guarantee for other instructions and image or buffer object accesses in particular.

        The extension introduces a new GLSL built-in function, beginFragmentShaderOrderingINTEL(), which blocks execution of a fragment shader invocation until invocations from previous primitives that map to the same xy window coordinates (and same sample when per-sample shading is active) complete their execution. All memory transactions from previous fragment shader invocations are made visible to the fragment shader invocation that called beginFragmentShaderOrderingINTEL() when the function returns.

      • GL_INTEL_framebuffer_CMAA

        public final boolean GL_INTEL_framebuffer_CMAA
        When true, INTELFramebufferCMAA is supported.
      • GL_INTEL_map_texture

        public final boolean GL_INTEL_map_texture
        When true, INTELMapTexture is supported.
      • GL_INTEL_performance_query

        public final boolean GL_INTEL_performance_query
        When true, INTELPerformanceQuery is supported.
      • GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced

        public final boolean GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced
        When true, KHRBlendEquationAdvanced is supported.
      • GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced_coherent

        public final boolean GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced_coherent
        When true, KHRBlendEquationAdvancedCoherent is supported.