Class EXTStencilWrap

  • public final class EXTStencilWrap
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_stencil_wrap extension.

    Various algorithms use the stencil buffer to "count" the number of surfaces that a ray passes through. As the ray passes into an object, the stencil buffer is incremented. As the ray passes out of an object, the stencil buffer is decremented.

    GL requires that the stencil increment operation clamps to its maximum value. For algorithms that depend on the difference between the sum of the increments and the sum of the decrements, clamping causes an erroneous result.

    This extension provides an enable for both maximum and minimum wrapping of stencil values. Instead, the stencil value wraps in both directions.

    Two additional stencil operations are specified. These new operations are similiar to the existing INCR and DECR operations, but they wrap their result instead of saturating it. This functionality matches the new stencil operations introduced by DirectX 6.

    Promoted to core in OpenGL 1.4.

    • Field Summary

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      static int GL_DECR_WRAP_EXT
      Accepted by the sfail, dpfail, and dppass parameter of StencilOp.
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