Class EXTDebugMarker

  • public class EXTDebugMarker
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_debug_marker extension.

    This extension defines a mechanism for OpenGL and OpenGL ES applications to annotate their command stream with markers for discrete events and groups of commands using descriptive text markers.

    When profiling or debugging such an application within a debugger or profiler it is difficult to relate the commands within the command stream to the elements of the scene or parts of the program code to which they correspond. Markers help obviate this by allowing applications to specify this link.

    The intended purpose of this is purely to improve the user experience within OpenGL and OpenGL ES development tools.

    • Method Detail

      • nglInsertEventMarkerEXT

        public static void nglInsertEventMarkerEXT​(int length,
                                                   long marker)
      • glInsertEventMarkerEXT

        public static void glInsertEventMarkerEXT​(java.nio.ByteBuffer marker)
      • glInsertEventMarkerEXT

        public static void glInsertEventMarkerEXT​(java.lang.CharSequence marker)
      • nglPushGroupMarkerEXT

        public static void nglPushGroupMarkerEXT​(int length,
                                                 long marker)
      • glPushGroupMarkerEXT

        public static void glPushGroupMarkerEXT​(java.nio.ByteBuffer marker)
      • glPushGroupMarkerEXT

        public static void glPushGroupMarkerEXT​(java.lang.CharSequence marker)
      • glPopGroupMarkerEXT

        public static void glPopGroupMarkerEXT()