Class EXTCompiledVertexArray

  • public class EXTCompiledVertexArray
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension.

    This extension defines an interface which allows static vertex array data to be cached or pre-compiled for more efficient rendering. This is useful for implementations which can cache the transformed results of array data for reuse by several DrawArrays, ArrayElement, or DrawElements commands. It is also useful for implementations which can transfer array data to fast memory for more efficient processing.

    For example, rendering an M by N mesh of quadrilaterals can be accomplished by setting up vertex arrays containing all of the vertexes in the mesh and issuing M DrawElements commands each of which operate on 2 * N vertexes. Each DrawElements command after the first will share N vertexes with the preceding DrawElements command. If the vertex array data is locked while the DrawElements commands are executed, then OpenGL may be able to transform each of these shared vertexes just once.