Class EXTBlendEquationSeparate

  • public class EXTBlendEquationSeparate
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_blend_equation_separate extension.

    EXT_blend_func_separate introduced separate RGB and alpha blend factors. EXT_blend_minmax introduced a distinct blend equation for combining source and destination blend terms. (EXT_blend_subtract & EXT_blend_logic_op added other blend equation modes.) OpenGL 1.4 integrated both functionalities into the core standard.

    While there are separate blend functions for the RGB and alpha blend factors, OpenGL 1.4 provides a single blend equation that applies to both RGB and alpha portions of blending.

    This extension provides a separate blend equation for RGB and alpha to match the generality available for blend factors.

    Requires OpenGL 1.4 or ARB_imaging or EXT_blend_minmax and/or EXT_blend_subtract. Promoted to core in OpenGL 2.0.