Class ARBTextureCubeMapArray

  • public final class ARBTextureCubeMapArray
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the ARB_texture_cube_map_array extension.

    The EXT_texture_array extension, and subsequently OpenGL 3.0 have introduced the concept of one- and two-dimensional array textures. An array texture is an ordered set of images with the same size and format. Each image in an array texture has a unique level. This extension expands texture array support to include cube map textures.

    A cube map array texture is a 2-dimensional array texture that may contain many cube map layers. Each cube map layer is a unique cube map image set. Images in a cube map array have the same size and format limitations as one- and two-dimensional array textures. A cube map array texture is specified using TexImage3D in a similar manner to two-dimensional arrays. Cube map array textures can be bound to a render targets of a frame buffer object as two-dimensional arrays are using FramebufferTextureLayer.

    When accessed by a programmable shader, a cube map array texture acts as a single unit. The "s", "t", "r" texture coordinates are treated as a regular cube map texture fetch. The "q" texture is treated as an unnormalized floating-point value identifying the layer of the cube map array texture. Cube map array texture lookups do not filter between layers.

    This extension does not provide for the use of cube map array textures with fixed-function fragment processing.

    Promoted to core in OpenGL 4.0.