Class ARBSPIRVExtensions

  • public final class ARBSPIRVExtensions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the ARB_spirv_extensions extension.

    ARB_gl_spirv added support for using SPIR-V modules in OpenGL. However it only added support for SPIR-V 1.0 concepts that were part of the OpenGL 4.5 Core Profile.

    There are a great number of additional OpenGL ARB and vendor extensions which add shading language concepts and since they were defined prior to the existence of SPIR-V support in OpenGL they don't add SPIR-V support for their additional features. Ideally GL_ARB_gl_spirv would have added support for them, but as noted in Issue 27 of that extension, support for them was left as a future exercise.

    Now that at least some of that functionality has been defined via SPIR-V extensions, there is currently no way for an OpenGL implementation to advertise that is supports additional SPIR-V extensions.

    This extension provides a mechanism for an implementation to advertise which SPIR-V extensions it supports, and further provides a place where the SPIR-V environment for those extensions can be documented for OpenGL.

    It is expected that this document can be extended over time as SPIR-V support for additional extensions is added. The mapping between GLSL and SPIR-V concepts and any other pertinent information can be provided here as interactions with the corresponding OpenGL and SPIR-V extensions.

    Requires OpenGL B.G.

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