Class AMDStencilOperationExtended

  • public class AMDStencilOperationExtended
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the AMD_stencil_operation_extended extension.

    Stencil buffers are special buffers that allow tests to be made against an incoming value and action taken based on that value. The stencil buffer is updated during rasterization, and the operation used to update the stencil buffer is chosen based on whether the fragment passes the stencil test, and if it does, whether it passes the depth test. Traditional OpenGL includes support for several primitive operations, such as incrementing, or clearing the content of the stencil buffer, or replacing it with a specified reference value.

    This extension adds support for an additional set of operations that may be performed on the stencil buffer under each circumstance. Additionally, this extension separates the value used as the source for stencil operations from the reference value, allowing different values to be used in the stencil test, and in the update of the stencil buffer.