Class AMDGPUShaderHalfFloat

  • public final class AMDGPUShaderHalfFloat
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the AMD_gpu_shader_half_float extension.

    This extension was developed based on the NV_gpu_shader5 extension to allow implementations supporting half float in shader and expose the feature without the additional requirements that are present in NV_gpu_shader5.

    The extension introduces the following features for all shader types:

    • support for half float scalar, vector and matrix data types in shader;
    • new built-in functions to pack and unpack half float types into a 32-bit integer vector;
    • half float support for all existing single float built-in functions, including angle functions, exponential functions, common functions, geometric functions, matrix functions and etc.;

    This extension is designed to be a functional superset of the half-precision floating-point support from NV_gpu_shader5 and to keep source code compatible with that, thus the new procedures, functions, and tokens are identical to those found in that extension.

    Requires OpenGL 4.0 and GLSL 4.00.