Class AMDDrawBuffersBlend

  • public class AMDDrawBuffersBlend
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the AMD_draw_buffers_blend extension.

    This extension builds upon the ARB_draw_buffers and EXT_draw_buffers2 extensions. In ARB_draw_buffers (part of OpenGL 2.0), separate values could be written to each color buffer. This was further enhanced by EXT_draw_buffers2 by adding in the ability to enable blending and to set color write masks independently per color output.

    This extension provides the ability to set individual blend equations and blend functions for each color output.

    Requires OpenGL 2.0 and EXT_draw_buffers2.

    • Method Detail

      • glBlendFuncIndexedAMD

        public static void glBlendFuncIndexedAMD​(int buf,
                                                 int src,
                                                 int dst)
      • glBlendFuncSeparateIndexedAMD

        public static void glBlendFuncSeparateIndexedAMD​(int buf,
                                                         int srcRGB,
                                                         int dstRGB,
                                                         int srcAlpha,
                                                         int dstAlpha)
      • glBlendEquationIndexedAMD

        public static void glBlendEquationIndexedAMD​(int buf,
                                                     int mode)
      • glBlendEquationSeparateIndexedAMD

        public static void glBlendEquationSeparateIndexedAMD​(int buf,
                                                             int modeRGB,
                                                             int modeAlpha)