Class KHRGLSharing

  • public class KHRGLSharing
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the khr_gl_sharing extension.
    • Method Detail

      • nclGetGLContextInfoKHR

        public static int nclGetGLContextInfoKHR​(long properties,
                                                 int param_name,
                                                 long param_value_size,
                                                 long param_value,
                                                 long param_value_size_ret)
        Unsafe version of: GetGLContextInfoKHR
        param_value_size - the size in bytes of memory pointed to by param_value. This size must be ≥ size of return type. If param_value is NULL, it is ignored.
      • clGetGLContextInfoKHR

        public static int clGetGLContextInfoKHR​(PointerBuffer properties,
                                                int param_name,
                                                java.nio.ByteBuffer param_value,
                                                PointerBuffer param_value_size_ret)
        public static int clGetGLContextInfoKHR​(PointerBuffer properties,
                                                int param_name,
                                                PointerBuffer param_value,
                                                PointerBuffer param_value_size_ret)
        Queries the OpenCL device currently corresponding to an OpenGL context.

        Such a device may not always exist (for example, if an OpenGL context is specified on a GPU not supporting OpenCL command queues, but which does support shared CL/GL objects), and if it does exist, may change over time. When such a device does exist, acquiring and releasing shared CL/GL objects may be faster on a command queue corresponding to this device than on command queues corresponding to other devices available to an OpenCL context.

        properties - points to an attribute list whose format and valid contents are identical to the {code properties} argument of CreateContext. properties must identify a single valid GL context or GL share group object.
        param_name - a constant that specifies the GL context information to query. One of:
        param_value - a pointer to memory where the appropriate result being queried is returned. If param_value is NULL, it is ignored.
        param_value_size_ret - the actual size in bytes of data being queried by param_value. If NULL, it is ignored.
        SUCCESS if the function is executed successfully. If no device(s) exist corresponding to param_name, the call will not fail, but the value of param_value_size_ret will be zero.

        Returns INVALID_GL_SHAREGROUP_REFERENCE_KHR if a context was specified by any of the following means:

        and any of the following conditions hold:

        • The specified display and context attributes do not identify a valid OpenGL or OpenGL ES context.
        • The specified context does not support buffer and renderbuffer objects.
        • The specified context is not compatible with the OpenCL context being created (for example, it exists in a physically distinct address space, such as another hardware device; or it does not support sharing data with OpenCL due to implementation restrictions).

        Returns INVALID_GL_SHAREGROUP_REFERENCE_KHR if a share group was specified for a CGL-based OpenGL implementation by setting the attribute CGL_SHAREGROUP_KHR, and the specified share group does not identify a valid CGL share group object.

        Returns INVALID_OPERATION if a context was specified as described above and any of the following conditions hold:

        • A context or share group object was specified for one of CGL, EGL, GLX, or WGL and the OpenGL implementation does not support that window-system binding API.
        • More than one of the attributes CGL_SHAREGROUP_KHR, EGL_DISPLAY_KHR, GLX_DISPLAY_KHR, and WGL_HDC_KHR is set to a non-default value.
        • Both of the attributes CGL_SHAREGROUP_KHR and GL_CONTEXT_KHR are set to non-default values.
        • Any of the devices specified in the devices argument cannot support OpenCL objects which share the data store of an OpenGL object.

        Returns INVALID_VALUE if an invalid attribute name is specified in properties.

        Additionally, returns INVALID_VALUE if param_name is invalid, or if the size in bytes specified by param_value_size is less than the size of the return type and param_value is not a NULL value, OUT_OF_RESOURCES if there is a failure to allocate resources required by the OpenCL implementation on the device, or OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY if there is a failure to allocate resources required by the OpenCL implementation on the host.