Class INTELPlanarYUV

  • public final class INTELPlanarYUV
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the intel_planar_yuv extension.

    The purpose of this extension is to provide OpenCL support for the Planar YUV (YCbCr) image formats. NV12_INTEL format must be supported; support for other Planar YUV formats that may be defined in this extension is optional.

    The extension introduces two new cl_mem_flags:

    • MEM_NO_ACCESS_INTEL which should be used together with image formats for which device does not support reading from or writing to at OpenCL kernels level, but are still useful in other use cases.
    • MEM_ACCESS_FLAGS_UNRESTRICTED_INTEL which may be used to relax the memory access rights specified in cl_mem_flags at memory object creation time and allow to access and modify the contents of the underlying data storage in unrestricted way e.g. by creating another memory object from that memory object or using dedicated device mechanisms.

    Requires CL12.