Class INTELDevicePartitionByNames

  • public final class INTELDevicePartitionByNames
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the intel_device_partition_by_names extension.

    This extension allows the user to create sub-devices containing specific compute units. DEVICE_PARTITION_BY_NAMES_INTEL is a cl_device_partition_property that is followed by a list of compute unit names, teminated by PARTITION_BY_NAMES_LIST_END_INTEL. Compute unit names are integers that count up from zero to the number of compute units minus one. Only one sub-device may be created at a time with this selector. An individual compute unit name may not appear more than once in the sub-device description. A sub-device created with DEVICE_PARTITION_BY_NAMES_INTEL cannot be further sub-divided. A sub-device created with another partitioning mode cannot be further sub-divided by DEVICE_PARTITION_BY_NAMES_INTEL.

    Example: To create a three compute unit sub-device using compute units, [ 0, 1, 3 ], pass:


    The meaning of these numbers are, in order:

    • 0 the name of the first compute unit in the sub-device
    • 1 the name of the second compute unit in the sub-device
    • 3 the name of the third compute unit in the sub-device
    • Field Detail


        public static final int CL_DEVICE_PARTITION_BY_NAMES_INTEL
        Accepted in the properties argument of CreateSubDevices.
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        public static final int CL_PARTITION_BY_NAMES_LIST_END_INTEL
        The name list terminator.
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