Class EXTAtomicCounters64

  • public final class EXTAtomicCounters64
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the ext_atomic_counters_64 extension.

    This extension adds support in the OpenCL C language for 64-bit atomic counters. Atomic counter is a device-level counter that can be added / decremented by work-items in a work-group or across work-groups executing a kernel, where the atomicity of the operation is guaranteed. The access to the counter is done only via add/dec built-in functions, and as such no two workitems will see the same value returned in the case that a given kernel only increments or decrements the counter.

    This feature is highly useful for produce/consume to unordered queues.

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        public static final int CL_DEVICE_MAX_ATOMIC_COUNTERS_EXT
        Accepted as the param_name parameter of GetDeviceInfo.

        Max number of atomic counters that can be used by a kernel. The minimum value is 8.

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