Class AMDDeviceTopology

  • public final class AMDDeviceTopology
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the amd_device_topology extension.

    This extension enables the developer to get a description of the topology used to connect the device to the host.

    • Field Detail


        public static final int CL_DEVICE_TOPOLOGY_AMD
        Accepted as the param_name parameter of GetDeviceInfo. Returns a description of the topology used to connect the device to the host, using the following 32-bytes union of structures:
         typedef union
             struct { cl_uint type; cl_uint data[5]; } raw;
             struct { cl_uint type; cl_char unused[17]; cl_char bus; cl_char device; cl_char function; } pcie;
         } cl_device_topology_amd;

        The type of the structure returned can be queried by reading the first unsigned int of the returned data. The developer can use this type to cast the returned union into the right structure type.

        Currently, the only supported type in the structure above is DEVICE_TOPOLOGY_TYPE_PCIE_AMD. The information returned contains the PCI Bus/Device/Function of the device, and is similar to the result of the lspci command in Linux. It enables the developer to match between the OpenCL device ID and the physical PCI connection of the card.

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