Class ALTERALiveObjectTracking

  • public class ALTERALiveObjectTracking
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the altera_live_object_tracking extension.

    This extension specifies an API for debugging OpenCL API object leaks in user applications. It provides a mechanism for tracking all live API objects, and for enumerating them on demand.

    The OpenCL runtime API generates and uses many kinds of objects such as contexts, programs, kernels, memory objects, command queues, and events.

    It is very easy for an application to lose track of what objects it has created but not yet fully released. Forgetting to fully release an object after use may result in undesirable behaviour, such as increased memory use or even command scheduler lockup. This problem gets much worse when new objects leak each time through an application loop.

    This extension defines two runtime API methods.

    The first method specifies a future interest in enumerating all the live objects in the runtime API. Live object tracking is a debugging feature which may increase memory use and runtime of the application. So it should be explicitly requested.

    Ideally, the request to begin tracking live objects should occur as early as possible in the program, so that no leaked objects escape undetected.

    The second method requests an enumeration of those objects via a callback mechanism.

    • Method Detail

      • clTrackLiveObjectsAltera

        public static void clTrackLiveObjectsAltera​(long platform)
        Registers a future interest in enumerating all the live objects in the runtime API. Registering such an interest may itself increase memory use and runtime, which is why is must be explicitly requested.

        Behaviour is unspecified if the clTrackLiveObjectsAltera method is called before the the first call to GetPlatformIDs.

        platform - the platform ID
      • nclReportLiveObjectsAltera

        public static void nclReportLiveObjectsAltera​(long platform,
                                                      long report_fn,
                                                      long user_data)
        Unsafe version of: ReportLiveObjectsAltera
      • clReportLiveObjectsAltera

        public static void clReportLiveObjectsAltera​(long platform,
                                                     CLReportLiveObjectsAlteraCallbackI report_fn,
                                                     long user_data)
        Requests an enumeration of all live objects in the runtime. The enumeration is performed by calling the callback function once for each live object in some implementation-defined sequence (i.e. not concurrently).
        platform - the platform for which live objects are being tracked
        report_fn - the callback function
        user_data - a pointer to user data that will be passed to report_fn